Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

We Can't Procrastinate


I love you! Thanks for the emails! I love hearing about everything that is going on! You are fantastic!! This last week went well, and yes transfers are on Wednesday, goodness they always make me so sad!!! Our district leader who has been here the whole time I've been here is leaving :( But I always end up loving all the new missionaries that I meet! I just don't like saying bye hahah!! All of them always teach me so much!

So yesterday we had a few investigators at church which is always exciting and they said they loved it!! We are really trying to get members at all of our lessons with investigators and the other day I called/texted 13 different members to come to a lesson before finally one would come! Crazy, but it really is so much better when a non missionary is there, its like we aren't as good or something haha!
I absolutely LOVED the womens broadcast wow! They talked about temples so much which was so cool I just wanna go to the temple again! It's so cool that just like all the temples are different on the outside, on the inside they all contain the same eternal truths and we are temples, all different on the outside but we all hold the fulness of the gospel inside!! And how every time a temple is built we bring more light into the world and take away the darkness and every time we go to the temple the same thing!! And I just loved how Pres. Uchtdorf was talking about how God is raining down blessings but our umbrellas of doubt are what are keeping us from receiving them!! And I love how he said to live the gospel JOYFUL!!  It just got me so excited for this weekend!

Right now I am reading 3 Nephi in the Book of Mormon and one cool thing I found while I was studying is that disciple in latin is "a learner" I really like that, as we are all disciples of Jesus Christ, we are all learners learning about him :) Also I learned like how a lighthouse is so important for ships and boats to know where to go in the darkness, and we are to be like a lighthouse and to let our light so shine, so that we can help others who are in the darkness to find their way through! (I see why you like them so much momma)  And in ch. 22 it talks about the gathering of Israel which is so real right now! I was so excited Syd said she told the new girl who moved about the church!! That is so awesome! I hope y'all are sharing the gospel too :)

Ok and then we studied Alma 34 with one of our investigators and I love that chapter of course but I was thinking about how near the end it is talking about how we need to work out our own salvation, we need to repent now, we need to change now, we can't procrastinate! I hope our investigator gets the point :) Anywho I am just loving the Book of Mormon it is so so great! I wish I would've searched and studied and pondered it before, I feel like I just used to read which is good, but this is WAY better!!

So for your entertainment I have a few stories about Sister T, we were in a lesson with two recent converts and we are talking about Jesus Christ's earthly ministry and atonement and she is talking about why Christ came into the world and she says, "He came to condemn the world," I'm like uhhhhhh and then she catches it and says I mean to save the world ahahahhaha!! And then one day we were getting our bikes getting ready to walk out the door I say, "Sister where are your shoes? we are not in Samoa!" she totally forgot to put on shoes! I was dying!! Oh and the Fanos  they made us pani popo! That stuff is so good, it's like these rolls with coconut cream stuff on them wow so yum!!
I love you so much!!!!

Sister Wells

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