Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Texas Weather

Soooo hey y'all!! Sunday night we got a text saying to head to our apartments due to weather, wake up in the morning and I'm like it's not even bad out there but then went outside and there was like 2-3 inches of just ice--so hard to walk in. Sooooo we were grounded from our cars for the day. We kept way busy though as we had and still have lots of work to do organizing our area book since we got the elders area, we just have been too busy to work on it so I guess it was good!! But we were getting cabin fever!! hahah   It's not fair because the other missionaries live in town and can at least walk around and talk to people and knock doors, all we have are the Martino's... haha they are awesome though:)

ICE - not snow
Tuesday we were given privileges to drive between 12-6 if we were really careful!!! So that was awesome Heavenly Father helped us make the best of the time that we had. So we didn't want to sit and do book work all night yeah and we had 2 appointments so we asked the Martino's to drive us into town and we would walk and then have someone drive us back. It was freezing but it was awesome I felt cool hahah and we had a lot of success and placed many copies of the Book of Mormon:) still loving the challenge so so much!!!
So good to see her. She went teaching with us.
Today we had interviews with president and wow they are always so stinking amazing and the trainings were great too!! Such a great start to our day!! Now we have short time to email since our lesson cancelled with our awesome investigator:( but then we are heading to dinner soon!! So this investigator -- woooowwww so we got a referral for this lady over a month ago she was moving into our area, actually in Aubrey so close to us:) but we didn't have her address and so we called and called and called like every other day and finally she said we could come.  So we went on Friday, we were on exchanges with the Justin sisters, so we get there and she tells us her whole religious background and how she has had major life changes these last 6 months and so we briefly talk about the restoration and she says she feels like Joseph Smith... woah so awesome!! Then we share the BofM and she is like wow I will totally read that, I'm an avid reader and I'll tell my husband about it, I'll know how to bring it up with him and I'd love to come down to your church sometime!!! I was dying inside hahah such a sweetie!! But she is having money issues so yeah that's why she had to cancel, they are figuring out stuff and we are trying to help! But anywho it feels like every person we ever teach doesn't have a car and money, it's so hard, but I guess its because they are more humble they are more willing to listen.! I love them so much though!!!
Interviews -- Silly Elder Green
Well that's all I have time for today but I'll talk to y'all soon!! love you!!
Sister Wells
Hurrah for Israel!!

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Knew It, I Could Feel the Spirit

First off, I'm just very glad a member confirmed to me once again that provo beach resort has blue bell ice cream, I will attend there often:) haha It's good to hear from y'all thanks for some of your testimonies of the Book of Mormon I can't wait to read the rest of y'alls!! I love hearing others testimonies it inspires me and really strengthens my own and brings the spirit.
It was 75 degrees (2/14) -- now (2/16) it's 28 degrees!
So this week we had two exchanges with some sisters, and they are both Spanish sisters so lets just say I am a pro at espanol now... just kidding, I totally wish!! I really do, but its ok I'm getting better. I kind of understood what was going on in the lessons haha and I learned 2 hymns in tongan which I'm pretty excited about!! The really cool thing was that in the lessons even though I didn't really know what the Hermanas said I could feel the spirit as they testified, after the lesson I'd ask were you bearing your testimony at this point and they were like yeah and I said I knew it I could feel it. That was just so amazing to me!! 

She looooves them!
We had our zone council this week, I had to give a training but I loved preparing for it, it was just kind of about using time wisely and asking "What is my missionary purpose in this activity?" I am way better at managing my time than I used to be before the mish haha and I'm so glad!! We can get so much accomplished in just one day:) So the Book of Mormon challenge is going awesome we have been able to place lots of copies and also invite our members to join us as well!! That has been my favorite part of the week. Every morning after I read, I pray to know what I should write in my testimony on the front page and then pray throughout the day to be led to who I can give it to. He helps us everytime with out fail. When I was in Lewisville for xc Hermana M and I were walking to an apartment and we stopped to talk to 2 ladies and ended up the one was going to get baptized like she had her interview and everything, but then her mom wouldn't let her, she was 15yrs old. But she is now 20 and said she would have the missionaries over:) and her friend said she wanted a book as well!!! I was so excited I wish I could go see them again but I'll just have to follow up and hear how it goes:)

We like this one cuz it's blurry :)
Happy Valentine's from Texas

Also, Saturday morning when we were exchanging back, craziness happened my GPS stopped working........ and we were supposed to be in Denton at 12 for a meeting with our ward mission leader and then j's baptism was at 1:00.  We were in Lewisville and it was 12:00........ ahhh so we were praying a lot of course and Sis Vaha'i got us on some road and then we called the hermanas and they tried to help us and then we were on the freeway and I didn't recognize any of the signs and I was like are we going the opposite direction?! I thought we were going out of our mission haha since it's right on the boundaries but then all of sudden the GPS turned on and we got to the church 15min before the baptism. Talk about stress haha but Heavenly Father answered our prayers and led us:) The baptism was wonderful. Her dad was able to baptize her and it was a great day:) And yesterday she was confirmed:) It's kind of weird, but they all bought baptismal suits because we didn't have any that would fit them but it was so cute because we asked why did you all get one and Sister H said, "because we want them for when we go and do baptisms at the temple," their sights really are set on the right place:) they can't wait to go there later and be sealed as well:)

J's Baptism!
Our ward just started a 40 day fast for missionary work and its awesome! This area is really picking up and it is sooooo cool to see!! I love it!! I know the Lord of the vineyard is laboring with us!!
Have the best week ever!!
Hurrah for Israel!!
Sista Wells

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I Want To Hear All My Families Testimony


Well this week was awesome and super busy!! Loved it!! Way excited for this transfer!! We are now officially over the whole Denton 4th we got the elders area book and all there information which adds up to like nothing.... haha what weasels. So we have a lot of work to do to get it organized but very excited to work in that area, there is so much potential!!:)

What we do on our lunch break.

 This week we found a new investigator. She came to the relief society activity Friday and church on Sunday which was great! She is 70 and a chain smoker haha but she really liked it, she is hard of hearing so it's kinda a challenge but we are praying for guidance for what to do!! I was thinking this week, that is so awesome that we can pray to help us know if the decision we are making is right. That gives me a lot of peace!! We are blessed!

Coming home from Mission Leader Conference
J had her baptismal interview and will be getting baptized on Saturday!! Yay:) the other day she was like "I can't believe that this is my life, how did I ever live before?!" haha she is so cute!! We took her to President Ames fireside in Hurst last night too and she asked some good questions and really loved it and got her super excited for Saturday, she even is handing out invitations!!
Our Ward Mission Leader had this printed up and put in the programs so people know how to get a hold of us, help and pray for us ;)
We had MLC this week and it was awesome. So this is what I am most excited about, starting Thursday, the mission is going to place 10,000 Book of Mormons in 65 days, that equals two a day per companionship. We are also going to read it in that time (8.7 pgs a day) sister vaha'i and I are going to read it aloud together we think it will bring such a great spirit and unity and so much unity in our mission as we do this!! By the way Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon in 65 days:) I love that book!! I'm in 3 Nephi right now but I guess I'll just be reading it in two different places, but that's ok:) The amazing thing is that as we are driving home from our meeting a ward member called us, she was speaking on Sunday and she was speaking about the BofM and wanted to invite the members to write their testimony in a BofM and give it to a friend!! Then we had like 5 minutes before our dinner and we had all this excitement about the BofM so we were like let's go place this Book of Mormon so we knock on this door and the lady who opens daughter is a member of the church and has been a few  times and we asked if she'd read the BofM and she said no, no ones ever given me one, so we definitely did and we will follow up with her this week!! How cool!! These kind of challenges get me so pumped!!!
Like my outfit?
Sister V being weird while I work hard!
Anywho, we were talking about all this and one elder said that his whole family sent him their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and it really inspired him to share it with more people and I was like that's awesome I want to hear all my families testimony of how they know the BofM is true!! So will you do that for me?? Thanks I will follow up next week:)
We are excited for this week!! I pray for y'all every night and appreciate all of your prayers for me!! Love you!!
Sister Wells

Monday, February 2, 2015

Answers to Prayers in Texas

Once again I can't believe how fast the weeks fly by and that it is now February!! Goodness! Dads experience sounded awesome!!! I love y'all so much!!

Practicing my starts! :)  At the RS President's house
We had some sad things and some exciting and crazy things happen this week!!
Monday: Sister V made me pani popo what a little sweetheart!! That stuff is the bomb! We had dinner with the H's an awesome couple in our ward, their son who's in his 30's is less active was there and we found out that that night when he went home he had a heart attack and was put into a medical coma and he passed away just a few days ago. We didn't know him well, but it really has been hard on our members and really sad for me as well. But I know that the Hoff's are comforted by the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, they are amazing people.

Tuesday: Last district meeting for this transfer, it was really good!!

Wednesday: Served at Our Daily Bread again! and we met this new lady in our ward a less active it was awesome. She is like in her 60's and she dresses like she's from the 60's its awesome. She had her hair in pigtails and was smoking and just kept saying that she was blessed, I'm trying to add that word more into my vocab:) She said that she felt the bible was sufficient but we talked with her about the Book of Mormon and she said that she would be willing to give it another try:) That was cool!!
Thursday: I can't remember that day we went on exchange with the sisters from Decatur and Sister K from the Marshall Islands is so funny she drank 5 water bottles in the morning before we left to go out to work....... hahah we had fun and she taught me a lot.

Sister K, she's awesome!
Ok I can't remember what happened on what days, but I think on Saturday us and members of our ward helped Q and the kids get everything packed up, they are driving to Odessa today:( ahh I love them so much and they love the gospel she was just working on quitting smoking!! But no worries we sent their info to the missionaries over there and our bishop is calling the bishop where they will live to help them move in! That will be really good!! On Friday we brought the kids to a baptism that the Spanish ward had so that they could see what it was like and of course feel the spirit which is always there! I haven't been to a baptism since Copperas Cove and I missed it! The spirit is so strong there what a special and sacred thing. They handed out cards to write a note to the people who got baptized to congratulate them and stuff and Br who is 8 wrote "I wish I could walk in the door, put white clothes on and get baptized too. But I can't. I wish I could give you a gift, but my mom is not here. I love baptism. Love. Br Bt. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." isn't that that cutest thing you have ever read?!! Made my day:)

Love them so much!  Going to miss them.

Fast Sunday was good! Fasting really brings miracles, and this time my prayers and fasting were answered like immediately I can't wait to tell you!! So S our investigator I've told you about with the cat problems, well yeah he stresses me out, so I've been praying so much to know what to do for him and what to do with him and yesterday we found out that his cat died! I know that is sad to say that is an answer to my prayer but it kinda is, because that has literally been his life the last month. Cat doesn't eat, he doesn't. Cat doesn't sleep, he doesn't. It was just getting ridiculous so now he can mourn and then get over it hopefully:) Next I've been praying for what to do for this area, it's just hard and feels like we are just stuck. We just found out that the elders in our ward are be taken out and we will now cover the whole ward. There's another answer haha its gonna be a lot of work, but Sister V and I are really excited we know that there are miracles ahead and being busy we love it!! So yes transfers are Wednesday but we are both here still. So we are looking forward to this transfer, lots to do but lots of fun!! Oh and J who is getting baptized next week bore her testimony yesterday! so cute!!
Going on exchanges.

I love you so much!! Have the best week ever!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells