Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, September 29, 2014

I Am Trying To Be Exact In Obedience -- Letter

Well family, thank you so much for the birthday packages.  I enjoyed them very much! I've been sharing my treats with Sister T and I love my new shirt and sweater! I've worn the shirt 2x already haha!  Also, I LOLed at Zach's Frootie of the day!  Man those were some good times!  I also love the new bag it is so big and stiff so super nice!  I loved the sticky notes and just everything I can't say it all but I really appreciated all of it, really!  It was so weird not being home for my bday. ha  It just didn't feel like it really was it haha.  I'm so old!  Everyone here seriously spoiled me they are so sweet!  I love reading your emails and seeing  the pictures!

So A who is awesome is leaving for deployment the 3rd which is quite heart breaking because he is soooo ready to be baptized and now he's leaving for so long :(  We were teaching the word of wisdom last week and I say so Adam will you live the W.O.W.?   He says, "yeah, I'll try, it will be hard."  I ask, what would be holding you back?  We are all cringing waiting to hear . . . . "Well, I need to start eating healthier and not have so many energy drinks." ahhh sigh of relief, haha.  We all thought it was gonna be something bad, haha.  He is so smart and comes up with these amazing analogies we are so bummed he's leaving, he's like perfect!  But in President's email last week he said that as we strive to be exactly obedient we will obtain the miracles we are seeking for.  I believe that is so true so I am trying to be EXACT in obedience.  I love being here, I love hearing from y'all and I love being a missionary!  Everyone should go on a mission for reals!  This is where us and others can find real and lasting happiness!  Thanks again.

Sister Wells

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