Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dynamite Team!

Hi fam bam!!!

I love reading all your emails they are the best! Thanks! And thank you for the package!! LOVED it! As always!! And I'm so glad the Nielsons emailed you:) They told me you did! I love them to death seriously!! I never want to leave them!

So I had my last few days with Sista Tuck and it was pretty sad I love her! We went to Pday activity and played dutch baseball, have ya ever played that?! Super fun! But I just hate this whole transfer thing because I HATE saying bye to people it always makes me so sad and want to cry, they're like my people and then they leave, but I better get used to it haha!! One of the elders in our zone called me Elder Wells... that was a first. Anywho we had to wake up at 3:30am on Wednesday to get to Hurst on time for transfers and for me to meet my new companion! The Nielsons drove us:) Sister Tuna is from Samoa and she loooooooves meat and is such a crack up, I love her and she is so smart and great I don't even need to do any training:) When we left our meeting President said we were going to be a dynamite team:) I know we will!! And I'm excited! We are always on the same page during our lessons so the spirit is always there! 
Sister T -- I Love her!

But I gotta tell ya the best news ever!! So B who is D's sister (RC) had a baptismal date for the 30th, but we had to talk to president to get an interview with one of his counselors due to some past problems that she has had and we didn't know how long it would be until he would be down in Killeen and then how long she would possibly have to wait to be baptized, but we called and President Peterson was going to be in Killeen on Sunday so we set up an interview for her yesterday! I was so nervous and excited for her, Sister T and I prayed so hard and fasted that whatever would happen would be ok because that is what God wanted and that she would really be converted and stay strong if she had to wait awhile. So we met at the Stake Center and we said a prayer with them before they had the interview and then after he had us come back in to say another closing prayer and he told us that B was prepared to be baptized and that he just needed to call President Ames and talk with him and that he would let us know as soon as he got a hold of him. So we were so excited!!! And then we went to church and during sacrament we got a text from him saying to proceed with the baptism!!!! I showed B who was right next to me and she was SO excited! It is just amazing!! She has completely changed from who she was when I first got here, and this is what she wants soo soooo bad and she keeps saying she can't wait to go to the temple! I couldn't help but cry because of how amazing the gospel really is and how it changes their lives! So she will be baptized on Saturday!!! Sister T is gonna die when she hears:) Also it will be awesome for B's husband to come to the baptism and their whole family!!!:)

Other exciting news! The C's had us over for dinner last night and we watched the Restoration video with them and Brother C has already read all the pamphlets and everything from the lessons and he wants to be baptized but says he doesn't know when, we were trying to set a date for him in September, but he would not! ah but said that he would tell us when we see him on Thursday! He is so sweet (72yrs old) and he said that he wants to make sure that I am here when he does, it melted my heart:) And then they were all talking about how they are going to get sealed in the temple! Like yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! So that was awesome!

I love you all so so much!!
Sista Wells

Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Months! -- Has Been Fast/Slow

"Della" and I just being weird
Oh my I can't believe it has been three months since I left,  it has been so fast/slow! But all of it has been super awesome!! Sounds like yall are partying way to much haha!! Sounds like a blast, I love all the pictures! And cool news daddio on your new calling in the Bishopric that is super awesome you'll be fab!!

This week was pretty swell I gave Sista T a nickname and it is Della, and her street warrior name (whenever we are biking or just walking to contact as many people as we can) is Galadriel (however you spell it hehe) and I named everyone else in our district as well:) I love them, and it is gonna change soooooooooooo much though now because of transfers, but it will be exciting!! Did ya get my letter with the family names?? Idk if they're good or not but we did that for district meeting this week which was way fun!

So it was way cool this week, we were riding our bikes and we are trying to talk to everybody and we stop to talk to the this guy Travis, and lo and behold he just moved here from Yorktown not too long ago and he had been meeting with missionaries for two months there and was going to be baptized but had to move right before his date!! I don't know why we didn't get a referral for him from the elders there, but God knew so he made sure we ran into him!! Super cool! He is super awesome and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith! Exciting! But he wasn't at church yesterday dunno why!!!!! ahhhh we will get a hold of him though! But also one of our investigators B who is the one who is the RC sister and her and her husband are investigating and stuff, quit smoking!!!!!!!!! We love their family to death they are the BEST! They feed us all the time and they just love us:) But anywho we go over and she's like yeah I'm not smoking anymore and her and her husband were in like Alma chapter 40!! They passed me!! She has always been so wishy washy, but she wants this sooo bad now and so she has really been committed. It's so amazing she has changed so much! When we went over on Saturday her husband went out to smoke and she got up and was like I'm gonna go hit him with this Book of Mormon, if he doesn't stop I'll make him!! And she came to church yesterday too and she just looooooves it:) Its so awesome too, because the whole family has Book of Mormons and will come to "bible study" whenever we come over even though they go to different churches, they'll all be baptized and go to the temple someday:)

New Trainers

I'm excited to meet my newbie!

But yeah on Wednesday Sister T and I got a call from President and he called Sister T to be a Sister Training Leader in Weatherford!!! Yay she rocks! And me to be a trainer! I'm like so scared because I just barely finished getting trained!!! But I know that this is what I'm supposed to do and I will learn so much and I'm excited to meet my newbie:) I get to drive now woot woot!! This will be such a learning experience for sure! So those pics you got mom were from the meeting we had in Hurst for the new trainers and leaders and stuff! We left at 6am and got home at 6pm -- so much driving!! And we get to do that again on Wednesday but even earlier yay!!haha

But the last amazing story that happened was, ok so Iz was baptized last month, and her mother is a member and her dad isn't. He came to to the baptism and church for the confirmation, he's been reading the BoM and some church books, but last week he told us this experience. They got home from vacation and he was feeling really sick, he has bad vertigo, so they called Bro Mitchell and Davis to come give him a blessing. When he told the story he got all choked up because he said their house was filled with the Spirit sooooo much and that he hasn't felt better for over two years!!!!! He was like I will definitely be at church on Sunday! So they all come and he told us he wants to be baptized. like ok sure! I'm so excited for their family!!!! Then they can be sealed in the temple!!!!!!! But yeah it was amazing and he told the whole story in priesthood the elders said and it's so great!!! Isn't that cool?!!
Love you all to death!!

Sista Wells
Some of my faves at FHE.

Monday, August 11, 2014

He Is Literally Giving Us People To Teach

Good morning fam!!

So I love you all to death, I really do!! Thanks for the emails:) Sounds like Yuba was fun even though you weren't blessed with my presence:) And thanks tons for the family history stories, can't wait to read all of them!!

So this week I was sick, my allergies started acting up and it turned into a cold so my nose was so runny and my throat was scratchy and itchy eyes, awful!! But the Nielsons my favorite couple in the entire world were too sweet and bought me medicine, like they bought me nyquil, dayquil, mucinex, throat drops, emergen-c and then three boxes of girl scout cookies haha I love them to death they are like my missionary mom and dad they take care of all of us missionaries:) So I'm feeling much better this week though so that's good!! It has gotten hot hot here now, its always over 100 and I'm just hot, sweaty and stinky haha but its awesome and we have been riding our bikes lots so its great haha!

So this week was one of our investigators birthdays so we bought her some twizzlers since those are her fave, and then her sister who is a recent convert we got her a big picture and frame of the Salt Lake City temple because she is OBSESSED with it and with Utah. She wants to go to Utah sooooooooo bad and I just got thinking wow, like I could go to that temple any day I wanted and she just wants to save up her money and plan a trip to go there and do baptisms for the dead there and just see everything in Utah, we are so lucky! I told her she should come when I get home so I can take her everywhere:) she's so cute, and she just found out she is related to Orson Hyde so she's like dying! Family history is sweeeeet!

Ok so it was awesome, I was feeling kind of sad on Saturday, because it feels like we are trying so hard and doing our best, but we just aren't having as much success and stuff but then I get to church on Sunday and we had 3 investigators and so many potential investigators at sacrament and a lady we visit who hasn't come to church in 10 years came and after she texted us and said I'm really glad I came today:) like goodness! God is just so nice always and he is literally just giving us people to teach!! One of the potentials I mentioned is E who the Nielsons just met last week at some store and he came to church and he is adorable and funny he was going around meeting everyone and shaking everyones hand and I was like wait do you know these people?? And he's like oh I just thought that's what everyone did here? haha he is so cool and then after he was saying bye to everyone and was like see ya next week! So exciting!!!!

Sorry I feel like I'm just all over but I also wanted to say y'all are amazing, I just realize it more and more!! Just how we would read from the Book of Mormon together and how we would all set goals and then have interviews with dad to go over them each month, and then we studied preach my gospel too, like you prepared me so much I just wish I wouldn't have taken it for granted as much, but thank you so much for your example!!! Today I was reading in Mosiah and the story of Abinadi is soooooooo sweet! He is so cool. Anyway love you lots!

Sista Wells

Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm Learning To Have More Patience

Enjoying her box from home!
Hi Hi!

Sounds like this week was fun with the soccer tournaments and triathlon and Kelsey's party whatever that was!! But glad to hear from ya! And that is really really cool Dad that you took your friends to the temple open house!! And their responses were really neat:) I wanna go to the temple ah I wish it was closer!!

This week was good, I feel like I'm learning to have more patience. haha You all used to joke around with me about how I want something and I want it now haha and I sometimes do, like I just know that our investigators know that this is true so I'm like kk get baptized now then! But some need more time so they know for sure that this is what they want, when I think about it, Iz had been taught for over a year and she just barely got baptized, I hope our investigators don't wait a whole year though!! I love them all though I wish I could have you meet them:)

I love having the opportunity to study every morning for two hours and then also just whenever we have some free time! I just keep learning so much, this morning I was reading about knowledge and in the Bible Dictionary it says that "one only progresses as he gains knowledge." And I just think that is for us for our whole lives, I think sometimes in school and other things I did my work so that I could get it done and get good grades and just to do what I was supposed to, but now I just want to know more so I can really know it and have more knowledge! Like it says in Doctrine and Covenants, "Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men." There is so much to learn from the scriptures I'll never know it all and the gospel is simple, but the more knowledge we know the better we can explain and share it with others and let the Holy Ghost guide the things we say. I just really like that!!

I love you all sooooooooooooo much!!!!

Oh and could you still send me a story of our family history?? Just one or two that are good?! kk thanks! We went to the family history center this week and Sister Chase helped me find like 4 people to do temple work for yayyyy!! It's so awesome and so fun, I wish I could go to the temple for them!! But y'all will have to do it!!:)

Sista Wells
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