Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 28, 2014

There is Always So Many Good Things Each Week That Make Up For All The Hard Things!

First, thank you for the package!!! Oh my I loved it! Made my night!! I'm too in love with cookie butter and Sister T likes it too! So good! And also the BFR shirt and my skirt, and the cookies and just everything, I love getting mail:) sounds like you had a fun week boating and everything!!

Well first off since you all commented about it, M sadly did not come to church, we haven't been able to get a hold of him all week! We've called him and stopped by his house and nothing:( so we are so bummed about that. Buttttt other amazing things are happening!! So one of our investigators has had a baptismal date before, she did a few months ago, but she has w.o.w. issues and relapses a lot and then like ignores the missionaries, but we were meeting with her again (her sister is a recent convert) and had set another baptismal date, but she relapsed again and couldn't get a hold of her. Her sister is always there to support her, but her husband never liked the missionaries and the church, but a month ago he told her that he would support her which was like a miracle, but then this week she called us and this was the first we'd heard from her in a while and she says that her husband (just got out of jail, he was there for a month) wants to hear more about our church and that he wants to be baptized and he feels that this is the path that God wants him to take!!! Like it doesn't even feel real still! We taught them both twice this last week and he says he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true, and they both came to church on Sunday!!!!!

At the Fireside
 Speaking of church, I had to speak, but this time in the family ward, at least I had time to prepare this talk haha. And in YSA M came again! He has come three times and also three times to FHE and it is so so amazing to see how much he really has changed, amazing! Ok but what is even better is on Sunday we had a fireside which was for all the YSA and the missionaries in our zone came as well. Sister Nielson my faveeeee person ever made dinner for everyone and then Pres and Sis Ames spoke and of course it was so awesome!! But what made it more awesome was that M was there and literally everything Pres Ames was talking about was PERFECT for Matt to hear, he would say, I feel prompted to tell you this story but I don't really know why and then he would tell it and it really was just perfect, and we introduced him to M after too, and like it was great M is just awesome!!

We also had Zone Conference this week so that was fabulous as well there just is always so many good things in each week that make up for all the hard things!!! I learned lots and lots and I'm supposed to be sure to get a story from my Family History so that I can use it to share with others as we are trying to get people into doing family history within the church but also those who aren't members as a finding tool! So could you send me some?! thanks tons:)

29-Day Challenge recipients at Zone Conference

And of course I have to tell ya something about Sista T, she honestly and truthfully thinks that you say tortilla with the L like in Napoleon Dynamite, I'm like no no no and she's like yes yes yes and I tell her I'm just trying to help her out so she's doesn't sound dumb but she doesn't listen hahaha:)

The biggest thing that I learned this week is that all these people we are teaching and that are developing more faith in Christ and choosing to hear the lessons and come to church, are not coming because of me or Sister T, it is because God has been preparing them for this time. I liked what president said at conference, he said we should be happy when someone says no to the gospel(that sounds bad hah), because that means we are getting closer to the ones that will say yes, because everyone is not ready the first time we see them, it may be 15 more years before they will hear the gospel! I just loved that, and I love y'all!!!!

Sister Wells

Monday, July 21, 2014

He Had Tears of Joy and Said We Were Two Angels That Found Him!

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Before I forget, I have to say this for Zach and Syd haha.  So remember years ago when we were at church and Sydnee was singing so loud and we were singing Come Come Ye Saints? And she was like come come ye saints no "tall" no "lawbor" fear?haha and also said, with the just, we shall "duel" so we always sing a hymn to start companionship study and I chose that song and remembered about this and was telling Sis T and laughing and she's like I’ll never think of that song the same way again haha. But then we go to church and in YSA we sang that song... so we laughed and then in the fam ward, we sang that song... haha and then one of the talks the guy read the lyrics and talked about them hahaha I was dying! ok sorry but just had to tell Zach and Syddo!

So y'all might have thought I was just going to a stateside mission, but really it's like a third world country this last week. We had to boil all our water because I dunno some thing broke and so it was contaminated, but of course we don't know until a couple days later so we'll probably die or something ha! The weather has been soooo nice though, it's been rainy and cloudy and not so hot which is so unusual for July here! We've been riding our bikes a lot and after one appointment, it was pouring and thundering and lightning by the time we got back to our apartment.  It looked like we jumped in a pool with all our clothes on. it was awesome!!!!

Anywho Iz's baptism was on Saturday!!! It was so great and the spirit was so strong, she has been so excited for this the last month and she wanted me to give a talk at it! I don't like giving talks, they make me so nervous, but I think it went well:) Our ward mission leader didn't get the font filled in time for the baptism so they had to kneel but it worked and that is all that matters!! Lots of the young women presidency and young women came to support her and her dad was there too so yayyy! His heart has softened so much and when he came to church on Sunday for the confirmation, he came for the classes too and was participating and everything! It was way cool:) We also had exchanges this week so I was with Sister Ed this time and people have told me that miracles happen on exchanges and it’s true! Like I said before, we have had lots of people cancel on us and not show up which is normal, but we saw every single person we were supposed to when she came and it is really cool to see how she teaches and does things, it just helps me realize more things I can improve on, it's great!

So earlier this week we were riding our bikes and we saw this guy working on his lawn so we stop to talk to him, we give him a pass along card and invite him to church and he was like I will definitely be there (lots of people say that but don't show up ha). So on Saturday we call him to remind him about church and make sure he can get there and he says yes ma'am I will for sure be there, he was making his dinner so that he would have it ready for when church was over!! And then he came!!! We sat with him in Sunday school and we had a member take him to priesthood and when we’re walking into sacrament meeting a member comes up and asks us if we've given him a Book of Mormon yet, and we're like no we just met him and haven't even had a lesson with him yet, and he tells us that when they were welcoming all the visitors M stood up and said hi I'm M, this is my first time here and I want to join your church!! ahhhh he is the sweetest man alive! So we sit next to him for sacrament and ask what he thinks so far and he starts crying and says they were tears of joy and that we were two angels that came and found him to invite him to church! He even asked if we had services during the week and I said no only Sunday and he was so bummed and said he will be here every single Sunday! We gave him a Book of Mormon after church and will be meeting with him this week! I'm soooooooo glad we stopped to talk to him, this is just what he needs in his life I could not believe it! I know that when I am being obedient I can have the spirit with me and God can use me as an instrument in his hands, I just want to make sure I can do that all the time so we can bring these people who are searching for the truth! It was honestly so amazing:)

So last thing, I gotta tell ya about Sista T! So I have had the worst week of sleep this week due to mosquito bites....... I've never had so many! And these are more itchy and more painful than ones I've ever had before! So for the last while I've been saying we need to go buy bug spray so one day on our way to Killeen we stopped at a gas station to get some and that stuff is expensive! $7!!  We went to dinner at this way yummy place that is like Zupas with David who is a member of the YSA branch and I'm telling him about all my bites and how I just bought that expensive can of bug spray and he's like you guys have a whole drawer full of that stuff! Because he has given it to the sisters in the past and Sister T is like yeah we do......... hellooooo I've been dying over here hahaha.  I guess she just totally forgot! haha I love her she makes me giggle everyday, but she is such a good example to me of being a hard worker, she really wants to be obedient and a consecrated missionary, I'm so glad I have her as my trainer!!:)

Well sorry that was so long! But I love ya lots and lots!!
Sista Wells

Iz's Baptism!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

She Sent Home a Camera Card - Potpourri of Photos

Buck's House

FHE with YSA Branch

They love their guns in Texas!

She loves riding her bike in her "bike" skirt!

Plan of Salvation for Iz

Service at the 5K run

Fort Hood


Look closely and you will see the many bug bites!

Monday, July 14, 2014

My Worst Nightmare Happened Yesterday :)

Stylin' Sista's

Well folks its been two whole months that I've been on my mission! Feels more like 6, but I have loved it nonetheless!!!:) Loved all your emails this week thank you!! And I'm very sad to hear about Argentina, one of the members texted us to give us the sad news! I just imagined all of you in front of the tv just dying!!! But sounds like everyone had a good week and busy for the coming week! Oh and thank you for the notes you all wrote at Bear River! Loooooved them :)

So this week was transfers, I was so sad to say bye to all those that left :( but it is so fun to meet all the new missionaries! Everyone is so great and such great examples to me I love going to all of our meetings and trainings! We had soooooo many lessons scheduled this week, like every minute was booked but then soooooo many cancelled on us :( it always happens, but I'm like hellloooo don't ya know we have a message that will help your life?!! haha but for reals though!

So my worst nightmare happened yesterday... we just had met with our ward mission leader when a member from the branch presidency came up to me and said that one of the speakers wasn't there and I had to give a talk!!!??? I wanted to cry, but it went fine I think.. but we met this guy Sha this week on the street he's like a rapper and he came to church!! We haven't even met with him yet but yeah he was wearing all black and a hat and sunglasses haha but he said that he could feel peace in his heart!! How cool is that?! But yeah I was so nervous because lots of people brought their non member friends which is awesome, but I wanted to make sure it was good for them! ahh but yeah I'm glad that's over!

Since I go to two sessions of church I really am able to think a lot during the sacrament and I just can't believe how lucky we are to have the opportunity to have it every Sunday! I don't think I fully realized the importance of it, and now I'm starting to understand more! It's like whenever we teach people things I'm the one that is like woww that is awesome haha. This week when we were teaching a lesson Sister Tuck shared 3 Nephi 9 

13 O all ye that are spared because ye were more righteous than they, will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you?
14 Yea, verily I say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me.
15 Behold, I am Jesus Christ the Son of God. I created the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are. I was with the Father from the beginning. I am in the Father, and the Father in me; and in me hath the Father glorified his name.

I looooove those verses! How comforting! And we were sharing that with an investigator but I was like gonna cry because it seriously is soo amazing!!
Also Sis T and I were singing primary songs (i love them) and they are so cool, I really like this one,
I lived in heaven a long time ago, it is true;
Lived there and loved there with people I know. So did you.
Then Heav'nly Father presented a beautiful plan,
All about earth and eternal salvation for man.

So many people in the world don't know that!! But we've been singing that since we were like 5!!! And all the songs are like that we are so blessed:)

So I have another funny Sista T moment haha we were going around visiting former investigators trying to get an appointment and this lady opens the door and we are talking to her and her little daughter comes up behind her and then runs away, but apparently Sister T didn't see really cause she asks "was that a dog or your child?" I almost died, maybe you just had to be there idk hahaha I love my Sister :)

Well I love you all!!!!! Have a fabulous week!!
Sista Wells
We love to read the Ensign!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Talking to Everyone is Important (Letter)

Thank you for the 4th of July package!!!  I loooved it of course.  The Rolos and taffies were so cute! And I love the shirt.  This will be hard, I'm already getting tired of wearing the same ones, haha, so yay a cute new one! :)  Thanks!  I hope your 4th of July was fun!

So this P-day Sister T and I made cookies so we could bring them to district meeting. Wow, so hard, they have nothing in this apartment.  I had to stir it all with a spatula/rubber scraper -- workout!  And the oven is awful so it was hard to cook them good but they were still tasty!

Also this couple the Chases in the YSA branch presidency give us eggs, zucchini and squash all the time from their garden and chickens so how can I cook these things? Any recipes?  Thanks!

It's so funny because them and the senior couple here, The Nielsons (my faves), bring food to everything . . . EVERYTHING, pretty sure YSA could just come to every activity and be able to live off them alone, haha.  Last week everyone left with a loaf of bread from Sister C, haha, it kills me.  And the Nielsons have us for dinner once a week with a group of less actives and those are my favorite dinners! So yum!  I miss your cookin' mama!  I wish you all could meet everyone here, they're awesome even with no teeth!

One thing I'm learning a lot is how I want to be when I'm home, like as a member and how I do NOT want to be.  Most people just walk by D and don't say anything to him!  Like HELLO he just got baptized and now he needs fellowship to keep him going!  I don't know if people just don't realize it, but yeah talking to everyone is important!  And so is home and visiting teaching, wow!  Thanks for your good examples of doing that.  I never realized how important it is until now, like if all recent converts or less actives had people coming to visit with them besides just missionaries. . .  it would be a ton better!  Missionaries come and go, but the ward is now their family!  So we are trying to get all the members to be welcoming to ALL and do their teaching every month!  Well I'll email you k, bye.

Love you!

Monday, July 7, 2014

We Should Be the Happiest People Alive


Sounds like your guys week was so awesome and lots of fun!! Go Argentina!!:) And yeah I heard about the ipads but we don't know when we will actually get them! They would be so awesome though!!

This week was pretty good, Iz is doing so awesome! On the 4th the young men and women and their families in our ward had a bbq and her less active mom and non member dad came too and had such a great time and everybody was so so nice to them! I know we will be able to teach her dad soon, he is so ready for it! Her mother and her came to church yesterday and it was just awesome! Also Matt a YSA investigator came to church as well! We've only met with him once and shared part of L1 but he came to church which was really cool, we are really excited to meet with him again this week and get all his thoughts on it and if he has been praying because he has never really done that before in his life. Such a sweet kid!

So we always tell people to read the scriptures and pray and go to church and that it will bless their life and sometimes after we leave I'm like I hope it really works, haha like I'm selling something like a book and I just hope they like it, but no really if they do those things it really will bless their life like we don't even need to worry God will take over, its just amazing kk?!!

Sister Tuck and I were talking because one day this week we were kinda down and we thought, you know we are here sharing this amazing message of happiness, joy and peace so we probably should be the happiest people alive and better act like it so then the rest of our day was great!!

I'm so sad that a few missionaries in our district will be leaving because transfers are on Wednesday!! I know this is my first district but I'm pretty sure it's the very best one sooo yeah :(

I loved our follow up training meeting on Thursday with the president, it's just the best anytime we get to see him!!!!!  I learned soooooooo much and just like every time we have some sort of zone training or district meeting it just gets me so excited to keep learning and keep improving and becoming better!!  We had to drive all the way to Hurst though so the Nielsons took some of us and it took about two and half to three hours since we are the farthest away haha.

We have been learning and teaching a lot about Family History work and temples lately, we want all the recent converts in the branch and the ward to go to the temple trip this month and the more I read about it, the more I wish I could do it!! When we take those names to the temple we are letting the prisoners go free like it says in doctrine and covenants, it is so important! And it feels that much more sacred and important when we do it for our own family, so you guys are like so amazing for doing that!! Did you hear about how they are going to link familysearch with or something like that? That's super cool!!

Funny story, Sister T oh my hahah she was reading off names in the ward directory and she says sister Martinez, but says it like martin-ez. and for Deborah she says da-borah ahhahah i'm like okkkkk and she said usually they spell it like debrah not Deborah so that's why I said it like that lolzzzz

Well I love y'all to death!!!!!

Sista Wells