Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Do You Have A Mission Plan?

Howdy howdy!!
I always love hearing from y'all and seeing your pictures you all look great!! I was honored to have Zach congratulate me on not being "tubby" haha :)

Zone Conference
Wednesday: We served at Our Daily Bread in the morning which is always fun, I got to serve everyone desserts! Some are so grateful others are so not! And this crazy guy asked me, "has anyone ever told you you look like a farmer girl?" weird. We also were able to do family history for a little bit, I'm so bad at it, but the ladies in the center are pro's and they help me! Are there classes to take on how to do family history? I def have to take them when I'm home. We had dinner with this great missionary family! We are talking with all the members to make a family mission plan for this year of 2015 and theirs is awesome! And has specific assignments for each child! Do you guys have one for this year? You should!!:)
Serving at Our Daily Bread
Thursday: Every Thursday is planning day, it takes 2-3hrs and we do it right after our studies to plan for the coming week! Then I went to Justin because we had another exchange with the sisters there! It was fun and as always I learned a lot!

Friday: Still in Justin we went to the care center to paint old people nails... haha it was fun. I guess they do that every week but the cool thing is we got to talk to the workers there about what we do:) Then we exchanged back and had some lessons and went with some members to see some of the less actives!

Exchange with Hermana J - Love her!
Saturday: Our ward mission leader had us all over for breakfast! The M's are amazing! All of them!! We are so blessed to live in their barn:) our ward mission leader has great ideas and it really is getting our ward excited to do missionary work as well!! We also saw C a less active who is now active! I can't remember if I told you, but she got a calling and is getting her patriarchal blessing on Sunday!! Wow it's the most exciting feeling ever!!:) Then we had dinner with more M's:) and went on exchanges with them that night! We saw the H's, J is getting baptized on the 14th:) they are Awesome and loving everything about the gospel!! And we saw Q and the kids, they haven't moved yet and they are so shaky on when they are so we will just keep teaching them!!!!!!

Just being McKenzie :)
 Sunday: We went to ward council which was good, now that I go to them I always wonder what the ward councils are like in yalls ward? With dad in it and everything! Everything is basically about missionary work in the auxiliaries and as a whole! It's awesome! Because this ward had 4 baptisms last year and their goal is 22 for 2015 haha a big difference, lots of work, but we are all putting in the work to achieve it! We need it!! Q came to church and in the evening the G's (my faves) had Q's fam over for FHE it was so wonderful! So sweet of the Gs and she made Texas sheet cake it tasted just like yours mom! So yum!!!

S. Giblette
That is the play by play of the week kinda but we did lots of other lessons and finding inbetweeen, always busy:)!! I am continuing to read the Book of Mormon and I never want to put it down haha I just wanna keep on reading and finish it all the way through! I'm in Alma 52 right now!:) It's so amazing how everytime I read I get more meaning out of different verses!! It's so amazing!!!
Ofa atu
Hurrah for Israel!!!!!
Sister Wells

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Don't Be A Robot :)

I'm glad Vegas was fun and that dad and Zach were able to get along by themselves! I am also so excited to hear where Sadie will be called!! Maybe Texas?!! haha
At Zone Conference
Every week just seems to zoom by and I can't remember everything! Good thing I have a journal! We had zone conference this week and we talked a lot about working with the members, and how we can use them more effectively and help them to share the gospel with their friends. Sister V and I have been working on that a lot and still have lots to improve, but we have seen a change in the ward which is really cool! Three members had us over for dinner and one even had us over to do nails haha but brought their friend so that we could meet them. One of them is really awesome and prepared for the gospel and we should see her again! The others may not be ready right now, but I know that it was a really good experience for the members and their friend! It's cool to see that change and see that the members really do trust us with their friends!

Outside my barn
Inside my barn
We continue going on exchanges every week and I'm actually on one right now with the hermanas. I'm so excited to sit in the Spanish lessons. I wish I could speak it! I'm learning a little! And I'm learning a hymn in Tongan and know some Samoan so that's pretty cool I guess ha:)
We also were able to see S this week! Finally! He is recovering from all his cat drama #prayforkiki and we talked about building our foundations on Christ Hel 5:12 so when the winds come that we can stay strong, and its doing the simple things pray, read, and go to church! He really loved it and was taking notes on everything ha  A member took him and his cat to the vet! His sight is still set on baptism but its just going to take some time!
Another cool thing that happened on Saturday was we did service raking leaves for some members neighbor and then she invited us in for breakfast and we talked about fam history and she was wayyy interested and said she would come to the family history center! Then later that day we went to visit a referral and she loves family history and wants to come to the center with us and have a tour of the church! How wonderful! I know that she'll feel the spirit so strong! Things are going good, its different than in Cove, we are trying to find really hard haha!! 

Sister V and I have so much fun together we laugh a lot and one of the zone leaders asked me today if my face was glued into a smile because he said I am always smiling "on the real" whatever that means haha! But I'm glad! I remember what Brady said a few years ago when he got home from his mission and he was like don't be a robot! I know what that means now, I've seen robot missionaries and it doesn't look like fun! I try to help them see we have fun while we work hard we should enjoy ourselves because our message is quite enjoyable! I know I've said that before but that's what this area needs to hear haha!!
Well I think that's everything! I love y'all lots, thanks for all the emails and prayers I really appreciate them:)
60 degree weather in January!
Sista Wells

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Am So Grateful To Partake of the Sacrament Each Week

Sounds like yall have lots of good stuff going on and lots of good stuff coming up!!!
With Sister V after a temple sealing of members she worked with.

I'm sitting here trying to think about what all happened this week but I can't it just goes by so fast and its just a blur but of goodness!! Last night we went to the mission President fireside and brought one of our la and investigators which was really cool!! It was nice and I saw sister t again:) Church was also very good! I don't know if y'all have already read this months ensign, but one of the articles talks about the sacrament and how it can be the hour that we give to the Savior.
Elder Holland relates a dream Elder Orson F. Whitney had in which he saw the Savior in the Garden of 
Gethsemane. Elder Whitney described the pain and suffering he saw the Savior bear. Then he wrote:
“Presently He arose and walked to where [the] Apostles were kneeling fast asleep! He shook them gently, awoke them, and in a tone of tender reproach, untinctured by the least show of anger or scolding, asked them if they could not watch with Him one hour. …

“Returning to His place, He prayed again and then went back and found them again sleeping. Again He awoke them, admonished them, and returned and prayed as before. Three times this happened.”
As I read this, the spirit of revelation entered my mind. In that instant, I realized that the way I could “watch with him one hour" was in the way I approached Sacrament meeting each Sunday. Since then, I have learned that this is an hour in which we can pray to our Heavenly Father in a more meaningful way. Prayer is fundamental at all times, but the spirit present in that hour of the sacrament is an opportunity to elevate ourselves closer to our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we focus our thoughts on the Lord, it is, in a way, accompanying him at the moment of agony He endured when taking upon Himself our sins. It is a time to acknowledge the pain He suffered for us.

I loved that so much I am so grateful to partake of the sacrament each week!!

Elder friends from "the South"
Sister V and I continue to have lots of fun together. She's never had pancakes, I made her some and now she makes them every night haha and she'd never had syrup and she's obsessed so I made her French toast and now she loves that it's hilarious!! She says that I've changed her life!! haha
Love yall have the best week ever!!!
Sister Wells
Sister C and I at our 7 month mark.

Monday, January 5, 2015

I Wouldn't Wanna Be In Any Other Place in the World!

Looks like Arizona was super fun I loved all the pictures!! Mom you need to be careful you're making me worry! I hope you heal soon!! New Years for us was really just nothing different just continuing to work!! Love it! And I'm way excited that yall are going to read the Book of Mormon again!! I just finished the NT this week so I was excited!! It was way good.
So S -- I don't know how to explain everything. He had a meltdown like his cat isn't eating #prayforkiki and it's stressing him out, he takes 600 mg of morphine for his back pain which makes him nuts, so we are just letting him relax and stuff like this week was NUTZ but it's ok I know there is a reason for everything and Heavenly Father is definitely helping us.

Janessa aka Sister Wells :)
But on the bright side of things!!! Q and the kids came to church and sacrament (usually they are late and miss sacrament) booya  she only has 4 cigs a day now which is good, they move the 15th I'm heartbroken because they are doing really really well!!!  But, some less actives the Sk came to church so did Sister H and Sis W and we taught Sis H granddaughters when we were over and they asked for a Book of Mormon and they came to church that's why Sis H came!! and they want us to come over tomorrow (they aren't members)!! So that is cool! Our other investigators are sick and the others mom just died... so like I said its been crazy! but we should see them this week!! We also are really working on the referrals from caroling following up with the members and stuff which is good!
As I was setting goals for 2015 I was thinking about where I was last year at this time when I was in Puerto Rico with the swim team and going to BYU and I was thinking those were some good times and at the time I felt like I was way happy, and I was, but I look at where I am now and I know that I am even more happy! I wouldn't wanna be any other place in the world! I love my Heavenly Father and I love my brothers and sisters and that is why I am here, to bring the world His truth!!
I love yall
Sista Wells