Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Most Exciting This Week -- Billie's Baptism!

Heyyyyyyyo! Man, I was so bummed we couldn't email yesterday! I was dying because the library was closed!! But anywho this week was so great! And sounds like y'all are doing great too! Thanks for always emailing:) To answer your questions mother, no sister t doesn't like to work out :( I make her run 2 laps every morning though, and she doesn't have her bike :( so that makes me super sad because we drive lots now, but we try to walk sometimes too. She's super funny and cute!

So this week we met with B who is Iz's dad and he said he wants to be baptized on the 13th and that we need to make sure to teach him everything he needs to know by then!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy:) p.s. thats your anniversary and gpa's birthday I totally remember, what a great day it will be! And remember M? The one we met on our bikes and then he came to church and he was crying and like loving it? Then he disappeared??? On our way to district meeting I saw him alongside the road! I pulled over sooooo fast and got his new address and number and yayy!!! So that was awesome!

Yesterday I practiced playing the piano for like 2 hrs so that I can play more than five hymns because our district and the YSA branch needs some help so I'm trying to be helpful haha! And also for FHE they had sport night, little did we know, so I was wearing a pencil skirt, but I won a game of speed so booya!! And A came! He is a new investigator that David brought to FHE a couple weeks ago, he just got to Fort Hood from basic training and we have met with him twice! He is sooooooo solid, I love him and he has started reading from the Book of Mormon and said when he is at church he feels whole and happy!!! Oh my! The Nielsons let us meet with him at their place since he lives on post and for both lessons we've had like three members there haha talk about having member present lessons! He's like best friends with everyone now so it is just awesome!! We are so lucky to be able to teach all these amazing people:)

But most exciting this week was Billie's baptism!!! It was so amazing! After the baptism she bore her testimony and it was the sweetest thing in the world! And it was so cute on sunday when we were doing introductions in sunday school she so proudly introduced herself as Sister S instead of B:) And when she was confirmed she was crying and said she had an overwhelming feeling of goodness:) But even better, her husband wrote her a note saying that he was following right behind her and can't wait until he can get baptized so they can be sealed and have an eternal marriage!!!!!!!!! That made my day:) Their whole family came to the baptism and to church and I can't wait to see them all this week!!
My best selfie with B!

Sorry I'm all over, I'm just typing as fast as I can! I can't believe its september and that I'm going to be 20! Wow I'm so old! I love you all soooooooo much :)
Sista Wells

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