Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

More Pictures From the Day She Arrived in Texas

Sister Wells arrives in Texas and looks pretty happy about it!
Taking luggage to the trailer.  They have a big trailer that they put all the luggage in.
I'm thinking she might be hot because she is pulling back her hair :)  Welcome to Texas Sister Wells!
All the new missionaries with President and Sister Ames.

They were treated to a Texas BBQ with cute decorations.

Sister Wells with her first companion Sister T.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Made it to Texas!

Sister Wells made it to Texas, met President and Sister Ames, got her assignment to Copperas Cove (which is pretty far south of Fort Worth) and her first companion is Sister T.  Hope it's a great area and that she will have a great trainer!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Then Wammmm he comes out, like it was awesome!!!

Email to Mom:  Hola!!!! I'm in 17m just at the mtc. the food is literally the cannon except that they make yummy salads i eat that like alll the time!!! hahahhaha yes from fredonia I was so happy to hear that!! Yes she was baptized 2 yrs ago! she's very quiet but I get her to talk and she's already been a lot better!! The clothes are fab, I get compliments all the time haha but I seriously love wearing them because I think that they're cute, def not too many you can send more when I get to Texas lollllllz. we leave Tuesday morning!!!! I think our flight is at 8ish! I loved my package thank you again! I hope you got my last letter!!! I need rubes email! I can't wait to hear more about state cup!! What's Zach been up to? When does school get out?? I shared but sis cisco hates green candy sooooo hahahahhahah love you lots

Email to Dad:  It was theeeee longessst day!! and the days following were just the same!! everyone said that you just need to make it to sunday and they were right I feel like so much better!!!! but still when I say it's only been a week it feels like i've been gone for sure a month! I really have never been so focused on Christ in my life so it is really cool! Elder Bednar came on Sunday! It was so awesome!!!! have you read The Character of Christ by him?? so cool! So they show that video of that talk at devotional, then wammmm he comes out, like it was awesome!!! I sit in class all day, so much sitting, but we played soccer and volleyball and me and sis cisco go to these aerobic classes in the mornings!! I love the spirit that is here and loooove seeing familiar faces!! I know that there is a reason that I am here and can't wait to be in Texas with real investigators! I'll be there in less than a week!!
I love you

Saturday, May 17, 2014

They Really Pack Your Days!

Dear Family,

Thanks for the package!  I was seriously soo excited!  I really understand even after like three days why missionaries love mail.  Or maybe I just was because I've been a little homesick but that's just because I love you guys so much, you're the best!

But I know I'm supposed to be here and I've already gotten better.  I have learned so so much, they really pack your days full!!  It's a lot of sitting in class but it just makes gym time really exciting, haha.  We've played soccer and sand volleyball which was really fun!

Our district is really small, only five of us, but I've already grown to really like them all a lot.  They all have a little contribution to our little family, haha.  Elder Adams literally is Steve Martin, everything he does the way he talks, his facials and just how he moves, it is soo funny!

Tonight we taught Debbie our fake investigator, ha, for the 2nd time and talked about the restoration and prayer and she prayed with us which was awesome even though this isn't really real haha!  After dinner we basically had four hours of study time, personal companion, doctrinal and at the end had district meeting.  It's sometimes hard to stay awake with my allergies and a cold = sniffling and puffy eyes, but I have learned a lot.

One of the Elders was like ah I'm so sore from volleyball (like how? we played 30 min) and he's like I served with all my might and then I couldn't stop laughing because I was thinking as like a mission served with all my might, mind and strength.  I LOLED :) and then later in our meeting he said he knew it'd be worth it if we serve our full mission for the 24 months for the elders and the 19 for us no... it's 18, haha.  I just started laughing more so I know Heavenly Father put me with Sister Cisco and our small district for a reason.  They've all taught me lots in just a short time.

It doesn't even feel like Satruday like you can't tell what days are which here and I can't believe a week ago from tomorrow will be from my farewell that literally feels like it was a century ago.

How's state cup?  Tell me everything that's happening.  I Love YOU!

Sister Wells

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Big "Drop-off" Day - May 14, 2014

 Sister Wells in her cute bicycle skirt, ready to go to the MTC!

 Face Time with Kelsey - last time for 18 months!  Kelsey came home and surprised McKenzie for the weekend of her Farewell but had to return to Nebraska on Monday before she left.

Saying goodbyes in the backyard.  Saying goodbye is never easy so let's just say "see  you in 18 months"!  We love you!

The final "see you later" at the curb! ':(

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Setting Apart - 5/13/14

We had a nice meeting with the Stake President on Tuesday, May 13, when he set her apart.  She was given a wonderful blessing and then afterwards we had chocolate chip cookies!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

McKenzie's Farewell

Aunt Natalie made "Texas" cookies for the farewell luncheon.  They were adorable.  You're never sure if you should eat them or not.  They are works of art.  There was cowboy hats, stars, bandanas, boots, Texas flag and Blue Bonnets (the Texas state flower)!

Just a couple of photos we took at the luncheon.  Mom and Kenzie, Sadie and Kenzie and Grandma and Grandpa Brown with Kenzie.

McKenzie did a wonderful job speaking in church.  She spoke on testimony.  How to get one and then keep it.  She will be a great missionary!  Especially with that beautiful smile :)