Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I Wanted to Come on a Mission to Share This Happiness - 10/6/14

Good morning!! Mom and Dad, all the pictures look so pretty, sounds like you are having so much fun!! I love y'all!!

So this week was transfers, we only have one new Elder in our district, he is our new district leader Elder J he seems nice and went to Olympus! So not too many changes here in cove, we have been having some crazy weather though, it will be 100 one day and humid and then the next it will be like 75 and not humid, my allergies are going crazy haha!!

One of our investigators came to the stake center on sunday and watched both sessions of general conference with us, that was great! He has a baptism date coming up here soon! On Saturday our stake had a 5k run in the morning before conference, so we went to that but Sister T does NOT like to run haha so we just walked the whole thing, but it was pretty fun! And then we watched the sessions in Killeen at the stake center and in between this sweet old lady took all the missionaries, like 27 of us to eat at Golden Coral and then we watched the afternoon session! I loved how Pres. Packer talked about prayer for a little and how powerful it really is, I mean Joseph Smiths prayer made a HUGE difference, I guess I never looked at it that way and wow just one prayer can make a big difference so never forget to pray!!! I also loved the talks about the sacrament and how we can make it more meaningful by remembering the Savior always not just during sacrament meeting. I especially loved how Sis Esplin said that as the deacons extend their arm to us to partake of the sacrament it is is literally Jesus Christ extending His arm of mercy to us!! I looooooved that!!

When they talked about parents and how important their role is, I was just thinking how great you mama and papa are!! I remember always walking into your room and dad would be kneeling and praying and how in church I would always look over at mom and could see the tears in her eyes as she felt the spirit. I'm so grateful for your example for having family prayers and scripture study and fhe even though I wasn't always the most willing. I love how it talked about how amazing it is that we have a living prophet today, it is so so awesome!!! I loved his talk so much, that is my fave right now:) Decisions determine destiny. I love that. Now I just can't wait to reread them all!!! I hope you all enjoyed the talks!!! It was cool how Elder Bednar talked to the non members and Fred was so listening and that's why he decided on a date to be baptized!!!

This week we have a lot of meetings and will be super busy but it is going to be so awesome I'm excited, I love being here. I love how Elder Bednar said the reason we are so eager to share is because we know the truths of this gospel, that is the reason I wanted to come on a mission because I wanted to share this happiness, and now my desire has grown even more as I have learned more about the gospel and have shared it with others. I love you all so much and always think of you in my prayers.

Sista Wells

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