Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 29, 2015

That Excited to Share This Glad Glad Message!!!


Good to hear from y'all!! This week was a good one here in flo mo!! It
has been quite humid and hot! Its great!!

We once again had a lot of work to do inputing information to our
ipads, so lots of our free time was used finishing that up! The
keyboard is MARVELOUS! Thank you sooooo much!! I'm seriously 10x faster!! It was such a big help! So I can't remember if I told you
that the pratts had their big family reunion 2 weeks ago and then
everyone stayed all last week, so we got booted out of the house haha just kidding, but we did stay in the mersereaus home, they are the couple who formerly investigated the church and are way good friends with the pratts, anywho they were going to be out of town so we were kind of their house sitters ahah and we had to take care of their cat Mr. Kitty, what a great name, am I right?! haha their house is so beautiful though and so clean it was nice to be there! We were able to meet all the pratts kids and grandkids though on Monday, they had us over for dinner!! they are a wonderful family! Also the pratts got their mission call to the Mexico City, Mexico area they leave in
october! I will miss them in our mission!! But so excited for them!!

This week we were able to see Jolene and the kiddos a couple times
which was great!! They are a rowdy bunch, but they are soooo cute!
I'll send you pictures of them. Its cool, because sometimes we are
like maybe they have no idea what we are talking about, but then we
ask a question and they answer way good! Mark who is 9 wants to be
baptized, and Jolene asked her dad if he would come down from idaho to
baptize him and he said yes!! Soooo neat!! She is excited to get back
into church again, we gave them a reading and praying chart with
stickers to make sure that they do it everyday, that made them really
excited and even jolene excited so hopefully it will work and they
will do it everyday!! They came to church yesterday too! The members
have been so welcoming and the kids and jolene feel so comfortable
which is so great!!!

Also the J's came to church yesterday! They are rockstars, bill
finished the doctrine covenants and sophie is in section 46, they put
me to shame!!haha We haven't really been able to meet with them since
they have been sooooo busy:( but we are having dinner with them on
thursday yay!!!! Finally!! They are deciding whether to be baptized in
july before bills mom gets in town to stay for a month, or to wait
until she is here and there other son as well in august... its good
reason to wait, but we are dying!!!! Thanks for praying for them, i
just feel like they are already members, they always talk to us about
how they are sharing the bom with others and how they want to share
and invite others to learn. That's how we should all be!! That excited
to share this glad glad message!!!!!!

We were also able to go to cca this week and help do service with our
zone, it was really fun and there were more volunteers this time that
we were able to talk to a lot and share our beliefs, it was great!

Oh and I finished the bom this week, and it just never gets old I love
it so much! I know that it is the word of God! Everyday this month
before i read I write a question and then as I studied looked for an
answer, whether it came from the words on the paper, or just the
thoughts in my mind, I always received an answer if I was really
looking for it. I noticed on a couple days I was thinking hmmm I
haven't found my answer and I thought back and realized I was kind of
just glazing over the pages, it was a lesson to me that we truly have
to study and ponder and feast upon the words of Christ not just read

And another cool story so Mr. Kitty is VERRRRRY special to the
mersereaus, seriously they treat him like royalty so the whole week we
tried to do everything right because if they came back and something
was wrong it would be awful haha. So every night when we would come
in, he always wanted to go outside, like right when we would open the
door he would run out, ugh so we would stand and sit and wait until he
would want to come back in (he's mean, he bites if you try and touch

him) so one night, we really didn't have time to wait around so we said oh he'll come when he's ready, so we go upstairs and get all ready for bed and brush our teeth, then come back down, and look outside
can't find him anywhere!!!!! We looked for awhile and then I was sooooo worried, so we decided to say a prayer, we knelt down inside just in front of the door with the door open and right when we finished, we look up, and there he was!!!! So then we said another
prayer of thanks! I feel like its one of those stories when you're 10 and you lose something then find it, haha it was awesome! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, whether they be big or small!!

I love y'all!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!

Sister Wells

ohhhhh and i couldn't forget to mention, we did family history with
wes and he found 2 names that he can take to the
temple!!!!! He is going to have his temple recommend interview this
week and we will get to go with him soon to the temple!!!! SOOOOOO

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Best Service on My Mission!

Good morning fam!!!

I'm starting to get memory loss I think, it's so hard for me to
remember everything throughout the week!! But it was a good week, we
got a lot of rain again, it will pour, then it will get really hot and
really humid, so fun!!haha

We were able to see wes a few times this week to continue working on
the new member lessons with him, and he is doing so great, it is
amazing to see how having the gift of the holy ghost is really helping
him. Even more things are starting to click and make more sense to him
which is awesome:) He still has questions about doing baptisms for the
dead but is slowly coming around, we want to go hopefully next month
with him to the temple for the first time and for him to take some
family names, that would be super awesome!!

We were also able to see Jolene and the kids this week, it was CRAZY
the kids are nuts! Parents I need your help to know how to get them to
listen haha!! They really like it when we show them videos and
pictures on our ipads though so its awesome that we have them!!

Also after district meeting on Wednesday, sophie took us out to lunch
again, she is so sweet. She was asking us questions about just little
things to make sure she was doing everything right. We told her that
bill had told us he was ready to be baptized but wanted to be sure
that they both could together and she said that they would maybe talk
about a day. So then yesterday after church we met with them and the
Birds who are converts to the church came too, it was perfect because
some of sophie's concerns are about how her relationships with her
family will be affected, and the birds said just what she needed to
hear. Bill is now on section 88 of the doctrine and covenants and was
hoping to be finished by last night..... so crazy!! And sophie is on
section 20. He said again that he wants to be baptized by someone
holding the priesthood authority and receive the holy ghost, he said
he was afraid that sophie wasn't going to have the same experience
that he had from reading the Book of Mormon and scriptures, because his was so
overwhelming and he cried for like 2 days straight because he felt the
spirit so strong, but it was good because sophie said, I feel the
spirit too, we just feel it differently, so that was good!! They told
us they don't want to be pressured to set a date which is
understandable but like they are sooooooo ready it's just killing
everyone else haha!! They said they want us to stay in Flo Mo longer
so maybe if they say August then President Ames will leave us both
here, we said NOOOOOOOO one of us will be leaving in July so you have
to get baptized before then, and they said ok!! So hopefully they
choose a day!! They are my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!
They are always looking for opportunities to share the BoM with others
too, did I tell you how bill was trying to get one of his neighbors to
read it?? Patty our neighbor was outside talking to him and said would
you like a glass of wine? and he said no thanks, have you ever read
the BoM? And she said i've read part of it, and he said I'll tell you
what, if you read the whole BoM I will buy you a whole bottle of wine,
but you won't want to drink it after probably! haha so awesome!!!
thanks for praying for them, I know our whole ward is and the
missionaries and even President and Sister Ames are too, and it is so
so powerful:)

Basically any free time that we had this week we had to put
information from our area books into our ipads.... it took
sooooooooooooo long!! Everything from the last two years had to be put
in by friday, our zone leaders then had to check every single ipad and
area book before we can move on to put everything now before 2 years
ago and then after we do that, we can hopefully start using facebook
as another tool to share the gospel!! Its so crazy!! So that friday we
were basically at the church all day doing that with our zone but we
are finished and now and have to do more this week! ahh but I know it
will be so amazing when it is all done! On thursday we went on
exchanges and it was sooo fun I love Sister Taele we came to the field together and we have never served near each other and I am sooo glad we are now, we had lots of fun and she is a great missionary, her testimony is so powerful and she shares it often and really has the spirit, I learned a lot from her!! 

Friday morning while we were on xc the elders called us to see if we could help do some service and it was the best service on my mission!! I felt like I was totally a country girl, we were throwing the hay off the trailer and loading it into the barn there was tons!! And then we got to wash the horses and braid their hair!! It was a dream come true, it was one of the members in the 2nd ward friend that asked if we could come, none of the people there were members, they were so sweet and asked if we could help them do more in the future, we were like YES!! Please! So that was a neat opportunity and we were able to share with them more things about the
gospel and the church in general which was awesome!!:)

Church was really good yesterday, they talked about fathers of course
and it was really good!! I have the best dad ever!!!!!!!! For real!!!
Thank you!! I'm glad you got the pics, the members are so sweet to
think of that! And we also talked about keeping the sabbath day holy,
before my mission I thought of the sabbath day more as of do's and
don'ts and just go to church, but now I realize that it's more than
that, and that what we do really is showing a sign to our Heavenly
Father, it's been really cool because as wes and the johnsons have
started to keep the sabbath day holy, I have really seen a change:)

Ok this was a cool scripture for the week Doctrine and covenants 138:
56 Even before they were born, they, with many others, received their
first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth
in the due time of the Lord to labor in his vineyard for the salvation
of the souls of men.

I thought that was so cool, we were prepared and taught before we came
here so that we could help mankind find salvation!!!:)

Love y'all!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells

Monday, June 15, 2015

This Week Has Been Such a Miracle and a Blessing!


Well it sure sounds like yall have been partying it up, sounds fun!
Love getting all the pictures!:) thank you for sending the small pkg
with those pictures too I loooooove it so so much:):):)
My owie bug bite

So I was thinking about how every person has highs and lows in our
lives like it is going to happen, but the important thing is to make
the highs higher and the lows not so low so that one day our low was
our high at one point, does that make sense? I was thinking about that
on my mission and my life and I feel like I have grown so much and
that is what's happening it's awesome! And I can see that in those we teach
as well! I know that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ! It
changes you!

Anywho this week was actually quite eventful, on Tuesday sis b called
president to see if they could meet and talk.  They talked and he invited us to
come to the meeting for the new missionaries in the morning and to
attend the temple with the missionaries who are going home. It was
great, we drove with the Pratts and the meeting was really good! Sister
Tuna is training a new missionary! Yay I have another granddaughter:)
and Sis Vahai is going to be in the Tongan ward soooo fun!! Then we
went in Ames car to the temple. We were able to do sealings, we were
children and Pres and Sis Ames were the parents, then we did
initiatories and then we all did a session together, it basically took
up our whole day, but it was definitely worth it, I know that she was
able to feel Gods love :) The temple is so amazing!

On Thursday we had zone council which was good we are learning more
about how to use our iPads we have a lot of work to do haha but it's
all good! I love our zone already, Elder Lee and Larson who were in
Copperas Cove with me are here and they are still funny as ever I love
it! After our meeting we had lunch with Sis Pratt and Sophie and it
was way yum but  Sophie told us that her biggest regret is that she
didn't raise her children in the Mormon religion. I think that's the
only thing that makes Sophie so cautious just because of her family
and all but she finished the BofM and is now reading the pearl of great
price, Bill is in the doctrine and covenants they are superstars! They
came to church and they also came to the mission presidents fireside
and it was perfect. They are ready we just need to set a date now:)

Next good news, our zone helped at the Flower Mound 5k. We were course
directors and it was super fun cheering for all the people! It is
getting super hot now but it's all good, we have been biking a lot and
knocking a lot of doors lately and so we are sweatttty but still love

Helping at the 5K
So probably the beginning of May we were talking to this guy at the
trailer park and mark this 9 year old just comes and listens and he
joins us for a prayer. A week later we are there and he asks us for a
Book of Mormon and tells us he wants us to meet his mom but we went
and she wasn't home, then basically every time we went down there we
would see him and he would say come meet my mom and said he wants to
come to church with us, finally this week we were able to meet his mom
and she's actually a member!! She hasn't been since she was 16 which
is about 30 years ago, she had some really rough life experiences and
she just never felt comfortable going, we set up a time to see them
all and went with Sis Waite on Saturday, totally forgot to bring our
bug spray and were eaten by Mosquitos, buttttt it was really good and
they came to church yesterday! And they really liked it. Mark said
that he was a Mormon and that he was going to come to church every
week now and that he wants to be baptized. He doesn't really know
anything about the church but I know it is because he feels the spirit
when we have seen him and  read the scriptures with him and that he
felt it at church! Jolene is the mom and her parents are suuuuper
active and work at the temple every week in Idaho, they send her
scriptures and ensigns and I know that they have been praying for her
for such a long time and Jolene said that when she told them she was
going to church that they were so excited!!! It is just a miracle, the
whole thing they are so so sweet I love them and can't wait to
continue to teach them about the atonement of Jesus Christ. The ward
was soooo friendly to them and already invited them to scouts and all
sorts of things I'm so excited to see them tomorrow:)

Ohhhh and I had to teach gospel principles yesterday, so doesn't sound
bad right, but it's like we have to prepare multiple lessons each day
so I don't have time to study a ton for this one especially when they
tell me just a couple days before and then we had tons of meetings
before church so didn't have a lot of time then either. So you think
it's ok you're a missionary it's fine you do this all the time, true,
but we had the biggest class we have ever had which is great but
you've got the Johnsons and all the recent converts and the Pratts who
are like general authorities and the bishop joined too..... And just
sister wells over here teaching the lesson.... I haven't felt nervous
to teach a lesson for awhile but I so was, it was about the gift of
the Holy Ghost so I just prayed that I'd have the Holy Ghost with me
hahaha, everyone commented a ton and I just asked questions and read
scriptures so it turned out super good haha.

As I've tried to look back on each day and see what little miracles I
have seen I notice that there are so many! This week has been such a
miracle and a blessing! I love this work!:)

And I love yall soooooo much!!!!

Sista Wells

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hurrah For Israel!

Hey y'all so I'm on my iPad right now, crazy! I can't type as fast so it is kinda annoying oh well! It's been awesome using them this week I loooove the gospel library app and other apps that we can use, we are learning in stages about different things to do with them, so this week we will learn how to use the area book planner we will have to put in allllll the info from both wards area books so it will take some time, but it will definitely be worth it!

So that's awesome yall are going to Lake Powell that place is awesome!! Can't wait to see the pics sounds amazing!! This week was pretty good it is getting pretty warm now in the 90s and more humid than Utah, but I love it haha! Soooo Wes got baptized!! I will send pics! So so awesome I love him so much, we had a few lessons with him is week to help him be prepared, the baptism was so wonderful the ward is so supportive unlike any other ward I've been in on my mission they just took care everything and I know that they will take care of him!! We will start teaching him the new member lessons and hopefully he will get the priesthood soon and we are planning to get some names and go to the temple to do baptisms with him hopefully soon as well!! That would be so great! 
Wes' Baptism!

The Johnsons came to church yesterday and we saw them last week as well, we went over all the baptism questions because they wanted to know everything they needed to know before they would be baptized and everything that happens after which is really cool! We set a tentative bap date but that are just so funny they don't like that they want to read and know every single thing before they do anything but they know enough!! Way more than any other converts hahah love them, we will see them this week though so that's good! Also it was good for the them to see the confirmation yesterday too!! They are just so close!! 

So George... We had a lesson with the ysa elders (they're in the Dallas mission) to transition George to ysa because that would be so good for him and he already loves it there so we had a lesson planned at a member in our wards home and had the elders come too I  won't go into too many details but let's just say def not one of the best lessons on my mission, I take full responsibility! Haha so sis b and I told the elders we would teach the first of the lesson about faith and repentance and asked the elders if they would come prepared to teach about baptism and receiving the Holy Ghost, so we taught and then when we got to their part things just went crazy hah it's just because everyone was on a different page, the dad of the house we were in was inviting George to be baptized and George has already said yes to June 20th haha and then one elder was just flipping through pictures in his gospel art book, it reminded me of The Best Two Years when they are teaching the lesson to their investigator and the elder is flipping through the pics but they aren't going along with anything? If you don't remember that part, watch it again because it was like the saaaaame thing hahaha. So at first I was so frustrated in the middle of all of this, but then I was just trying not to laugh but the good thing is I think George still enjoyed it and felt the spirit which is most important and he went to the ysa ward yesterday:):) 

Sis b hasn't been feeling very well this last week so I went out on exchange a few times while she rested. We will both be staying in Flo Mo for another transfer!

I'm so so sad about the Johnsons I will keep their family in my prayers and also Brooklyn I'm just so grateful that we can be with our families forever and that God has a plan for us. 

Thanks dad for sending me those talks I've read a couple I loved this from Neal Maxwell 
The best way to valiantly testify of Jesus is to become steadily more like Him, and it is that consecration that carves out the emulative character (see 3 Ne. 27:27). 

Love yall so much! Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Wells

Monday, June 1, 2015

This Is Really What We Are Here To Help People Achieve

Heyyo!! I hope you are feeling better mom and not so sick!! Congrats on being done with school! That is crazy, went by so fast!!

This week was good! It rained a ton!!!! But now the forecast is just sun sun sun!! There has been lots of flooding but not in homes in flower mound so that's good! Thanks for the package with the cd and shirt loved it!!!

If you can see the tips of the little pavilion things we were under those like 3 weeks ago. That is the whole parking lot under water and now the tips are covered completely, crazy!!
So yesterday was so great!!! Everyone came to church Bill, Sophie, Wes and George!!!! It was crazy and awesome!! We are going to have a lesson with George tomorrow with the ysa elders to get him transitioned over there, hopefully that goes well!! He quit smoking! We had lunch with him on Saturday and asked how the word of wisdom was going and he's like yeah I quit, he made it seem like it was nothing! I said I am so impressed George you are so great you always act, we invite you to read the BoM and you do, we invite you to church and you come, we invite you to live the WofW and you do!!! He said, well duh why wouldn't I?? hahah he's so great!! So special:)
George and Janet.  Mosquitos are loving eating me right at that moment.
Also after church we were talking to Bill and he said for our lesson on Wednesday I want you to come prepared to tell us if we are going to become members of this church, all the things we need to do to be ready!! I said we could totally do that:) and then he said to help him understand the restoration more because he still has questions about it like why there needed to be one. I wanted to cry, well I guess I actually did haha when we got in the car, they are so so special I love them so much!! So amazing:) Every time I think about them I can just imagine them in the temple being sealed together and I will be there!!! That is really what we are here to help people achieve:) It makes everything worth it!!!:)

Oh I forgot to tell ya we had our ipad training meeting on Wednesday! It was so awesome to had the whole mission together!! Elder Nielson of the 70 was there too!! When we started singing the opening hymn the spirit of God, it was so powerful hearing everyone sing together! It was a great meeting!! So I learned that there are 2 reasons for us to get ipads, one is to spread and hasten the work of salvation to every person, and second is to strengthen us, to help us learn how to use technology properly, and smart so we can inoculate pornography is what Elder Nielson kept saying. That was very interesting but very good, he said when he was a boy at firesides and everything they talked about and warned about smoking and drinking, because it was a big thing. Now they don't really talk about that much because we know that is bad, it was inoculated(cool word huh?) but now we hear about pornography because it is a big thing and we want to get rid of that so the next generation will be far away from that kinda like the smoking and drinking. We are going to get them on Wednesday and start learning how to use them! I'm excited to use this tool to help us!!!
Lunch with Nater :)  Recent convert.
So exciting news for wes!! He is getting baptized Saturday night!!!!!!! We had a couple lessons with him this week and here are some of the highlights. So we had dinner and a lesson at Bishop Elmers and Wes asks Sis Elmer, "Stephanie do you know where your garbage is?" duh Wes it's her house... but it's the way he says it I just need you to hear him hahah!! And then we were talking about prophets and he kept calling President Monson Dr. Moonson hahahahh I was dying!! Then after our lesson on Saturday we went to the other church building in Flo Mo for his baptism interview and we get into the parking lot and we look over and he's smiling so weirdly to himself in his car so when we get out we ask him why he's smiling and he said nothing so we kept prying and he says, "I kissed a girl in this parking lot before." when he was in high school... silly -  but we love him! We were cracking up!! Oh and the elders are teaching this guy Dan and he's pretty crazy I want to meet him so bad because he sounds hilarious whenever we hear about him but they were talking about the WofW again because he smokes and dan says "The whole hot drinks, hot water thing makes sense, why would you heat up something you get baptized in??!" bless his heart he is confused! Don't know why he thinks hot water goes into the category of coffee and tea, and when he gets baptized he'll be surprised when they water is warm haha:)

I was so sad to hear about Elder Perry, he was so amazing one of my favorites!! We actually were talking about him a lot this week. Elder Nielson shared this cool story about a time when he and Elder Perry were going on some assignment together and he had made the schedule plans and brought it into Elder Perry and the schedule had meetings and then a rest period, and then some more meetings and then a rest period and when he showed Elder Perry he pounded the desk with his fist and said "I do not rest!" That is a pretty awesome 92 year old and a great example of a hard worker:)
Love my Sister Tuna
Ok so one last thought, yesterday we talked about repentance in gospel principles and we read a quote and it said how repentance is a privilege. I know that, but to read that was really neat and made me think how grateful I am to repent and that it really is a privilege. Everyday we can feel lifted and lighter through repenting because of the atonement. What a blessing!!

Well I hope yall have the best week ever!!!! love ya!

Sista Wells