Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sunday Was Quite Fabulous

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA SMURF! Hope its the best day ever! Love you!!!
Hope y'all had a great week!! This week we had interviews with president!! It was like an all day thing, because we have studies there and then trainings from the zone leaders and the interviews take a long time because he talks to each of us for awhile, but I love it I just wish I could meet with him for an hour haha! He is so in tune with the spirit he knows exactly what to say! I am trying to be better at that so that I can be led to say what I need to for those we teach.

Oh and exciting news, Sister T got a bike at the end of last week! Yay I'm so excited to ride again:) We did for a little on Saturday to our appointments for just a few hours and haha on Sunday in YSA gospel principles the lesson was on missionary work and so Laura had us share some thoughts and stuff and Sis T killed me haha she was like, "sometimes it's hard and hot and we are out on our bikes waving to everyone who drives by, but its totally worth it." I started laughing because we have only done that one time!! Then everyone was laughing she is a blast though! She is teaching me some Samoan haha and there is a hawaiian grill in Cove so we have been there twice! Its gooooooooooood!! Then we went to this family in the 1st ward for dinner yesterday that are from Samoa and they made so much amazing food! They said the L&L in Provo is good! Y'all should go there! I think I really need to be polynesian so thats probably why Sister T is my companion:) Oh my, and the family made me eat so much haha!

But this Sunday was quite fabulous! At first we were kind of bummed because lots of our investigators didn't come to church, but our testimony meeting in the family ward was soooooooo good! Four recent converts bore there testimony, B, her sis D, Iz and C, the spirit was so strong, then a lady that we visit and this was her 2nd time coming to church in 10 years bore her testimony too!!!!!!!!!! Wow, so good. And Iz's dad had his baptismal interview and is so so so excited for his baptism! He is 72 its so cute!

This morning I was reading in Alma 31 and it is talking about the Zoramites who once a week would go up and give the same prayer thanking God that they were better than everyone else and I was reading and thinking how sometimes do we just say our prayers and read the scriptures and go to church for the three hours and not really think about it? Maybe just going with the flow, but we can't!! Then we will turn into the Zoramites!! So I hope all y'alls praying and reading as a family is going well too:)
I love you!! Thanks for all you do!!

Sista Wells

Added a few minutes later after asking her if Iz's dad was really 72: "Yep, well I guess it's her grandpa but they adopted her when she was 6 so yeah!!  I loved reading the whole letter! the Nielsons and the ysa branch went to the BYU game! they said it was fun and Pres told the Nielsons if it would have been in our mission he would let all the missionaries go!!  I got an all time low today -- only 12 emails. usually I'm always over 20, very sad. I think this means schools started and people are too busy haha

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