Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dynamite Team!

Hi fam bam!!!

I love reading all your emails they are the best! Thanks! And thank you for the package!! LOVED it! As always!! And I'm so glad the Nielsons emailed you:) They told me you did! I love them to death seriously!! I never want to leave them!

So I had my last few days with Sista Tuck and it was pretty sad I love her! We went to Pday activity and played dutch baseball, have ya ever played that?! Super fun! But I just hate this whole transfer thing because I HATE saying bye to people it always makes me so sad and want to cry, they're like my people and then they leave, but I better get used to it haha!! One of the elders in our zone called me Elder Wells... that was a first. Anywho we had to wake up at 3:30am on Wednesday to get to Hurst on time for transfers and for me to meet my new companion! The Nielsons drove us:) Sister Tuna is from Samoa and she loooooooves meat and is such a crack up, I love her and she is so smart and great I don't even need to do any training:) When we left our meeting President said we were going to be a dynamite team:) I know we will!! And I'm excited! We are always on the same page during our lessons so the spirit is always there! 
Sister T -- I Love her!

But I gotta tell ya the best news ever!! So B who is D's sister (RC) had a baptismal date for the 30th, but we had to talk to president to get an interview with one of his counselors due to some past problems that she has had and we didn't know how long it would be until he would be down in Killeen and then how long she would possibly have to wait to be baptized, but we called and President Peterson was going to be in Killeen on Sunday so we set up an interview for her yesterday! I was so nervous and excited for her, Sister T and I prayed so hard and fasted that whatever would happen would be ok because that is what God wanted and that she would really be converted and stay strong if she had to wait awhile. So we met at the Stake Center and we said a prayer with them before they had the interview and then after he had us come back in to say another closing prayer and he told us that B was prepared to be baptized and that he just needed to call President Ames and talk with him and that he would let us know as soon as he got a hold of him. So we were so excited!!! And then we went to church and during sacrament we got a text from him saying to proceed with the baptism!!!! I showed B who was right next to me and she was SO excited! It is just amazing!! She has completely changed from who she was when I first got here, and this is what she wants soo soooo bad and she keeps saying she can't wait to go to the temple! I couldn't help but cry because of how amazing the gospel really is and how it changes their lives! So she will be baptized on Saturday!!! Sister T is gonna die when she hears:) Also it will be awesome for B's husband to come to the baptism and their whole family!!!:)

Other exciting news! The C's had us over for dinner last night and we watched the Restoration video with them and Brother C has already read all the pamphlets and everything from the lessons and he wants to be baptized but says he doesn't know when, we were trying to set a date for him in September, but he would not! ah but said that he would tell us when we see him on Thursday! He is so sweet (72yrs old) and he said that he wants to make sure that I am here when he does, it melted my heart:) And then they were all talking about how they are going to get sealed in the temple! Like yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! So that was awesome!

I love you all so so much!!
Sista Wells

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