Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Lots of Little Miracles


This week was pretty good and I think that I'm starting to get used to the area!! We were able to see Jerry a couple times this week and he came to church yesterday!! We have been able to see where a lot of his concerns reside as we have been going over the baptismal interview questions, we can see where we need to reteach and help him understand the why of the commandments. On Friday after the lesson he said that he would pray about a day to be baptized!! The sisters have been working with him for awhile and he is so sweet and has an honest heart, I know that if he will pray more specifically about Joseph Smith and the BofM that he will find his answer and be prepared to enter the waters of baptism and receive the holy ghost and make it to the temple!! We have a couple lessons set up with him this week all at members homes so it should be really wonderful!!

Also Savannah and Kelly came to church yesterday again!! They also have been meeting with the sisters for a while but are progressing really well!!! Savannah has a date for September 12th to be baptized hopefully we can help Kelly be prepared for that date too, the only real struggle will be with the wow. We showed them the baptismal font yesterday with savannahs primary teacher and her daughter who was baptized just a few months ago and we talked about why we get baptized it was really cool and Kelly's husband Charlie came to that part too, hopefully his heart will continue to be softened throughout this process!! We also have a few lesson with them this week and are trying to find good families that would match well with them and that have kiddos savannahs age:) She is so sweet she is the one leading this family on this journey even though she doesn't really understand everything, she knows that it is important and I know the spirit is really working with her and really their whole family!!
Us Today - 8/3/15

So this week there were lots of little miracles, the ones I mentioned above but also others! On Wednesday sister carbno had a appt with the counselor in Carrollton, I was already a little antsy about it because it is an hour away and then its an hour appt then we have to drive
back and I just never want to waste time! But I know that she needed this. But the appt went over half and hour so we got caught in all the evening traffic so it took about 2 hours to drive home.... I felt so angry inside so I kept praying to have help to get rid of that so that
it wouldn't make the rest of the night bad because we had a few good lessons planned. Next thing you know I fell asleep for about 15 minutes in the car and when I woke up I felt so much more at peace. haha may seem like a weird way to answer a prayer, but I was so

Also yesterday I was fasting for a few different things, to help me love the area and be able to work well with the members and Sister Carbno and also for our investigators. Then bam, they all came to
church, and then last night we met soooo many solid people that sincerely have a desire to learn more about the gospel seriously we have a lot of return appts it's so cool! I feel that sister Carbno and I are starting to be more unified. I know that if we are one in purpose
then nothing can stop us:)

We had two exchanges this week one with the Fort Worth 5 sisters and one with Stephenville! I went to Fort Worth with Sister Sua'ava and it was great!! She is a doll and a hard worker, they are doing great work there! The zone leaders phone didn't get our text message earlier in the week asking for driving privileges for the exchange so we kept waiting to get them but they never texted us, so the day of we call them and they said they never got the message ahhh!! So we went on exchange but none of us could drive. It was actually really cool though because every single lesson we went to had a member there no matter what kind of lesson it was and then they would drive us to the next one! We were able to talk with everyone that was outside, it went really well.

I went to Stephenville with Sister Alo this weekend for the second exchange, goodness I love all these polynesians!! I just want to be one so bad haha! We had a great time the first night, visiting some part member
and less active families she loves the work, but on Saturday she felt sick so we had to stay inside basically the whole time. ! While sister alo was feeling sick I checked their area book and then sister carbno came and
we checked more, but they still aren't finished. I did it for 5 hours..... dreadful!! Its awful because in flo mo i already did all this and finished but weatherford is way behind... its ok though!!!
I'm getting lots of weird bug bites :(

Sorry i'm typing fast I can't remember any funny stories but I will try to think of some!! I love ya'll to death!!

Hurrah for Israel!

Sister Wells

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