Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lots of People To Meet With


This week went really well, we were able to have a lot of members at
our lessons and were able to have some really great lessons. We saw
Jerry twice and we went over the restoration because it didn't feel
like he understood it well and doesn't believe joseph smith was a
prophet. I think because he just doesn't understand it. The lesson
went ok but we reviewed it again on thursday and it made a lot more
sense we invited him to read the pamphlet and to look at the
additional study in the back. We went over that with him when we saw
him. Asking the questions then reading the scriptures really seemed to
solidify it in his mind so it was great!!! He came to church yesterday
and I think what he needs is a really good fellowshipper, he has many
people he knows but he's really quiet he just needs someone to be by
his side so we will continue to pray about that to see who would be
best. He came to presidents fireside last night and loved it!!
Sooooooo glad that he was able to come, presidents inspired words
really hit his heart we are excited to see him tonight to hopefully
have him set a baptismal date!! Also kelly loved it as welll so glad
she was able to come too!! She is savannahs mom, savannah has a date
to get baptized in september and kelly has always just been thinking
that she was supporting her daughter and that she likes the church and
will come but that she wasn't going to join herself. But she started
crying before the meeting even started because she just felt the
spirit testify to her that this is important for her too. It's amazing
how the spirit really works on our hearts. I know she felt it very
strong last night and we are excited to see her and savannah again and
plan for her baptism as well!! So many miracles everyday:) At one of
our lessons we were teaching savannah the plan of salvation and kelly
was sharing her testimony with her telling her that she believed that
this plan was true and that this really is the true doctrine it was
really cool to see her share that with her daughter:) I love them!!!

The Lyfe

We met some cool people this week too. A lady that went to our church with her friend from 6th grade until she graduated and she had us ove rbut she just thinks her husband will be against it but she would love
to come to church with us! She said they are busy until september so we will look forward to seeing her then! Also a lady in our apartment complex approached us and wanted to know who we were and what we did
and so we talked and literally everything she was saying was music to our ears. She said I know that there are parts of the bible that are missing and I believe that there were other people in the world that wrote down records about God and Christ, not just in Jerusalem and we told her yes we believe that too!! We gave her a bom and invited her to learn more and hopefully we will see her tomorrow!! We also taught a less active family with a daughter who has a boyfriend who is not a member and I feel he has lots of potential and we also found another less active lady that said she is ready to come back to church!! It was really exciting! There are lots of great things happening here!

We also had MLC this week and we talked a lot about the doctrine of repentance we were talking about how we teach to our investigators and we talked about the different steps but noticed that we don't put our
focus on the Redeemer which is the most important part. When we think about the gospel of Jesus Christ it really is repentance. I will now teach it with Christ centered in my teaching! If we read in the scriptures over and over again we are commanded to declare repentance and nothing but repentance and faith in the Lord. We learned that in greek it is translated to metanoeo. meta means change noeo can mean nuse which means mind. or it can mean gnos which is knowledge. pneuma= air/spirit. pneo=breathe.

Hopefully that makes sense, it means that repentance brings a change
of mind, knowledge, spirit and even the way we breathe. That is pretty
powerful! Elder Nelson said that repentance is a lifelong curriculum
and is what brings real conversion! How true! I know that when I
remember to keep a repentant heart that I  feel closer to God. I'm so
grateful for repentance and how with it we access all of the
atonement, both the redeeming and the enabling power.

Not very nice people live on Wells Lane -- to bad! :(
Oh and yesterday I was able to see sister benson!!! I wanted to cry I miss her so much!! And the pratts were there too they sang for the musical number at the fireside they are amaaaazing singers and it was
the best seeing them again:) also my funny/weird story, so we were handing out the programs at church yesterday welcoming everyone and I see this guy walk in from the other door and I just smile and say hi he comes over to me and asks if I'm related to britney spears............... I said no and he was like oh ok and then kept walking. So weird, I think I should be offended by that hahahah but I
just keep laughing. Oh and this spanish lady yelled at us way hardcore this week and told us never to step on her property again and we said ok sorry is there anything we can do for you and she said noooo get
off my property never come back so I said we won't and she got even more mad it was crazy!! haha its great I love the crazies here:) Its been really hot but amazing!! I know the hearts of the people here are being prepared:)

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sista Wells
So many deer in their yard!

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