Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 31, 2015

"Is the Way I'm Living Making My Heavenly Father Proud?"

It is so weird that this transfer is already over! It was slow, but yet so fast! Time is so weird and it is really important to make the most of the time we have. I've reflected on life before the mission haha and realized how poorly I used my time, at times I did things that were good, and sometimes things that were better, but I now feel I have a better understanding how to use my time best! It is still something that I am definitely working on but I'm glad that I have been able to improve while being here. But I am grateful for this next transfer I've already been thinking about some goals to set and pray that I can now make this transfer the best of my mission. I thought to
myself this morning, I cannot believe I only have 2 transfers left that is crazy!!! Then I thought, what if instead of having 13 transfers in my mission if I had only 2 transfers to serve what would I do with that short amount of time? It has really got me thinking how I can serve with all my heart, might, mind and strength these next two
transfers:) I just love being a missionary so much!!!!! I loved hearing about nana and gramps 60th wedding anniversary and that is still sooooo cool that Elder Emery could be there. The pictures and everything are so motivating to me our family is a part of this gospel and I get to be hear serving in texas!! This gospel is true and it changes lives and blesses families so much. I love it!!

Cute District :)

This week we saw jerry a couple times after one of the lessons he said
that he stayed up until 430 talking to his mom about gospel subjects!
He really liked it and we read alma 34 with him and it really hit him
too. He has some medical problems and was in so much pain he wasn't
able to attend church yesterday but said we are still good to see him
tonight. He has a meeting set up with the bishop on wednesday too so
that is way way good!! Kelly and Sav came to church and are doing
well, kellys fire has seemed to die down a bit, shes reading the bom
and still doing everything but she doesn't want to set a day for her
baptism or doesn't seem to determined to quit smoking like she was a
couple weeks ago, but yesterday in gospel principles we talked about the wow and it was a really good lesson so hopefully that will help
her:) I"m really excited for her to attend stake and general conference coming up that will be great!!
In Azle on exchange.  I want to live here.  Pool and lake in the backyard :)

Mirror Selfie hahahaha

So last week I think I told you that we met Tori who is living at Madisons house ( a Less active) well we saw her twice this week and she is amaaaaazing!! We had given her a plan of salvation pamphlet on
sunday and a card when we came tuesday she had read the pamphlet and had looked up her questions on!!! We went over everything and she said it all made sense! We shared the book of
mormon with her and she said she would totally read it! She then said the closing prayer and in the prayer asked to know when it would be her time to be baptized. And we didn't even invite her to pray for that! Sister Carbno saw her on exchange on friday too but I guess it was kinda a mad house so they couldn't talk too much but she should be at church next week! Also we sent her an email with the bom answers questions of the soul questions and references and she looked all of them up!!! And Madison dug up her quad and is getting involved now
too! ah I've only seen them twice but I just love them so much already!!!! We also met Kenzie yesterday she recently gained a faith in Christ just a year ago and attends one of the big nondenominational mega churches but accepted a copy of the bom and a return appointment she said she wakes up at 5 every morning and studies scriptures for and hour and she said she was really excited to read the bom this morning!!! So cool!!
Me thinking about myself living in bed bugs. . . . 

Also yesterday we visited a LA teresa and she usually doesn't really like us to talk to her about the gospel and the Book of Mormon hah she's so funny but we shared a cool story with her and she went and found her dusty old quad and we talked a lot about reading the book of mormon and she texted us last night and said that what we talked about
really hit her and is really getting her to think "is the way I'm
living making my Heavenly Father proud?" it was the sweetest message to receive and to see her desire to change. But isn't that a powerful question to ask? If we could always remember that and ask ourselves that every day that would be awesome.  I'm totally going to do that now. :)
Love y'all!!  Sister Wells

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