Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Turn to the Lord in All Things - He Will Help

Howdy howdy!!

This week was a long week which definitely had its ups and downs, but
it turned out pretty well! So we saw Jerry a few times this week and
talked to him a lot about the fireside he really really enjoyed it! He
knows his next step is baptism, but he has some fears, he fears he
isn't really worthy, he doesn't feel that he has a place at our church
because the people are much wealthier than him and he feels that when
he is baptized he might not get the Holy Ghost because he isn't good
enough. He also doesn't really believe in the Old Testament. But his
biggest concern is tithing, he does not have much money at all and he
literally does not believe that he can pay it. He let us know all
these concerns yesterday after church, we are glad that he finally
told us, because he's been meeting with the sisters for months and
they could never really see what was holding him back from baptism. So
our prayers are really focused on Jerry and how we can help him. I
know that if he understands that the law of tithing is from God then
it will work out. We are teaching him tonight with a sister who is in
a similar situation who was baptized a few years ago but faithfully
pays her tithing, we hope her testimony can strengthen him and give
him hope as well. He is so sweet, but so quiet and I can see that he
doesn't have much joy in his life but I know the gospel will help him
have that and help his family too.
Mission Leader Council
We also saw Kelly and Savannah a couple times but they didn't come to
church yesterday, we are just hoping that they were in Arlington going
to church there with their friends that are members, they don't have
cell phones so it's hard! But they are great we read the BoM with them
and we talked to Kelly about her baptism and she said she wants to
have it on a day separate from Savannah but soon after, she said I
don't see any reason to wait, so we are hoping for end of September
beginning of October, hopefully we can set a solid date this week. We
have brought a lot of people to our lessons to help her feel welcomed
and fellowshipped and she really likes it and wants to start going to
zumba every tuesday with the ladies! Yay!! Love them both so much!!

We were able to ride our bikes this week since we got our bike rack!

This area is huge so we take our bikes to the area we want to be in and then bike around! I have loved using the LDS tools app to find less actives in an area, we are trying to visit all of the less active and part-member families right now and it's going pretty well!!

My comp had a little bit of a hard time this week, but I learned a lot from it, I have not prayed so hard and so sincere I don't think ever, I know that when we turn to the Lord in all things that he will help us. It was a learning experience for sure. Zone council was wonderful, I learned a lot and the spirit testified truths to me and called me to repentance and gave me answers to questions it was so great! And I love the missionaries here, I'm sad we are so far apart so we never see each other but they are all such an inspiration and example to me!!

We went on exchange with the sisters in chapel creek and I absolutely loved being with sister clark and sister foster there.
Sister Clark and Foster

They are in the ghetto part of fort worth haha I love it! So many crazies!!  It was so cool though because we were tracking and we shared a BofM with this guy and then we kept going and this other lady Lenicia was her name ha wanted a BoM and the other sisters didn't have one in their bag and I had just given mine away so we said we have one in our car can we go run and get it? she said yes I realllllly want that book!! Whoa so cool! So we literally ran in this heat to get it haha. So the lesson learned is to stuff as many copies of the bom in my bag:) I love the little miracles that are found in every single day!!

Saturday we drove to Euless for president to meet with Sister Carbno,
she has been soooooo much better since then. I'm really glad and I love her.:) Hopefully I can help her and be a better companion!! So the sad thing is I was supppppeeerr excited because there's this polynesian restaurant in Euless and I found the address and everything so we could go after her meeting with him and we get there and on Saturdays it doesn't op en until 4pm. So livid. I saw their menu and everything and it has all my favorite foods that sister tuna and I would always eat!!ahhh hahah
This dog is so weird, he loves me!

Anywho we met a lot of great people this week and have appts with them this week and we are super excited about that! We also have interviews with president this week and some exchanges with the sisters:) Goodness this transfer is just flying by!!

I love y'all so much!! Love to hear from you!! Thank you for your prayers:) They are felt!

Sister Wells
Everytime we go by this house I'm like what the weird who put a dragon thing in their yard....and can you see the hippo in the back right?? so odd.  The people are super Atheist, not super nice.

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