Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Work Is Great Here but We Have Bed Bugs!

This week was quite eventful but very good!! You know the saying goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite? Welllll Let's just say our neighbors are not just infested with bed bugs, but they are TAKEN over by bed bugs!! But I'll get to that later, I'll just start from the beginning, we saw Jerry on Monday evening and had the
Pre bed bug steam and spray.  Lots of work!
best member come with us, she is a convert of about 4-5 years and her testimony is very strong about tithing and actually is in a very similar situation as jerry with finances and what not and past jobs, it was amazing, the spirit was definitely there and I think he is understanding the why. I was thinking awhile ago about how I feel bad telling him he has to pay tithing, but then I stopped myself and said no I should be glad to teach him about this, because oh what wonderful blessings he will see in his life as he does so. His mother who has cancer right now sat in both of our lessons this week and she asked for a priesthood blessing so yesterday before church, Bro Sanders our ward mission leader and Bishopric gave her a blessing and then she stayed for church, I think she liked it! We will see them again tonight, so we will follow up on everything. We are going to be teaching about prayer, the who, what, when, where, why and how! Because we really feel that is what he needs, he isn't really praying specifically for answers to questions and for help we feel and not sure if he recognizes answers to his prayers. We pray that this will help him and his mother yvonne to progress.
Our apartment

Wednesday was the day we found out that we had bed bugs because of our 
neighbors.  So that day was kinda crazy! We were talking to our other neighbor the night before sharing our cupcakes and noticed she had similar bites to us so we went to the office and they checked all our apts they said our other neighbor you could press the mattress and millions of bed bugs came out!!
Lil stinker on my towel ewwwww
Cleaning up from bed bugs

And they are going through our walls! The office elders came to help and it seems to be helping, not so many

bites these last few nights!! Also we were able to see kelly and savannah and they are doing well, they didn't make it to sacrament yesterday but made it to the last two hours. Kelly has been reading the bom and the bible often which is sooooo awesome! And we made savannah a baptism calendar to prepare for the 12th to help her be prepared and remember to read and pray with her mom everyday!

Also president did come to all the missionaries apartments for interviews he is the BEST hopefully he didn't get bed bugs hahah. It was the greatest!

Interview with Pres at the Apt selfie with the zone leaders :) Love these people!

We met a lot of new people this week like every week and there are so many that seemed prepared but it is just so hard to get back and see them, they either aren't there or have to cancel. But, I know that they are in our path for a reason.  Saturday we did a lot of service! For a less active and also for a new referral we had received last week and yesterday carol our investigator came to church also! We are trying to be better in ward council by having specific things to ask different auxiliaries to do so we can help the people we are teaching. The longer I've been on my mission the more important I see the use of members! Like it's not the missionaries investigator, it's the wards investigator and they need to be involved as much as possible. So we are trying to work on that, I was spoiled in flower mound the member work is amazing so we are trying to get that here!!!
Got the clothes cleaned and dried and now 
they are frying in black trash bags in our car!
Bye bye bed bugs!

Also yesterday we visited a less active girl and her friend just moved in and is interested in questions that the plan of s alvationanswers so we gave her a pamphlet and we will see her tomorrow!!! Yay!! The work is great here I'm really starting to love it so much!!:)

And I love y'all so much!:) have a great week!

Sister Wells
Glen had these made for us.  Aren't they amazing?!  Love him!

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