Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, March 2, 2015

We Met An Amazing Family

So I feel like I just emailed y'all but I will let you know what has happened these last few days!! So we went on exchanges with the sisters in Decatur on Thursday and they are supposed to go for 24hrs buttttttttt Friday it snowed a ton!! (well for Texas it did haha) and we weren't allowed to drive.  We are out in the country so especially no members would drive us so we had a 2 day exchange hahah!! And man I am so sick of being stuck in the barn.  We finished organizing the whole area book and just started calling numbers of former investigators, potentials, less actives to set up appointments for this week, pretty good!! We are going to be busy! Thank goodness on Saturday we got a member to drive us and exchange back and get back Sisita Vaha'i:) and then we got someone to drive us into town to walk around and then the Martino's (the recently returned mission pres. from the Phillipines and his wife) went on exchange with us. They are awesome!
Snow in Texas

Walking to dinner.

 We have the most amaaaaaaaaaazing family that we met!!!!! Well the spanish elders met them and referred us to them!! Wow Natasha is the mom and then Isaiah is 18 and Kiona is 14 and Alex is 3 we gave them the plan of salvation pamphlet and she read it and read the first chapter in the BofM and got the gospel library app. She had written down questions and we answered all of them and she loooooooooooooooooved the plan of salvation, that we lived with God before and that we can after!! She said she would definitely be baptized!! Then they all came to church yesterday and loved it!! Natasha's words "I'm just ready to be filled," and "I REALLY enjoyed myself today" and she wants to come next week to the baptism to see what it's like!!! I like cried she was so awesome and even the 18yr old loved young mens and said," i dunno about everyone else but I'll be here next week!" what teenage boy says that?!! and he is excited to go to mutual on Wednesday and a member invited them over for dinner with us this week!!! That was def the highlight of our week!!!! 



Once again I am always just amazed and sometimes forget that God really is preparing people, this is His work this is His glory that we can ALL have eternal life!!!!

We heard its supposed to snow again this week,,,, I really hope not. I love it here in Denton I love all the missionaries and I love our ward members they are so helpful and so sweet, and pray for us and I just love it!!!! I just love y'all so much too!! Just keep being awesome!!!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sista Wells
Our Barn :)

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