Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Texas Weather

Soooo hey y'all!! Sunday night we got a text saying to head to our apartments due to weather, wake up in the morning and I'm like it's not even bad out there but then went outside and there was like 2-3 inches of just ice--so hard to walk in. Sooooo we were grounded from our cars for the day. We kept way busy though as we had and still have lots of work to do organizing our area book since we got the elders area, we just have been too busy to work on it so I guess it was good!! But we were getting cabin fever!! hahah   It's not fair because the other missionaries live in town and can at least walk around and talk to people and knock doors, all we have are the Martino's... haha they are awesome though:)

ICE - not snow
Tuesday we were given privileges to drive between 12-6 if we were really careful!!! So that was awesome Heavenly Father helped us make the best of the time that we had. So we didn't want to sit and do book work all night yeah and we had 2 appointments so we asked the Martino's to drive us into town and we would walk and then have someone drive us back. It was freezing but it was awesome I felt cool hahah and we had a lot of success and placed many copies of the Book of Mormon:) still loving the challenge so so much!!!
So good to see her. She went teaching with us.
Today we had interviews with president and wow they are always so stinking amazing and the trainings were great too!! Such a great start to our day!! Now we have short time to email since our lesson cancelled with our awesome investigator:( but then we are heading to dinner soon!! So this investigator -- woooowwww so we got a referral for this lady over a month ago she was moving into our area, actually in Aubrey so close to us:) but we didn't have her address and so we called and called and called like every other day and finally she said we could come.  So we went on Friday, we were on exchanges with the Justin sisters, so we get there and she tells us her whole religious background and how she has had major life changes these last 6 months and so we briefly talk about the restoration and she says she feels like Joseph Smith... woah so awesome!! Then we share the BofM and she is like wow I will totally read that, I'm an avid reader and I'll tell my husband about it, I'll know how to bring it up with him and I'd love to come down to your church sometime!!! I was dying inside hahah such a sweetie!! But she is having money issues so yeah that's why she had to cancel, they are figuring out stuff and we are trying to help! But anywho it feels like every person we ever teach doesn't have a car and money, it's so hard, but I guess its because they are more humble they are more willing to listen.! I love them so much though!!!
Interviews -- Silly Elder Green
Well that's all I have time for today but I'll talk to y'all soon!! love you!!
Sister Wells
Hurrah for Israel!!

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