Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

These are the experiences that are so powerful!

Malo lele fefe hake family?!!

It was good to hear from y'all sounds like things are going well!! This morning I woke up to the cows mooing and went out in the nice crisp morning air and went for a wonderful run with my wonderful companion... hahah am I being detailed enough now??? haha just kidding I will try and give y'all more details, this morning I actually woke up and my throat kills hah but its ok!! This week was really awesome, we were able to have so many members at each of our lessons which is soooooooo important and so helpful!! I feel like I'm getting it more and more each week:)

On Tuesday we had our zone council and it was awesome! We have a great zone, its so small but we are all so unified and we all took a day to fast for the names that are close to baptism for this month so that we can reach our goal that we have set! These are the experiences that are so powerful! Playing games and talking brings unity, but having spiritual experiences with each other truly brings it the most! 

So on Wednesday we went to see N and the fam!! WE love them sooooo much!! It was so cool because we went and Isaiah the 18yr old wasn't there because he was at mutual!!:) yayay our ward is awesome and he is going on the high adventure this weekend!!! But anywho we were with the RS president and we were going to talk about the word of wisdom because N smokes, so I dunno sometimes I'm just nervous to see what people’s response will be so we were just following up on BofM reading and praying and she says she believes everything and she loves it all, so we start talking about commandments and why we have them and then say that the commandment we are going to talk about is one to help keep our bodies healthy and she says, "that is what I need! It's like you always read what’s in my brain!"  We're like whoa this is awesome, so we start reading the pamphlet with her and she says "you're going to have to explain the coffee and tea thing after I finish reading," so she continues and then  says "oh wait, duh! That makes complete sense, I totally get it, nevermind!" haha no one ever says that so we talk about it some more and Sis Stocker says "we need to make a plan to help you stop smoking" N says, "I think I need to pray and fast for help!" (the first Sunday she came was fast Sunday and we had explained the purpose of fasting and she loved it:) so we all fasted with her the next day:) It was the best word of wisdom lesson ever, we didn't even do anything, the spirit taught her! We saw them later in the week and they all committed to be baptized in April!!!!!!!!! and were at church Sunday! In gospel principles we were talking about how families can be eternal and I was kinda nervous because she's single and stuff but our ward mission leader is awesome and after the lesson she went and gave him a hug and said it was just what she needed!! Then in relief society one of those clipboards went around to sign up for bringing food to the dinner before the women’s general session in a couple weeks and she signed up!!! She is just so ready its crazy. I love her and her family so so much:) all that was the highlight of the week!! (I hope this is answering the questions that you sent to me mom) oh and by the way thanks for the package!!!! made my day:) I am so blessed!!
Leah got baptized Saturday but K wouldn't go under the water.  It was sad, maybe another time.  But it's still a cute pic. :)

We went on exchange with the hermanas in Lewisville this week, they are wonderful and I got to practice my Spanish, haha. So the big news is I'm being transferred this week to Flower Mound with Sister Benson! I'm pretty sad to leave.  I really love it here in Denton and I've seen it change so much and I love the people, but I have learned so so so much while I've been here which has really changed me and I am so so grateful for everything and everyone! And I am so excited to just work Flower Mound so hard!!!! I know it is exactly where I am supposed to go, Heavenly Father knows best!!:)

On exchange with bishop and wife.  I love them!
Ok so funny story for the week, we went to visit the S’s, an old couple in the ward and follow up on sharing the B of M with their neighbor, Sister S asks Sister V, "So where are you from?" "Tonga," she says, "oh we had a man here from there here last year!" Bro S "no he was from Samoa she is from Africa!!" hahahhahahahahah we tried not to laugh but we couldn't even hold it in so Sister S asks, "ok, well how long have you been out?" Sis v "10months" Sister S says "1 month?" Bro S says "no, 30 months your hearing is bad!" hahahahhahah too funny :)

I think that is all the good stuff for the week! I love y'all keep being great!!

Sista Wells

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