Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Performance Measured is Performance Improved!

Good morning familia!!
Thanks for the emails, I hope dads lips are ok...... send me a picture haah!! I hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving this week!! First off thanks for the amazing cinnamon rolls, they were the bomb! Thank you!!:) I'm most thankful to be on a mission right now, to meet these amazing people and to learn how awesome the gospel of Jesus Christ really is. I'm grateful for Christ's atonement that we can be redeemed and it can also enable us. I'm so so grateful for you my family for your amazing examples and support to me! Thanks a bunch!!!
I'm starting to get more used to being up here in Denton it is just so different from the south haha but I really love the missionaries here and I'm starting to love this area! So every week we go to Our Daily Bread which is a soup kitchen and we help prepare the food and serve it and clean, we served 218 plates on Wednesday! Almost all the missionaries in our zone do this and it is a lot of fun. I really love when we get to do service, I feel like before my mission I didn't probably because I was just too lazy but now I LOVE it and the people are so so grateful:) Its pretty good food too!
Also we had interviews with president this week! Yay! So we were at the church like all day and I had to give a training I was scared but it went well I think. haha We were able to clean up our area book and it was great! We are trying to help our wards come up with a ward mission goal for baptisms this year so our missions goal and the stakes goals will be the same so we can go together arm in arm because working with the members is most important! I've been learning a lot about setting goals and they are awesome and so important. I'm glad y'all taught us to always do that! Performance measured is performance improved! We also have some exciting things coming up for the holidays! We are giving Living Christmas Cards, the members write down their friends that they would like us to give this gift to, we the missionaries sing a few Christmas hymns share a few scriptures from Luke and then give them a Joy to the World DVD and leave them with a prayer! What a nice gift:) Our purpose is to bring the spirit into their homes and then the members job is to follow up and see how their friend liked it and it easily opens up a conversation to share the gospel with their friend! Brilliant! And I can't wait we will start the day after Thanksgiving! Also the church is doing the He is the Gift initiative. Have you heard of it?? Its awesome!! There is going to be a video and it is gonna be advertised everywhere even at Times Square and will be the masthead on YouTube for one day even!! In the Dec. Ensign there will be pass along cards for YOU guys to pass out and you better pass them all out!!!! So many great things comin:)
So every time we go to a members home for dinner we have a lesson with them and we are helping them to come up with a family mission plan. soooooooooo do y'all have one?? You should! I was thinking of that talk by.... I can't remember who and he said we should invite someone once a quarter to meet with the missionaries! I so slacked on that before the mish, haha but even though you are in Utah you can totallyyyyy still have a mission plan:) So many members are like I don't interact with nonmembers because all my friends are members and I'm just like well you need to get some more friends then!!! I also read that you can really tell a members level of activity in the church not by them just attending each week, but how involved in missionary work they are:) That's good!!!! Y'all will be blessed:)
On another note, at church yesterday a part member family came to church, the parents are members but haven't come in like 20 years and they brought 3 other family members and they were like we are coming back next week it feels like home here and they are very interested in learning more! Hallelujah!! It was a miracle! What a blessing! They are busy this week with Thanksgiving but I can't wait to go and teach them! Also there is a mentally disabled young women who comes to RS with her mom and she turned around during the lesson and said hi to me and then so loudly said, "she looks like Shakira" she loves Shakira apparently but it was soooooooo funny!! hahaha
Oh also super excited to go to the temple! We are going next week on Wednesday so that is when our Pday will be so I will email y'all then!!! We went on two exchanges this week with the sisters we cover and it was super fun I learned lots.  We are busy busy but we are getting better with all three of us working together but it is a challenge:) But it's all good!!
I love you all so so so so much!!!!:)
Sista Wells
I love having sisters actually close to us! partay!! and yes my MTC comp. Sis C is here:)

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