Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Member Missionary Work Makes EVERYTHING So Much Better

Morning!! Wow my friendies are so cute!!! I'm so glad that you had them over! I love everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a blast:) And mom and dad you looked fabulous for halloween!! And what the what with Zach's hair??? Its turning into Harry Styles I think haha! Oh and that text for Kelsey is hilarious hahaha!! I love looking at pictures thanks for sending them! Also thanks for the cookies, wow they were fab!! So perfect. And thanks for the coats and boots I really do appreciate it! I felt so cool having two packages waiting for me ha.

Fd was baptized and confirmed this weekend!! (he is the one by the pic) Brother Mo baptized him, apparently they don't like to smile for pictures........ I teased them about it after and they said that that is their smile..... hahah.  The Mo family have been absolutely amaaaaaaaaaazing throughout this whole process I don't know if I told y'all about our first lesson with Fred.. but Sister T and I met him when we were at the soup kitchen trying to see if we could help and do service there and Fred asked if we would do Bible study with him so we were like sure!! The next day is when Sister T came and we went with a member to see him. He doesn't have much so all three of us sat on the couch and he sat on the floor, then he like laid down and then got up to go to the kitchen like 10x we were thinking uhhhhh this is never going to work! But then he came to church 2 Sundays in a row and then we started meeting at the Mos' home and then bam everything changed!! He doesn't have much education so we have to explain things very simply for him, but he just has such a strong desire to do what is right and do what God wants him to do and so the spirit really worked through him. We are going to the family history center with him on Wednesday to get him started and get some names so that he can go to the temple!! Very excited about that:) Member missionary work makes EVERYTHING so much better. seriously! We even had to fill the font! It was my first time because usually the ward mission leader does it but he couldn't so we went 2hrs early to make sure it was filled because we didn't want to have a recap of Izzi's when our WML didn't fill all the way so they had to kneel haha! Fred is a big guy, he barely fit in the font haha!

On Halloween we went to our ward trunk or treat and chili cook off and then did our weekly planning since we weren't to be out that night. We got tons of candy from the members. I gave all of mine to Sister T who of course happily accepted it, she eats it for breakfast haha! One of our investigators came with her husband to it!! She is super awesome and she has the best name in the entire world it starts with an M and ends with Kenzie hehe. Like God has prepared her for this time for reals she hadn't prayed for years and we asked her too and she gave the most heartfelt prayer ever!! I love her!

Meet the Mormons is this week I can't wait to tell y'all about it next week! Oh and it's so funny Sister T says y'all now and it just seems so weird, like a Samoan saying y'all it cracks me up!! Well I love you all super a lot!!! Have a great week!!

Sista Wells

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