Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

While On A Mission Your Capability to Love Is Just So Easy

Ok I'm sorry I know y'all want pictures and I don't know I just lost my cord that connects to the computer......... so I don't know what to do... sorry I have taken lots of pictures though I wish I could send them!! Sounds like thanksgiving was fun and Las Vegas, where are the pics?!!:) Also I still wanna see what dads face looks like!
Thanksgiving was good here! It was our planning day so we did that then took around some thank you cards, the street we live on is basically all family and a member of the 2nd quorum of the seventy Elder Martinos home is there and I totally shook his hand haha. We had dinner with the M from our ward it was fun but their food wasn't as good, it wasn't homemade:( but still great and they invited their Buddhist friend J over and she was an absolute sweetheart she is from Thailand and  her husband passed away not to long ago, we taught a mini version of the Plan of Salvation and she really felt the spirit, but it's interesting because she doesn't really believe in God or Jesus Christ but almost everyone in Texas does so when they don't I'm like wuuuuutttttt?? hah It was good though. After, we went to the Gs she had some family who aren't members and just wanted us to be there and meet them and they had GOOD food, like way good so they gave us lots of leftovers:) I love them. And my favorite dessert was sweet potatoe flan, sounds weird right?! So so yummy!! We also just saw some less actives and that was our Thanksgiving!! Have you guys watched the "He is the Gift" video yet? It's so powerful, I love it, everytime! The weather has been kinda crazy it was like 75 then changed to 35!!

We went on exchange with the sisters in Decatur last week and I went there with Sister Bs and we did service and taught their investigator Ch he was super awesome, such a cowboy! But I just loved him and it was like only an hour I had known him, so I was thinking about that and really love that while on a mission your capability to love is just so easy and so much and so fast. I definitely do not judge people from their appearance anymore well hopefully not as much, and when you talk with everyone you just realize that they are super awesome!! I love that!

Funny story, the girl who said I looked like Shakira, we had dinner at their house and she was singing Shakira and Shania twain the whole time and she said the closing prayer and was like "thanks for letting us sing hips don't lie by shakira etc." and went on and on it was hilarious but so cute!

So Q and her two kids were in the hospital all last week so we weren't able to see them, but we were able to see them yesterday and they are doing well! The kids are so smart and remember lots of what we have taught them. I haven't taught kids a lot on the mish so it has been fun thinking of fun ways to teach them and they are very receptive and help their mom. The other week she told us "you better get that water running warm because I'm running to it!" talking about getting baptized!! And she wants to go to the temple way bad, but she is just having a really hard time quitting smoking:( we are doing all we can to help her and praying lots!!

Other than all that my companions got sick this week:( oh S is from West Jordan and J is originally from San Antonio but moved to Springville last year! The picture from K (she's less active) is when we went to teach her but she made all this herbal medicine tea stuff for them to make them feel better but she made me drink it too, gross it was gross haha but she wanted to send a pic to our moms cause she loves us:) 

We went to the temple this morning!! Yayyyyy Sister G is the sweetest lady ever and drove us and it was so so nice to be there, I've missed it, and I saw the new video which was cool, it was so peaceful:) I want all our recent converts to go there:) We just barely got back from Dallas and just doing all our pday stuff today! We have lots of meetings this weekend and lots of caroling to do so it should be great! Sometimes I get bummed with things that happen, but then during studies the other day I was just like I just love being a missionary and I love Texas so much! I've learned so much and I love teaching others everything that I've learned. Everybody needs to go on a mission:)

Scripture for the day: Nahum(who knew? haha) 1:7 love it! love yall!!!!!
Sista Wells

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