Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I Did Not See That One Coming - Six Months on the 14th!

Happy happy birthday Zachy!!! Love y'all lots and lots!!

Monday: P-day was good we didn't do anything too exciting, but we did go to FHE with the YSA branch and played some volleyball, I think Sister T and I did pretty well in our dresses haha it was super fun I just laughed the whole time, we have quite a group of people in our ysa hahah I love them.

Tuesday: It rained all day. Then our car said that our tire pressure was low, let's just say we had to go to 3 different gas stations to finally get them all filled, don't ask why haha such a waste of time. Our appointments cancelled and we were just soaking wet haha and then when we finally got going, we ran out of gas. Haha it was a day.

Wednesday: We had district meeting, it was great I really love my district so so much, Sister Tuna and I are the only sisters, but we have two sets of senior missionaries so we are lucky:) And the Elders just feel like my little brothers they crack me up. So we had a missed call after the meeting so we call back and it was one of the AP's and he said that I am going to be a Sister Training Leader. I did not expect that at all!!! I did not see that one coming, I was super scared at first, but I'm good now, I know that there is a reason. I will learn a lotttt I know I will. I will be serving in Denton. I leave Wednesday mornin! I already cried lots of times to because I will leave Copperas Cove, I just love it so much here, it's like my new home and now I'm leaving on my mission all over again!!

Thursday: So I had to get up at 5 so that we could drive to the training meeting in Hurst, it was a great meeting and helped me not feel so nervous. I guess I just am because I feel like I still don't know very much and the STL's are always like the experienced sisters... I'm not haha. And we go on exchanges with sisters and stuff kind of like a district/zone leader I guess. But I just keep thinking who God calls He qualifies. Got home around 6 and went to a few appts. Sister T hung out with the hermanas all day.

Friday: Had to get up at 5 again to drive to Colleyville for the Mission Leadership Conference (this is for all the zone leaders and STL they have it once a month) That is where those pics came from that you got mama so I saw Sister T and my new comp! Its like a 5hr meeting but they bought us Chick-fil-a so we're good:) I learned a ton, and now we are supposed to help get this vision to all the other missionaries, it was really cool to be there, it's just like revelation pouring out!! Didn't get home until 10:30 at night and so I missed Meet the Mormons :( man I was so sad but Sis Tuna said it went well and we actually had a lesson with one of the members friend that he brought to the event, I hope many of the missionaries find new people to teach from it as well! The pics looked like it was good!!

Saturday: Finally got to do our regular missionary work again, those days just felt like a blur because all I did was sit in meetings and drive, all day haha.

So it was a busy week but it was great!! I love bein a missionary!!

Sista Wellzz

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