Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, November 17, 2014

So Guess What? I Live In A Barn!

Heyyyo!! This has been a long week but a goodie!! I was pretty sad to leave Copperas Cove this week I probably cried just lots of times, but I know that it was time to go somewhere new! 

So it got wayyyyy cold here all of a sudden!!! Like thanks for sending the coats and boots!!! Its been like 30-40 degrees but it feels way way colder than that!!! brrrrrr!! So the morning of transfers I found out that we were going to be in a trio... its different haha! Sister Sylar leaves next transfer so I better learn the area fast, ahh I'm scared. Thanks for all your prayers. 

So guess what?! I live in a barn! Yeah this is the dream for realzzz. We live in the country and it's awesome! As we study we get to listen to the cows moo, man I know I'm gonna love it! We have one family that is investigating but that is it, so we do a lot of less active work but we need to find new!! 

I already love the people here though they are a crack up I seriously laugh so hard! Last night we had an MTC for the ladies in the ward to help them for when they come on exchange with us, so they're not scared and so they know what to do. It was way awesome. I'm learning what I need to do as a STL so that is good, we will go on exchanges like 2x a week so we will be busy busy and have lots of meetings, but I'm excited for all that I have to learn here and to help the people in Denton receive the gospel. I love you lots!!!

For Christmas can you send cinnamon rolls?  cool:) haha

Oh I'm glad y'all went to the temple thats awesome!! We are close enough to the temple that we are allowed to go so we are gonna go sometime this transfer boooyaaaaa!!!!

This zone is way smaller and no senior couples, and we had three in Killeen! Yeah it's small and lots of Spanish, and even ASL! I went to an ASL class Thursday and I memorized the alphabet!! I miss my old zone, but I'm already growing to love this place and these people! Just very different.

Here are a few of my most favorite peeps in the world!!!  Sad to say goodbye to them :(
It SNOWED last night!!!

Sorry I can't remember everything I think this is it love you lots!!!

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