Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 28, 2014

There is Always So Many Good Things Each Week That Make Up For All The Hard Things!

First, thank you for the package!!! Oh my I loved it! Made my night!! I'm too in love with cookie butter and Sister T likes it too! So good! And also the BFR shirt and my skirt, and the cookies and just everything, I love getting mail:) sounds like you had a fun week boating and everything!!

Well first off since you all commented about it, M sadly did not come to church, we haven't been able to get a hold of him all week! We've called him and stopped by his house and nothing:( so we are so bummed about that. Buttttt other amazing things are happening!! So one of our investigators has had a baptismal date before, she did a few months ago, but she has w.o.w. issues and relapses a lot and then like ignores the missionaries, but we were meeting with her again (her sister is a recent convert) and had set another baptismal date, but she relapsed again and couldn't get a hold of her. Her sister is always there to support her, but her husband never liked the missionaries and the church, but a month ago he told her that he would support her which was like a miracle, but then this week she called us and this was the first we'd heard from her in a while and she says that her husband (just got out of jail, he was there for a month) wants to hear more about our church and that he wants to be baptized and he feels that this is the path that God wants him to take!!! Like it doesn't even feel real still! We taught them both twice this last week and he says he believes Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true, and they both came to church on Sunday!!!!!

At the Fireside
 Speaking of church, I had to speak, but this time in the family ward, at least I had time to prepare this talk haha. And in YSA M came again! He has come three times and also three times to FHE and it is so so amazing to see how much he really has changed, amazing! Ok but what is even better is on Sunday we had a fireside which was for all the YSA and the missionaries in our zone came as well. Sister Nielson my faveeeee person ever made dinner for everyone and then Pres and Sis Ames spoke and of course it was so awesome!! But what made it more awesome was that M was there and literally everything Pres Ames was talking about was PERFECT for Matt to hear, he would say, I feel prompted to tell you this story but I don't really know why and then he would tell it and it really was just perfect, and we introduced him to M after too, and like it was great M is just awesome!!

We also had Zone Conference this week so that was fabulous as well there just is always so many good things in each week that make up for all the hard things!!! I learned lots and lots and I'm supposed to be sure to get a story from my Family History so that I can use it to share with others as we are trying to get people into doing family history within the church but also those who aren't members as a finding tool! So could you send me some?! thanks tons:)

29-Day Challenge recipients at Zone Conference

And of course I have to tell ya something about Sista T, she honestly and truthfully thinks that you say tortilla with the L like in Napoleon Dynamite, I'm like no no no and she's like yes yes yes and I tell her I'm just trying to help her out so she's doesn't sound dumb but she doesn't listen hahaha:)

The biggest thing that I learned this week is that all these people we are teaching and that are developing more faith in Christ and choosing to hear the lessons and come to church, are not coming because of me or Sister T, it is because God has been preparing them for this time. I liked what president said at conference, he said we should be happy when someone says no to the gospel(that sounds bad hah), because that means we are getting closer to the ones that will say yes, because everyone is not ready the first time we see them, it may be 15 more years before they will hear the gospel! I just loved that, and I love y'all!!!!

Sister Wells

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