Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 21, 2014

He Had Tears of Joy and Said We Were Two Angels That Found Him!

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! Before I forget, I have to say this for Zach and Syd haha.  So remember years ago when we were at church and Sydnee was singing so loud and we were singing Come Come Ye Saints? And she was like come come ye saints no "tall" no "lawbor" fear?haha and also said, with the just, we shall "duel" so we always sing a hymn to start companionship study and I chose that song and remembered about this and was telling Sis T and laughing and she's like I’ll never think of that song the same way again haha. But then we go to church and in YSA we sang that song... so we laughed and then in the fam ward, we sang that song... haha and then one of the talks the guy read the lyrics and talked about them hahaha I was dying! ok sorry but just had to tell Zach and Syddo!

So y'all might have thought I was just going to a stateside mission, but really it's like a third world country this last week. We had to boil all our water because I dunno some thing broke and so it was contaminated, but of course we don't know until a couple days later so we'll probably die or something ha! The weather has been soooo nice though, it's been rainy and cloudy and not so hot which is so unusual for July here! We've been riding our bikes a lot and after one appointment, it was pouring and thundering and lightning by the time we got back to our apartment.  It looked like we jumped in a pool with all our clothes on. it was awesome!!!!

Anywho Iz's baptism was on Saturday!!! It was so great and the spirit was so strong, she has been so excited for this the last month and she wanted me to give a talk at it! I don't like giving talks, they make me so nervous, but I think it went well:) Our ward mission leader didn't get the font filled in time for the baptism so they had to kneel but it worked and that is all that matters!! Lots of the young women presidency and young women came to support her and her dad was there too so yayyy! His heart has softened so much and when he came to church on Sunday for the confirmation, he came for the classes too and was participating and everything! It was way cool:) We also had exchanges this week so I was with Sister Ed this time and people have told me that miracles happen on exchanges and it’s true! Like I said before, we have had lots of people cancel on us and not show up which is normal, but we saw every single person we were supposed to when she came and it is really cool to see how she teaches and does things, it just helps me realize more things I can improve on, it's great!

So earlier this week we were riding our bikes and we saw this guy working on his lawn so we stop to talk to him, we give him a pass along card and invite him to church and he was like I will definitely be there (lots of people say that but don't show up ha). So on Saturday we call him to remind him about church and make sure he can get there and he says yes ma'am I will for sure be there, he was making his dinner so that he would have it ready for when church was over!! And then he came!!! We sat with him in Sunday school and we had a member take him to priesthood and when we’re walking into sacrament meeting a member comes up and asks us if we've given him a Book of Mormon yet, and we're like no we just met him and haven't even had a lesson with him yet, and he tells us that when they were welcoming all the visitors M stood up and said hi I'm M, this is my first time here and I want to join your church!! ahhhh he is the sweetest man alive! So we sit next to him for sacrament and ask what he thinks so far and he starts crying and says they were tears of joy and that we were two angels that came and found him to invite him to church! He even asked if we had services during the week and I said no only Sunday and he was so bummed and said he will be here every single Sunday! We gave him a Book of Mormon after church and will be meeting with him this week! I'm soooooooo glad we stopped to talk to him, this is just what he needs in his life I could not believe it! I know that when I am being obedient I can have the spirit with me and God can use me as an instrument in his hands, I just want to make sure I can do that all the time so we can bring these people who are searching for the truth! It was honestly so amazing:)

So last thing, I gotta tell ya about Sista T! So I have had the worst week of sleep this week due to mosquito bites....... I've never had so many! And these are more itchy and more painful than ones I've ever had before! So for the last while I've been saying we need to go buy bug spray so one day on our way to Killeen we stopped at a gas station to get some and that stuff is expensive! $7!!  We went to dinner at this way yummy place that is like Zupas with David who is a member of the YSA branch and I'm telling him about all my bites and how I just bought that expensive can of bug spray and he's like you guys have a whole drawer full of that stuff! Because he has given it to the sisters in the past and Sister T is like yeah we do......... hellooooo I've been dying over here hahaha.  I guess she just totally forgot! haha I love her she makes me giggle everyday, but she is such a good example to me of being a hard worker, she really wants to be obedient and a consecrated missionary, I'm so glad I have her as my trainer!!:)

Well sorry that was so long! But I love ya lots and lots!!
Sista Wells

Iz's Baptism!

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