Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Talking to Everyone is Important (Letter)

Thank you for the 4th of July package!!!  I loooved it of course.  The Rolos and taffies were so cute! And I love the shirt.  This will be hard, I'm already getting tired of wearing the same ones, haha, so yay a cute new one! :)  Thanks!  I hope your 4th of July was fun!

So this P-day Sister T and I made cookies so we could bring them to district meeting. Wow, so hard, they have nothing in this apartment.  I had to stir it all with a spatula/rubber scraper -- workout!  And the oven is awful so it was hard to cook them good but they were still tasty!

Also this couple the Chases in the YSA branch presidency give us eggs, zucchini and squash all the time from their garden and chickens so how can I cook these things? Any recipes?  Thanks!

It's so funny because them and the senior couple here, The Nielsons (my faves), bring food to everything . . . EVERYTHING, pretty sure YSA could just come to every activity and be able to live off them alone, haha.  Last week everyone left with a loaf of bread from Sister C, haha, it kills me.  And the Nielsons have us for dinner once a week with a group of less actives and those are my favorite dinners! So yum!  I miss your cookin' mama!  I wish you all could meet everyone here, they're awesome even with no teeth!

One thing I'm learning a lot is how I want to be when I'm home, like as a member and how I do NOT want to be.  Most people just walk by D and don't say anything to him!  Like HELLO he just got baptized and now he needs fellowship to keep him going!  I don't know if people just don't realize it, but yeah talking to everyone is important!  And so is home and visiting teaching, wow!  Thanks for your good examples of doing that.  I never realized how important it is until now, like if all recent converts or less actives had people coming to visit with them besides just missionaries. . .  it would be a ton better!  Missionaries come and go, but the ward is now their family!  So we are trying to get all the members to be welcoming to ALL and do their teaching every month!  Well I'll email you k, bye.

Love you!

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