Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 7, 2014

We Should Be the Happiest People Alive


Sounds like your guys week was so awesome and lots of fun!! Go Argentina!!:) And yeah I heard about the ipads but we don't know when we will actually get them! They would be so awesome though!!

This week was pretty good, Iz is doing so awesome! On the 4th the young men and women and their families in our ward had a bbq and her less active mom and non member dad came too and had such a great time and everybody was so so nice to them! I know we will be able to teach her dad soon, he is so ready for it! Her mother and her came to church yesterday and it was just awesome! Also Matt a YSA investigator came to church as well! We've only met with him once and shared part of L1 but he came to church which was really cool, we are really excited to meet with him again this week and get all his thoughts on it and if he has been praying because he has never really done that before in his life. Such a sweet kid!

So we always tell people to read the scriptures and pray and go to church and that it will bless their life and sometimes after we leave I'm like I hope it really works, haha like I'm selling something like a book and I just hope they like it, but no really if they do those things it really will bless their life like we don't even need to worry God will take over, its just amazing kk?!!

Sister Tuck and I were talking because one day this week we were kinda down and we thought, you know we are here sharing this amazing message of happiness, joy and peace so we probably should be the happiest people alive and better act like it so then the rest of our day was great!!

I'm so sad that a few missionaries in our district will be leaving because transfers are on Wednesday!! I know this is my first district but I'm pretty sure it's the very best one sooo yeah :(

I loved our follow up training meeting on Thursday with the president, it's just the best anytime we get to see him!!!!!  I learned soooooooo much and just like every time we have some sort of zone training or district meeting it just gets me so excited to keep learning and keep improving and becoming better!!  We had to drive all the way to Hurst though so the Nielsons took some of us and it took about two and half to three hours since we are the farthest away haha.

We have been learning and teaching a lot about Family History work and temples lately, we want all the recent converts in the branch and the ward to go to the temple trip this month and the more I read about it, the more I wish I could do it!! When we take those names to the temple we are letting the prisoners go free like it says in doctrine and covenants, it is so important! And it feels that much more sacred and important when we do it for our own family, so you guys are like so amazing for doing that!! Did you hear about how they are going to link familysearch with or something like that? That's super cool!!

Funny story, Sister T oh my hahah she was reading off names in the ward directory and she says sister Martinez, but says it like martin-ez. and for Deborah she says da-borah ahhahah i'm like okkkkk and she said usually they spell it like debrah not Deborah so that's why I said it like that lolzzzz

Well I love y'all to death!!!!!

Sista Wells

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