Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Having a Positive Attitude is Seriously So Powerful!!!


I love sister Sua'ava! We are working so hard but having so much fun!!! She had to go to the doc because she has acute bronchitis but she is doing better!! We saw C he is doing great with reading the BoM but not the wow he just doesn't understand it still ah its so hard but I think what he really needs to know is if Joseph Smith was a prophet so we are talking about prophets tonight! The Nevils are a part member family that we had dinner with last week and the wife said that she would like to take the lessons! Yay we are so excited!! We also saw P our new investigator and he is amazzzing!! we call him P with a Y. He came to church yesterday!! Has read the first 8 chapters of the BoM but he is seriously studying them!! He basically told us everything he had read and it took 30min on the phone because he went all in detail so good. He loved the church, he said he needed to go home and pray and ponder about it! He is just thirsting for knowledge wow so amazing!! We will see him on Wednesday again so excited!! K seems to have lost her fire, her date is not the 21st anymore, she said she wants to be baptized but she doesn't know when and we found out her and charlie aren't married.... so another thing to work through, they didn't come to church yesterday, I don't know what to do to get that fire in her again. I know that if she read the BoM she would feel that, but she doesn't its so hard but I love the family so much and they all came even charlie her husband to the trunk or treat on Saturday!! We had tons of people there it was amazing! We need to have more activities in this ward hopefully as we are making a ward mission plan, we will be able to plan that because we had a great turn out but this ward hardly ever has activities.

At Weatherford Lake

I didn't really realize until this week that the last couple months I wasn't as happy as normal, I mean I was happy and I was loving my mission, but this week I was just so happy, I felt like my normal self again, I was laughing and just not so stressed like I was before, and that is one goal I made for this transfer, was to not stress and worry about things that I can't control, but to just work my hardest and enjoy doing it, and I really do enjoy it! I look forward to everyday, for our appointments, for our service opportunities and for tracting!! All of it!! Having a positive attitude is seriously so powerful!! I'm thankful for Sis Sua for being so fun and calm all the time because she is helping me:) Oh and I'm in 3 Nephi now and my studies have been amazing lately there is so much goodness in the scriptures!!!!! Right now when I have thoughts that aren't kind about others or distracting I try to quote "let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly: then shall they confidence wax strong in the presence of God" it helps keep me focused and on track:)

 Story: at Sis H house(less active) she asks me randomly during the lesson. what is your first name? I said Sister. she said no tell it to me, I was intimidated so I told her and she just says "that's a man's name" like no hesitation no flinch, just blurts that out. ok hahahhaahah I died laughing!!! Her dog is the one in the vids i sent. ok then I left my Ipad at her house so we called her but we were at our apartment already and she said she was going to be gone the next day so she would put it into a plastic bag and stick it in the ice box outside so we could get it........(she's a lil old) hahah thank goodness she didn't do that!!!

Then remember the guy that asked if I was related to Britney Spears?? This time he asked if I was a Jessica Simpson look alike. Goodness!  Then he was naming all these movie stars he thought I looked like it was so weird then he said my beauty is overwhelming..... i just love Texas it's crazy hahahah ok bye love y'all
Sister Wells

Phyllip took us for a ride in this! :)

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