Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, October 12, 2015

I Think My Chest Was Going to Burst

Good morning!!!

WOW!! Yesterday's fireside was AMAZING!!! I think my chest was about to burst because of the spirit that was so strong at the fireside and because my heart was going to burst too because I just love everyone so so much! Hearing Bill and Sophie was so touching. I was just cryin like a baby last night, I love them and I love that they love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bill told me he was going to write a book called The Unlikely Mormon, and that what he shared yesterday was just the first chapter. And then to hear another of my favorite people Bro Pratt share his testimony was so powerful, the Pratts and the Johnsons have changed Sister Benson's and my life forever. They are such great examples to me. Then the musical number was unreal too! It really felt that it was a praise and prayer to God, oh how I love music! And then Pres Ames' talk was amazing too! 
What a great day!  J and Brother Westbrook

 J's baptism was great!! It was such a wonderful wonderful day:) He invited all his family and I know they felt the spirit, his face was glowing and he said he felt the spirit so strongly all weekend and it was the best weekend:) While him and Bro Westbrook were changing Sis Carbno shared the restoration, it was beautiful, and we were able to share a BoM with his cousin afterwards!! And then shortly after was Tori's baptism, she is attending the YSA but we found and taught her the first few lessons and she is so special to my heart, she asked me to give the talk on baptism, it was such a great day!! And Carrol our investigator came to the baptism, he said that he's never witnessed one before he came to church yesterday too! Can't wait to ask him about everything tonight at our lesson, he is getting so close:) 

 This week was good! Sister Simbeck and I worked hard together while our comps were doing all their going home stuff and I'm excited for her to train she will be great I love her! I am soooooo excited to have sister Sua'ava as my companion wow my 3rd Polynesian it's like Heavenly Father knows that I love them so much:) I can't wait to get to work with her here and to work my very hardest this next transfer!! 

Hurrah for Israel!!! 

Sista Wells

Pillow that Sister Pratt made for me :)

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