Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Goodbye Sister Carbno--Hello Sister Sua'Ava!

Good morning!!

This week was pretty good and crazy!! We were able to see  C and he has a date for November now!! He comes to church and he is cutting back on his wow problems but we pray he will be ready by that date!! J was interviewed by bishop for the priesthood and his temple recommend so yay!!! Also K came to church and we were able to have dinner with her at our ward mission leaders house on Tuesday before Sister Carbno left!! We also found 2 new investigators this week!! C and P! It was so amazing, we found them both by tracting but they seem genuinely interested, P was very interested in the Articles of Faith!! Sweet man. We also found a new part member family and we will be seeing them tonight for dinner! So excited to ask them to take the lessons!! 
Bye Bye Sister Carby
So Sister Simbeck was sick on transfer day but she is training so she was supposed to go get her newbie so I stayed with her a few hours in Stephenville and then Sister Sua'ava came with her comp Sis Harbour and switched and I took sister Harbour to my area, she is so cute and seriously her and Sister Simbeck are like the same!! They have fun personalities and like to work hard, I can tell that sister Harbour really did prepare for her mission and she is going to just be great!! I hope it was a good first day for her, we talked to lots of people and had a couple lessons:)

Poor Sister Simbeck -- she was really sick
Yesterday was kinda crazy because first I was asked to get up during sacrament meeting to share the mission goal of reading the BofM for 20 minutes everyday and then to invite each family to share 1 copy of the BofM before Christmas, that is our wards goal! Then we had to teach Sunday school because our teacher got sick the day before, and then we taught the lesson for the youth fireside last night about 21 tips, it was great and I know Heavenly Father really helped us, because we definitely didn't have too much time to prepare! So it was a fun busy day:) Sister Sua is awesome she is nice and likes to work hard and is just chill, and I love that I'm so glad to be with her for this transfer. I know it's going to be great because just these last few days were great being able to go go go and to laugh and have fun too:) 

This week as I read "Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord" it made me think about how I can improve so I can be more clean, we can clean our minds, our thoughts, our words, our deeds, our actions and so many things and I am working to be better so that I can more fully have the Holy Ghost to direct me. I'm grateful for the guidance that I do receive already, I'm grateful for a correct knowledge of the Godhead and of the gospel! There truly is no greater or joyful message than the one we share!!!

I'm also loving rereading the conference talks and I'm almost finished with the doctrine and covenants and the BofM again yay I looooove the scriptures!!!!
Last Zone P-day :(
Ok so last Sunday was fast Sunday and G who is an excommunicated member who is going to get rebaptized soon got up to share his testimony Sunday and I wish you just knew him but while he's walking up the aisles he's like shaking everybody's hand just random kids and teenage boys he doesn't even know hahah then shakes all of the bishoprics hands before he shares his testimony hahah and he is a Texas talker so it was a lil long but when he actually was bearing his testimony it was so sweet and powerful, a testimony always brings the spirit:) Then we saw him at the waffle house on Tuesday before Sis Carbno was to leave so we get there and he was late so this other old guy wayne starts talking to us about all these visions and angels he's seen and saying how the breastplate of Jacob? that has 10 tribes of Israel is in Texas and Texas is the New Jerusalem and all this oh man it was so interesting, Texas pride. haha anywho we start sharing with him what we believe and stuff and were able to place a BofM so yay!! Then G shows up and so we sit down with him and we have a member with us too and start talking to him and tell him we gave wayne a BofM so he yells to wayne come join us so now we have 5 of us sitting at a lil waffle house booth hahah and they both are Texas talkers so you can imagine the trouble we were having to talk. ha So finally we squeeze our way in and I start to read a sentence from a talk from conference out loud and it's saying something about not procrastinating and Martina one of the workers says "and that is hard not to do, I'm a procrastinator" so you understand that is all she said because she walked by right when I was reading that and G just says do you want a BofM? She was kinda caught off guard and says um sure so he tells Sister Carbno to give her so she gets one out of her bag but then glen just keeps going on and on about the BofM and how Joseph Smith used the urim and thummim to translate and he was trying to show her how Joseph would of done it by using a salt shaker.... too far.... hahah Finally we were able to share the BofM and she actually seemed really interested!!! I couldn't keep from laughing like the whole time ha I love G he is a great missionary he really just wants to share it with everyone because he loves it and I love that, he just goes a little crazy when doing so:) hah and my other story for the week is about Sis Sua, 
Hello Sister Sua'Ava!
So she is so scared of animals she told me that she is trying to like dogs but she thinks cats are just eww. Every house we go to she asks the people if they have pets and asks if they'll just put them in another room haha but we were knocking doors and there's always dogs in peoples yards so she walks really slowly never taking her eyes off them and when they get close to her she says "excuse me sir" or "can I help you?" it is so so funny!!
kk love y'all!!!
Sister Wells

They call me the horse whisperer :)  I love them -- Wish I could ride them!

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