Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 6, 2015

This Week Was Awesome!


This week was awesome!! We had a wonderful zone conference, I always love love those meetings, the spirit is very strong and I learn so much, and see what things I need to change and repent of, it always makes me a better missionary and I am thankful for all the preparation and prayer that others who participate put into it all!
Including myself as I was the piano player, I literally practiced everyday at the pratts house because they chose hard songs, Because I have been Given Much has 4 flats!!! ahhh it went okkkk...hahaha One thing that I have thought about a lot since the meeting is being accountable to everyone I see.
Zone Conference

I would say before I was pretty good at talking to everybody, as long as they weren't getting into their car, or awkward situations hahah or while I was running in the mornings. But president made a comment about the ap's never going a day without sharing a pass along card on their runs inspired me!! So Sister Bonny 
Sister Bonny
and I were on xc and Tuesday morning we get up to go for a run and I put tons of pass along cards in my pockets and put my name tag on and said that we weren't going to come in until we had shared at least one! So we start running and we see this old guy with 2 huge dogs and he has long white hair in a ponytail at the end of the road, probably seemed so creepy with us just running towards him hahah then stopping, but we did and just started talking, he actually lived in utah for 9 years! We talked for like 15 minutes we taught a lesson and shared another pass along card to a lady that was running by. He wasn't super interested but it was still awesome!! We ended up sharing 6 pass along cards that morning and didn't get in until 715:) so worth it! And then Thursday sis benson and I shared 4! I know it won't be like that everyday, but now it is always on my mind. So cool!!

The next awesome thing was that we saw Wes
With Wes
and we are tentatively 
preparing to go to the temple on the 21st with him to do baptisms and confirmations, we are hoping to bring nate as well and hopefully janet! Even the Johnsons if they want!!:) Soooooo exciting and yesterday we were able to sit in when he received the priesthood and was ordained a priest! Wow! Very neat experience!!!

Also while on exchange we were able to see the Bevins a part member family and finally able to have almost all of them there, Dani who is not a member went to girls camp and came to church last week and to our ward activity on the 4th! And she totally likes us now so hopefully she will join us now when we come over! I feel way good about whats going to happen in this family, the ward has taken such good care of them and making them feel welcome, the mom who is a member has been less active for years but she has come to church a few times as well!!

So the week gets better!!  Bill and Sophie invited us over for dinner and 2 of their sons were there too! That was great! Just one of them sat in for the lesson though, but he was very sweet and asked some questions. It was so neat, Bill was telling him how kids raised in the church have it so much easier but that he needed to search and find the truth for himself since he wasn't raised in it, he keeps trying to get them to read the bom. I think that they will. But anywho after the lesson bill asks if he can give the closing prayer, we said of course, and he said, it might be long is that ok? We said of course we love prayers:)  In the prayer he says how grateful he is for the church and for the sisters and then says and we hope that the sisters can pin down a date for us to get baptized 

soon, in July, because we are ready.... and so on, and of course me being the cry baby started crying during the prayer. We said amen and then we set a date for the 18th! I LOVE them so much its not even real! It was so cute, when we were leaving we were telling their son Jason that he had the best parents ever, he said I know and Sophie said, we are going to be even better parents now!! If I think about them too much and about them going to the temple and the blessings that their family will receive now and forever I want to cry more because I feel so much joy and I feel the spirit so strong! The gospel is real and it is true and families can be together forever!!! I'm so blessed to be a part of their marvelous journey! So grateful!Then Friday we saw Jolene and all the kiddos and Mark said that he really wanted to be baptized, he is the 9 year old and wanted to get baptized this week haha but we set a date for August 1! Super excited for him too! And they came to church yesterday as well!! I love that family, mark was talking to a guy in our ward and introduced me to him as his best friend:) Melt my heart! And even though sometimes I feel like he is never listening in our lessons, he surprises us with his answers!

The 4th of July was good! We contacted lots of people at the park and some elders walked around in the Book of Mormon and Bible,
I'll send you pics, and then were able to do service by handing out the programs at the park where all the festivities were! I really want to shout Hurrah for Israel!!!

Love y'all!!!
Sister Wells

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