Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 29, 2015

That Excited to Share This Glad Glad Message!!!


Good to hear from y'all!! This week was a good one here in flo mo!! It
has been quite humid and hot! Its great!!

We once again had a lot of work to do inputing information to our
ipads, so lots of our free time was used finishing that up! The
keyboard is MARVELOUS! Thank you sooooo much!! I'm seriously 10x faster!! It was such a big help! So I can't remember if I told you
that the pratts had their big family reunion 2 weeks ago and then
everyone stayed all last week, so we got booted out of the house haha just kidding, but we did stay in the mersereaus home, they are the couple who formerly investigated the church and are way good friends with the pratts, anywho they were going to be out of town so we were kind of their house sitters ahah and we had to take care of their cat Mr. Kitty, what a great name, am I right?! haha their house is so beautiful though and so clean it was nice to be there! We were able to meet all the pratts kids and grandkids though on Monday, they had us over for dinner!! they are a wonderful family! Also the pratts got their mission call to the Mexico City, Mexico area they leave in
october! I will miss them in our mission!! But so excited for them!!

This week we were able to see Jolene and the kiddos a couple times
which was great!! They are a rowdy bunch, but they are soooo cute!
I'll send you pictures of them. Its cool, because sometimes we are
like maybe they have no idea what we are talking about, but then we
ask a question and they answer way good! Mark who is 9 wants to be
baptized, and Jolene asked her dad if he would come down from idaho to
baptize him and he said yes!! Soooo neat!! She is excited to get back
into church again, we gave them a reading and praying chart with
stickers to make sure that they do it everyday, that made them really
excited and even jolene excited so hopefully it will work and they
will do it everyday!! They came to church yesterday too! The members
have been so welcoming and the kids and jolene feel so comfortable
which is so great!!!

Also the J's came to church yesterday! They are rockstars, bill
finished the doctrine covenants and sophie is in section 46, they put
me to shame!!haha We haven't really been able to meet with them since
they have been sooooo busy:( but we are having dinner with them on
thursday yay!!!! Finally!! They are deciding whether to be baptized in
july before bills mom gets in town to stay for a month, or to wait
until she is here and there other son as well in august... its good
reason to wait, but we are dying!!!! Thanks for praying for them, i
just feel like they are already members, they always talk to us about
how they are sharing the bom with others and how they want to share
and invite others to learn. That's how we should all be!! That excited
to share this glad glad message!!!!!!

We were also able to go to cca this week and help do service with our
zone, it was really fun and there were more volunteers this time that
we were able to talk to a lot and share our beliefs, it was great!

Oh and I finished the bom this week, and it just never gets old I love
it so much! I know that it is the word of God! Everyday this month
before i read I write a question and then as I studied looked for an
answer, whether it came from the words on the paper, or just the
thoughts in my mind, I always received an answer if I was really
looking for it. I noticed on a couple days I was thinking hmmm I
haven't found my answer and I thought back and realized I was kind of
just glazing over the pages, it was a lesson to me that we truly have
to study and ponder and feast upon the words of Christ not just read

And another cool story so Mr. Kitty is VERRRRRY special to the
mersereaus, seriously they treat him like royalty so the whole week we
tried to do everything right because if they came back and something
was wrong it would be awful haha. So every night when we would come
in, he always wanted to go outside, like right when we would open the
door he would run out, ugh so we would stand and sit and wait until he
would want to come back in (he's mean, he bites if you try and touch

him) so one night, we really didn't have time to wait around so we said oh he'll come when he's ready, so we go upstairs and get all ready for bed and brush our teeth, then come back down, and look outside
can't find him anywhere!!!!! We looked for awhile and then I was sooooo worried, so we decided to say a prayer, we knelt down inside just in front of the door with the door open and right when we finished, we look up, and there he was!!!! So then we said another
prayer of thanks! I feel like its one of those stories when you're 10 and you lose something then find it, haha it was awesome! I know that Heavenly Father answers our prayers, whether they be big or small!!

I love y'all!!! Hurrah for Israel!!!

Sister Wells

ohhhhh and i couldn't forget to mention, we did family history with
wes and he found 2 names that he can take to the
temple!!!!! He is going to have his temple recommend interview this
week and we will get to go with him soon to the temple!!!! SOOOOOO

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