Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 13, 2015

This Week Has Felt Super Long But Super Good!

Howdy howdy!!

This week has felt super long, but it has been super good!! Tuesdays zone council was great, I learned lots and Sister Benson and i have been role playing doing 5min lessons with the digital pamphlets! We are starting to get better I think:) 

We were able to see J and M and the other kiddos a few times this week. They came to church it was the 4th time for all of them. Its so awesome to see them! We love planning and preparing for their lessons, because J is kinda like an investigator too, she hasn't been to church for 30 years and the kids don't know much at all.
M still has a date for August 1 but we may need to change that, especially as their living conditions are not well and they may need to move within the next few weeks, they are having a really hard time with money and housing and all sorts of things, its sad to see, the ward has been really helpful but they can only do so much. We will continue to pray for them and to come see them, they really enjoy us coming and coming to church, I know that is because the spirit is there and they feel safe and peaceful. I hope we can help them recognize that. We brought them to mission president's fireside last night and they brought their toy dinosaurs and while we were driving all of a sudden M is like ahhhhh I need to go to the bathroom and starts bouncing up and down for the next 10 minutes we get there and he runs into the bathroom so I was holding his dinosaur Rexy (remember Rexy from our cruise? haha)
anywho so we walk in late during the opening song and all the missionaries and investigators are there and I was just carrying a dinosaur haha I'm such a weirdo! But it was good we wrote down a few words like baptism, God, Jesus Christ , The Book of Mormon and they would tally and count how many times it was said. It was a good game to keep them paying attention they are so cute. During Pres. Ames talk he said something about the BofM and how we have to read and pray about it to know that it is true, I turned to mark and said "how can we know the BoM is true?" he told me, "you have to ask God" so I said, "Have you asked God if it is true?" he said, "no... one sec (folds his arms says a 5 second prayer, then looks up at me and nods his head yes)" is it true I asked and he said yes hahahah so funny:) But jolene said she is going to make them read with her everyday before bed yayyy!! And now they know all the words to I am a Child of God we sing that each time we go over there:) so sweet!!

Bill and Sophie are doing great! They had their interviews yesterday and they are ready to go for the 18th! We had a lesson with them this week with our bishop and we talked all about the temple, they have lots of questions, but they want to go!!! They have been so prepared for the gospel, even the first time we met them, but now they feel ready themselves and nothing is going to stop them:) So excited for this weekend especially because their sons will be coming to the baptism as well!!

So we had a miracle this week on Wednesday we went to see a part member less active family and dani who is 14 who went to girls camp asked us what she needs to do to get baptized!!! She came to church again yesterday and we are doing service for them tomorrow, and then having a lesson!! Hopefully we will set a date for the end of August, she's had the lessons before but just said she wasn't ready and her mom was all weird about it, but it seems real this time, and her mom is in on it too!! She wants her brother to baptize her and thats cool because he just recieved the priesthood a couple months ago! Their family is going to see some miracles this year, I know they already have!!

We are still planning on taking our recent converts to the temple next week and we are suppppperrrr excited!!! So many great things happening in this area! And Sister Benson is doing really great! Well she got bit by a dog Saturday, 
no worries all is good and she's fine, poor thing. We were just going to knock on some doors, and the first one we come to, we knock, the screen door was closed by the real door was open and the dog barks and comes bolting out swinging open the screen door and bites her!!! ahhh I wish it wouldve been me instead, she said that is her worst fear!!! We ran and shut the gate and the owner came out and was so out of it and says didn't you see the sign?.... wish I had a pic of the sign... you can't see anything it was all worn off.. then he tells us we should push up against doors after we knock on them so that doesn't happen... ok never heard that one before, but good to know! We had to file a bite report and everything I guess you have to do that here in tx, so a police officer came to our house, he was so nice and we talked to him and got to share the bom with him before he left!! Booya!!
Poor girl with her bite :(
We just need to make sure that the dog has had its shots so she doesn't have to get rabies shots! Its probably fine, hopefully. Then we took her to urgent care to get her all cleaned up and get some antibiotics! Oh and we had dinner with this new fam in the ward and they are a total swim family and their son is being recruited to swim at byu! He asked me all about it and was on the phone with dee just the night before! It was crazy!! But weirdly it inspired me to have even better workouts in the mornings haha!

Oh also we got caught in a rainstorm on our bikes on Tuesday, looked like we jumped in a pool, its cool!:) and yesterday we were at the church from 7:30-4:30 yikes!!! haha then we had dinner then went to another church for the fireside!! Crazy! But so great I love all church stuff!!
Oh and another cool story, we were knocking on some doors and this girl answered we started talking to her and we ask if we could share a short video, the Because of Him vid, so awesome! But she said she wasn't comfortable with that, so we just keep talking, she said shes agnostic and anywho before we leave we ask if we can say a prayer with her and she said sure we prayed and when we finished she was crying and said she's prayed before but she has never felt the way she was feeling we testified that that as the spirit and then she said she would like us to come back! Amazing huh?!! Hopefully we will see her this week!!!
And a cool scripture i like this week Doctrine and Covenants 128:15  And now, my dearly beloved brethren and sisters, let me assure you that these are principles in relation to the dead and the living that cannot be lightly passed over, as pertaining to our salvation. For their salvation is necessary and essential to our salvation, as Paul says concerning the fathers--that they without us cannot be made perfect--neither can we without our dead be made perfect.
That is really cool how it says they without us can't be made perfect and we without them can be made perfect!! :)

Love y'all lots!!!

Sister Wells

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