Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, July 20, 2015

There Is No Greater Feeling

Good morning fam!!

This week was crazy and so wonderful!!! I guess maybe because I am
going to miss flower mound sooooooo much!! I can't remember if I told
you at the first of this transfer so I was praying a ton the first few days,
then we went to the temple with sister benson and I realized that
there really was a reason for me to be with her for 3 transfers and I
set some goals for the transfer to make it the best of my mission so
far! And it totally was!! This transfer was amaaaaazing!! And I love
sister benson with all my heart! Whenever someone gets baptized, or
comes to the church or reads the bom that we are teaching I get super
excited and there is no greater feeling you know what I'm talking
about?? Well that is how I feel with sister benson, I know i didn't do
anything, but for me to be a part of this journey she is on and to see
her from march until now I get that feeling!! Nothing can make me feel
happier! She is staying in Flower Mound and she is training a brand
new missionary!!! I'm soo excited for her to train she will be a
But on another note, we were able to do a lot of service this week for
some less active members and part member families! And for bill and sophie too which was so wonderful!! Its really hot haha but we love it!! Bill and sophie got baptized and wow it was so so so special, I
don't know but their story is just extra special to me, the spirit was so strong the whole weekend, they were prepared, their sons came as well which was really neat and they said that they could see that the
baptism was for purpose, it wasn't just getting dunked in the water. I will miss them so much, but I know I will be in contact with them forever!! They said they never had daughters but now they know what it
is like to love a daughter. They are so excited to share the gospel with their family and with others its amazing. I gave them the picture of the temple mom and they looooved it! Thank you! They said they will
put it up and remember always that that is their goal. This is real conversion!!

We are very excited to go to the temple with wes and janet and nate
tomorrow as well!! Literally the perfect week before i leave flo mo!
There really is no greater joy than this!!

Yesterday we talked about sacrifice in gospel principles, and as we
talked about it i thought about how maybe when I left on my mission i
thought i was sacrificing for these 18 months, that i was leaving
swimming, leaving family and friends and college. But boy was I wrong,
this is no sacrifice at all, it is the biggest blessing in the entire

So I am headed to to Hudson Oaks to a sister training leader again and
I'm so excited to go and work it to death with sister carbno! Its kind
of cool being a stl and then not being one and then having the
opportunity to be one again, I really can see how much better I can
be, at the meeting friday I just kept thinking whoa I was awful in
denton, well not awful but not that great, but I'm excited to change
and be better!!!

Thank you for everything! Love you!

Sister Wells

2115 Holly Oaks ln #266
Weatherford, TX 76087

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