Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 1, 2015

This Is Really What We Are Here To Help People Achieve

Heyyo!! I hope you are feeling better mom and not so sick!! Congrats on being done with school! That is crazy, went by so fast!!

This week was good! It rained a ton!!!! But now the forecast is just sun sun sun!! There has been lots of flooding but not in homes in flower mound so that's good! Thanks for the package with the cd and shirt loved it!!!

If you can see the tips of the little pavilion things we were under those like 3 weeks ago. That is the whole parking lot under water and now the tips are covered completely, crazy!!
So yesterday was so great!!! Everyone came to church Bill, Sophie, Wes and George!!!! It was crazy and awesome!! We are going to have a lesson with George tomorrow with the ysa elders to get him transitioned over there, hopefully that goes well!! He quit smoking! We had lunch with him on Saturday and asked how the word of wisdom was going and he's like yeah I quit, he made it seem like it was nothing! I said I am so impressed George you are so great you always act, we invite you to read the BoM and you do, we invite you to church and you come, we invite you to live the WofW and you do!!! He said, well duh why wouldn't I?? hahah he's so great!! So special:)
George and Janet.  Mosquitos are loving eating me right at that moment.
Also after church we were talking to Bill and he said for our lesson on Wednesday I want you to come prepared to tell us if we are going to become members of this church, all the things we need to do to be ready!! I said we could totally do that:) and then he said to help him understand the restoration more because he still has questions about it like why there needed to be one. I wanted to cry, well I guess I actually did haha when we got in the car, they are so so special I love them so much!! So amazing:) Every time I think about them I can just imagine them in the temple being sealed together and I will be there!!! That is really what we are here to help people achieve:) It makes everything worth it!!!:)

Oh I forgot to tell ya we had our ipad training meeting on Wednesday! It was so awesome to had the whole mission together!! Elder Nielson of the 70 was there too!! When we started singing the opening hymn the spirit of God, it was so powerful hearing everyone sing together! It was a great meeting!! So I learned that there are 2 reasons for us to get ipads, one is to spread and hasten the work of salvation to every person, and second is to strengthen us, to help us learn how to use technology properly, and smart so we can inoculate pornography is what Elder Nielson kept saying. That was very interesting but very good, he said when he was a boy at firesides and everything they talked about and warned about smoking and drinking, because it was a big thing. Now they don't really talk about that much because we know that is bad, it was inoculated(cool word huh?) but now we hear about pornography because it is a big thing and we want to get rid of that so the next generation will be far away from that kinda like the smoking and drinking. We are going to get them on Wednesday and start learning how to use them! I'm excited to use this tool to help us!!!
Lunch with Nater :)  Recent convert.
So exciting news for wes!! He is getting baptized Saturday night!!!!!!! We had a couple lessons with him this week and here are some of the highlights. So we had dinner and a lesson at Bishop Elmers and Wes asks Sis Elmer, "Stephanie do you know where your garbage is?" duh Wes it's her house... but it's the way he says it I just need you to hear him hahah!! And then we were talking about prophets and he kept calling President Monson Dr. Moonson hahahahh I was dying!! Then after our lesson on Saturday we went to the other church building in Flo Mo for his baptism interview and we get into the parking lot and we look over and he's smiling so weirdly to himself in his car so when we get out we ask him why he's smiling and he said nothing so we kept prying and he says, "I kissed a girl in this parking lot before." when he was in high school... silly -  but we love him! We were cracking up!! Oh and the elders are teaching this guy Dan and he's pretty crazy I want to meet him so bad because he sounds hilarious whenever we hear about him but they were talking about the WofW again because he smokes and dan says "The whole hot drinks, hot water thing makes sense, why would you heat up something you get baptized in??!" bless his heart he is confused! Don't know why he thinks hot water goes into the category of coffee and tea, and when he gets baptized he'll be surprised when they water is warm haha:)

I was so sad to hear about Elder Perry, he was so amazing one of my favorites!! We actually were talking about him a lot this week. Elder Nielson shared this cool story about a time when he and Elder Perry were going on some assignment together and he had made the schedule plans and brought it into Elder Perry and the schedule had meetings and then a rest period, and then some more meetings and then a rest period and when he showed Elder Perry he pounded the desk with his fist and said "I do not rest!" That is a pretty awesome 92 year old and a great example of a hard worker:)
Love my Sister Tuna
Ok so one last thought, yesterday we talked about repentance in gospel principles and we read a quote and it said how repentance is a privilege. I know that, but to read that was really neat and made me think how grateful I am to repent and that it really is a privilege. Everyday we can feel lifted and lighter through repenting because of the atonement. What a blessing!!

Well I hope yall have the best week ever!!!! love ya!

Sista Wells 

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