Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, June 15, 2015

This Week Has Been Such a Miracle and a Blessing!


Well it sure sounds like yall have been partying it up, sounds fun!
Love getting all the pictures!:) thank you for sending the small pkg
with those pictures too I loooooove it so so much:):):)
My owie bug bite

So I was thinking about how every person has highs and lows in our
lives like it is going to happen, but the important thing is to make
the highs higher and the lows not so low so that one day our low was
our high at one point, does that make sense? I was thinking about that
on my mission and my life and I feel like I have grown so much and
that is what's happening it's awesome! And I can see that in those we teach
as well! I know that comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ! It
changes you!

Anywho this week was actually quite eventful, on Tuesday sis b called
president to see if they could meet and talk.  They talked and he invited us to
come to the meeting for the new missionaries in the morning and to
attend the temple with the missionaries who are going home. It was
great, we drove with the Pratts and the meeting was really good! Sister
Tuna is training a new missionary! Yay I have another granddaughter:)
and Sis Vahai is going to be in the Tongan ward soooo fun!! Then we
went in Ames car to the temple. We were able to do sealings, we were
children and Pres and Sis Ames were the parents, then we did
initiatories and then we all did a session together, it basically took
up our whole day, but it was definitely worth it, I know that she was
able to feel Gods love :) The temple is so amazing!

On Thursday we had zone council which was good we are learning more
about how to use our iPads we have a lot of work to do haha but it's
all good! I love our zone already, Elder Lee and Larson who were in
Copperas Cove with me are here and they are still funny as ever I love
it! After our meeting we had lunch with Sis Pratt and Sophie and it
was way yum but  Sophie told us that her biggest regret is that she
didn't raise her children in the Mormon religion. I think that's the
only thing that makes Sophie so cautious just because of her family
and all but she finished the BofM and is now reading the pearl of great
price, Bill is in the doctrine and covenants they are superstars! They
came to church and they also came to the mission presidents fireside
and it was perfect. They are ready we just need to set a date now:)

Next good news, our zone helped at the Flower Mound 5k. We were course
directors and it was super fun cheering for all the people! It is
getting super hot now but it's all good, we have been biking a lot and
knocking a lot of doors lately and so we are sweatttty but still love

Helping at the 5K
So probably the beginning of May we were talking to this guy at the
trailer park and mark this 9 year old just comes and listens and he
joins us for a prayer. A week later we are there and he asks us for a
Book of Mormon and tells us he wants us to meet his mom but we went
and she wasn't home, then basically every time we went down there we
would see him and he would say come meet my mom and said he wants to
come to church with us, finally this week we were able to meet his mom
and she's actually a member!! She hasn't been since she was 16 which
is about 30 years ago, she had some really rough life experiences and
she just never felt comfortable going, we set up a time to see them
all and went with Sis Waite on Saturday, totally forgot to bring our
bug spray and were eaten by Mosquitos, buttttt it was really good and
they came to church yesterday! And they really liked it. Mark said
that he was a Mormon and that he was going to come to church every
week now and that he wants to be baptized. He doesn't really know
anything about the church but I know it is because he feels the spirit
when we have seen him and  read the scriptures with him and that he
felt it at church! Jolene is the mom and her parents are suuuuper
active and work at the temple every week in Idaho, they send her
scriptures and ensigns and I know that they have been praying for her
for such a long time and Jolene said that when she told them she was
going to church that they were so excited!!! It is just a miracle, the
whole thing they are so so sweet I love them and can't wait to
continue to teach them about the atonement of Jesus Christ. The ward
was soooo friendly to them and already invited them to scouts and all
sorts of things I'm so excited to see them tomorrow:)

Ohhhh and I had to teach gospel principles yesterday, so doesn't sound
bad right, but it's like we have to prepare multiple lessons each day
so I don't have time to study a ton for this one especially when they
tell me just a couple days before and then we had tons of meetings
before church so didn't have a lot of time then either. So you think
it's ok you're a missionary it's fine you do this all the time, true,
but we had the biggest class we have ever had which is great but
you've got the Johnsons and all the recent converts and the Pratts who
are like general authorities and the bishop joined too..... And just
sister wells over here teaching the lesson.... I haven't felt nervous
to teach a lesson for awhile but I so was, it was about the gift of
the Holy Ghost so I just prayed that I'd have the Holy Ghost with me
hahaha, everyone commented a ton and I just asked questions and read
scriptures so it turned out super good haha.

As I've tried to look back on each day and see what little miracles I
have seen I notice that there are so many! This week has been such a
miracle and a blessing! I love this work!:)

And I love yall soooooo much!!!!

Sista Wells

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