Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Best Service on My Mission!

Good morning fam!!!

I'm starting to get memory loss I think, it's so hard for me to
remember everything throughout the week!! But it was a good week, we
got a lot of rain again, it will pour, then it will get really hot and
really humid, so fun!!haha

We were able to see wes a few times this week to continue working on
the new member lessons with him, and he is doing so great, it is
amazing to see how having the gift of the holy ghost is really helping
him. Even more things are starting to click and make more sense to him
which is awesome:) He still has questions about doing baptisms for the
dead but is slowly coming around, we want to go hopefully next month
with him to the temple for the first time and for him to take some
family names, that would be super awesome!!

We were also able to see Jolene and the kids this week, it was CRAZY
the kids are nuts! Parents I need your help to know how to get them to
listen haha!! They really like it when we show them videos and
pictures on our ipads though so its awesome that we have them!!

Also after district meeting on Wednesday, sophie took us out to lunch
again, she is so sweet. She was asking us questions about just little
things to make sure she was doing everything right. We told her that
bill had told us he was ready to be baptized but wanted to be sure
that they both could together and she said that they would maybe talk
about a day. So then yesterday after church we met with them and the
Birds who are converts to the church came too, it was perfect because
some of sophie's concerns are about how her relationships with her
family will be affected, and the birds said just what she needed to
hear. Bill is now on section 88 of the doctrine and covenants and was
hoping to be finished by last night..... so crazy!! And sophie is on
section 20. He said again that he wants to be baptized by someone
holding the priesthood authority and receive the holy ghost, he said
he was afraid that sophie wasn't going to have the same experience
that he had from reading the Book of Mormon and scriptures, because his was so
overwhelming and he cried for like 2 days straight because he felt the
spirit so strong, but it was good because sophie said, I feel the
spirit too, we just feel it differently, so that was good!! They told
us they don't want to be pressured to set a date which is
understandable but like they are sooooooo ready it's just killing
everyone else haha!! They said they want us to stay in Flo Mo longer
so maybe if they say August then President Ames will leave us both
here, we said NOOOOOOOO one of us will be leaving in July so you have
to get baptized before then, and they said ok!! So hopefully they
choose a day!! They are my favorite people in the whole wide world!!!
They are always looking for opportunities to share the BoM with others
too, did I tell you how bill was trying to get one of his neighbors to
read it?? Patty our neighbor was outside talking to him and said would
you like a glass of wine? and he said no thanks, have you ever read
the BoM? And she said i've read part of it, and he said I'll tell you
what, if you read the whole BoM I will buy you a whole bottle of wine,
but you won't want to drink it after probably! haha so awesome!!!
thanks for praying for them, I know our whole ward is and the
missionaries and even President and Sister Ames are too, and it is so
so powerful:)

Basically any free time that we had this week we had to put
information from our area books into our ipads.... it took
sooooooooooooo long!! Everything from the last two years had to be put
in by friday, our zone leaders then had to check every single ipad and
area book before we can move on to put everything now before 2 years
ago and then after we do that, we can hopefully start using facebook
as another tool to share the gospel!! Its so crazy!! So that friday we
were basically at the church all day doing that with our zone but we
are finished and now and have to do more this week! ahh but I know it
will be so amazing when it is all done! On thursday we went on
exchanges and it was sooo fun I love Sister Taele we came to the field together and we have never served near each other and I am sooo glad we are now, we had lots of fun and she is a great missionary, her testimony is so powerful and she shares it often and really has the spirit, I learned a lot from her!! 

Friday morning while we were on xc the elders called us to see if we could help do some service and it was the best service on my mission!! I felt like I was totally a country girl, we were throwing the hay off the trailer and loading it into the barn there was tons!! And then we got to wash the horses and braid their hair!! It was a dream come true, it was one of the members in the 2nd ward friend that asked if we could come, none of the people there were members, they were so sweet and asked if we could help them do more in the future, we were like YES!! Please! So that was a neat opportunity and we were able to share with them more things about the
gospel and the church in general which was awesome!!:)

Church was really good yesterday, they talked about fathers of course
and it was really good!! I have the best dad ever!!!!!!!! For real!!!
Thank you!! I'm glad you got the pics, the members are so sweet to
think of that! And we also talked about keeping the sabbath day holy,
before my mission I thought of the sabbath day more as of do's and
don'ts and just go to church, but now I realize that it's more than
that, and that what we do really is showing a sign to our Heavenly
Father, it's been really cool because as wes and the johnsons have
started to keep the sabbath day holy, I have really seen a change:)

Ok this was a cool scripture for the week Doctrine and covenants 138:
56 Even before they were born, they, with many others, received their
first lessons in the world of spirits and were prepared to come forth
in the due time of the Lord to labor in his vineyard for the salvation
of the souls of men.

I thought that was so cool, we were prepared and taught before we came
here so that we could help mankind find salvation!!!:)

Love y'all!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells

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