Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Crazy and Busy and a Few Funny Stories :)

Good afternoon!!

It has still been super rainy, I need to take some pictures for y'all, the lake by our house is soooo high the whole park which had pavilions and tables are now underwater.... so crazy!!! It's pretty humid but not too hot!!

So Wes is doing great!! Wow it is so amazing to see how he has changed! We had a couple lessons with him last week and at one he basically explained the restoration to us and as we taught and talked about different things he said hmmm that might have been something that was lost in the apostasy that other church's don't understand, YES I said I was dying seriously the whole time Sister B was just laughing at me because I guess I just looked dumb because I was just too excited!! He just finished reading 1 Nephi that just shows to me once again that reading the Book of Mormon and praying sincerely can totally help us gain a testimony and strengthen our testimonies. He used to have so many random weird questions and concerns, but now he just is going with it and is excited for his baptism!! Weird/funny story, did I tell you about him asking about his baptism?? He was like so what will it be like? What will I wear? Do I just wear my swim trunks? The Parmas who we were having the lesson at said, no you will wear white but we have those clothes provided for you so no worries! He was all, ok good because I don't want to be surprised because once I went to this water park at Walt Disney world and I don't know if it was European day because everyone was wearing speedos... we were laughing so hard and told him he didn't need to worry about that at all!! He is too funny you just have to meet him and hear the way he talks he cracks me up daily!!!

We also saw George this week and ok wow so we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet the time before and when we saw him he had read the whole thing!! (they never do that!) And he said I haven't really heard that before but I really like it. I believe that it is true. Ok booya!! So we talk about it all, he loves it and we teach the word of wisdom and he says that he will live it, he believes in it, and then he says to us, I know when I want to be baptized! The first day of summer! So next month it is:) He went to the YSA ward on sunday which was good we think so even though we want to teach him we are trying to get him to the YSA if that is where he would like to go, whatever is best for him! But I will have to ask for permission to be at his baptism love him!!! He also came to a baptism on Saturday evening and really enjoyed it:)

The J's also came to the baptism on Saturday and really liked it!! Sophie would have gotten dressed and baptized too if she could I bet, she is so ready!! But Bill he just is very intellectual and all that, buttttt it was awesome because he thought it was interesting that the baptism was on one day and that receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost was the next day and that they were two ordinances, he thought when you were baptized that you just got the Holy Ghost. We told him to read in Acts 8 how Philip is in Samaria ministering and baptizes the people but then Peter and John come to give the Holy Ghost because they have the authority to do that. Anywho the Pratts drove with them to the baptism and so they talked the whole way home and he texted Bro Pratt after he read in Acts and said "once again the Mormon religion has shed some light on the proper baptism of water and spirit" I think he realizes that he hasn't had that now and so yay!! Before he just always thought his baptism was valid so that was really cool! Oh and 5 minutes before the baptism the elders asked if I would play the piano... so I did and I think it went ok so my hard work is starting to come to use!!!!

So once again I am just so excited at how much this area has changed it is so great we are busy!!! Tonight we are so busy and tomorrow we have a big meeting with the whole mission about the Ipads and then we will get them next week!! It's gonna be cray with everyone there but wanna know something cool? I'm a great great grandma!! Because Sis Tuna trained Sis Loomis and she trained Sis Savage and now Sis Savage is training Sis Nye so I am an old granny!!! So cool though my line rocks!!haha oh btw Sister Simbeck in my zone knows Bryton he served in her ward!! So I met her on transfer day and she said the moment she met me she knew I was his cousin because he told her to look for me and she said you both are the same, so happy and smiley!! You'll have to tell Bryton:) I love the root beer gang:) We have an awesome family:) Ok and another funny story so we had dinner at the M's home a member in the 1st ward and first off how can I explain this... so 2 weeks ago on Sunday this kid in our ward just comes up to me and is talking to me and is standing sooo close it was weird and asking me my first name and all these questions and I'm just laughing and I ask how old he is and he's 14 and he's acting like he's 18 so weird hahahah anyway we were at his house for dinner but he was trying to be all cool the whole time but Sis B and I are just dying because literally he is a baby and it was just funny but his little sister wouldn't eat her food and Sis M says, she is a picky eater, she only likes breads and sweets and the 7yr brother says "carbs" hahah like how does he know??!! Too funny of a family! I can't even handle seeing them especially the 14yr old he loves me! haha just kidding but really, I need your help Syd!! ha

Another cool story so we are going through our area books because we are going to have to put all the info into our Ipads and get rid of all our papers so we are organizing and we are going through some old progress records which are just used to take into ward council to show who we are working with and what help they need so not lots of info and we see this name Jackie and haven't seen it on any teaching records or anywhere but write it down to try and see her, go there, she invites us in, her grandma gives us food, she wants the BoM and wants to come to church on Sunday!!!!! She was like you've got me really interested now!! Soo cool!!:)

Sorry this is all jumbled and random, haha but anywho yesterday we had pday we get a call in the morning from the elders saying bring some board games from the Pratts house for pday at the church ugh I was like really that's what we are going to do, I need to be active!!! We brought them and then some people were playing bball like real bball so Sis B and I played hahha maybe the elders didn't like that Idk but it was soooooo fun!!! I think I did ok hahah but I'm sore today!! So fun!!! and this morning we saw Sis W the crazy lady that I actually love so much!! When we left she was like I love your skirt and necklace, you two are so cute when you go to BYU you will just get picked right up by those boys, we're like oh no, thanks for being so sweet haha and as we are walking away she yells "nice knowing you while you were single!!" hahaha what a hoot!! But a couple weeks ago when we saw her we explained that the reason why we come to see her is to help her go to the temple, she's been before but not for years and today as we talked about that again she told us that when we brought that up that it tempted her to want to start doing all the things to be worthy to go! Just to hear her say that meant a lot and is a big change for her and though she isn't doing everything now, I think the desire is there and when we left she just said the sweetest prayer and she'll never pray!! It was just really neat:) It's been crazy and busy but so much fun here!!

Sorry I can't think of all the funny stories when I come to the library but I tried to this week!! I love y'all so much!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells

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