Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, May 4, 2015

They Call Us Mortal Angels :)


Sounds like y'all had a busy week as always but good!! This week was busy for us as well and not as tiring:) Thanks for the package mom!! Just being on my mission I have never been more tired even though we get 8 hrs of sleep and only do a 30-60min of exercise everyday! I think about how I used to workout 4-5hrs and sleep for less than 8 and I never was as tired haha but it's just different work:) I love it so much though wouldn't wanna be doing anything else!! I really loved your letters and emails about choosing to be happy and I love that acronym for fear I will remember that and share it!! Face Everything And Rise!

Grapevine Lake - This is where we run to almost everyday
Ok for Zach's satisfaction I will try to tell more stories, to be honest I just get too lazy to type it all haha but I have thousands of stories, awesome ones and funny ones!!:) On Monday we went bowling with our zone I won booya my score was 148 that's good for me, I know that's not very good so that's embarrassing I beat everyone haha!! It was fun though!! So Tuesday a day full of stories!! We were knocking on some doors and on the third we meet this guy named George we start talking about his religious background and he says when he was a teenager he went to a Baptist church with some friends for a few years he really enjoyed the activities. So first thought is to tell him about the ysa ward (he's 27) so we say there are tons of fun activities at our church for people just your age!! He seemed to really like that! So he said a friend a few years ago gave him a Book of Mormon but he didn't really know what it was so he never read it, so we explained what it was and shared with him about 3 Nephi 11 how Christ came to visit the America's and he says, "I believe that! I believe that he would come here!" we were like yeahhh he totally would so we talk more about it and say we know that when you read and pray you can know that it is the word of God and that as you learn more you'll want to make covenants with God and be baptized, he says I was baptized when I went to church, so we talked about the priesthood and the restoration and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!! He said it all made sense!!! Never had that one happen before:) We called the ysa missionaries pronto and hope to get updated on what's new with him!! I wish we could teach him:) But it was just the neatest experience and just confirmed again to me this is true!! I already new that, but it's true and God is preparing His children we just need to find those who are prepared at this time:) like it says in Alma 26:7 But behold, they are in the hands of the Lord of the harvest,and they are his; and he will raise them up at the last day. That's my favorite scripture for last week:)

Next story is about Sister W, you'll like this one Zach, so this is a less active lady she's a little crazy. She's in her 60's, her husband is less active and really lazy she always complains about him and she has 2 sons in their 30's and they are all bipolar but we saw her on Tuesday too and we were talking about the temple and how that is why we come to see her because she kept asking why do you still come to my house the sisters have been coming for months and we told her it was because we wanted her to go to the temple that is why we come to help her get there because it will bless her and is so important and then I don't know how she started talking about her sons but she did. So she says she has one good son and one bad son and how the bad son when he's mad at her says I can't wait until you die of cancer (she's had cancer 2x) but she says it doesn't phase her and that when he's really mad he'll say with clenched teeth I'm going to break your legs in half, you'd have to see her because her eyes get huge and then she's laughing about all of this! So we are dying laughing too even though I felt bad! Then she says and my good son threw a knife at me once but he missed haha, so we couldn't stop laughing and she just goes on and on!! Anywho her "bad" son is living with her right now and she has to hide everything from him because he always steals from her and he pulled up during our lesson and she says oh no there he is, hopefully he doesn't come in with a wrench!!! I couldn't even take it anymore every time sister benson and I talk about it we cry!! Don't know if that will be funny to y'all since you weren't there, but trying to share my stories:)

So I sent you the story of Bill and Sophie:) so neat!! The only problem is that they don't seem to make the connection that if the BoM is true everything else is!!!!!!!! But it's all good, not ever have we taught someone who already has a testimony of the BoM before we teach:) We will see them this week!! They are so sweet! They call us mortal angels:)

Wednesday we helped sister pratt with the transfer breakfast for all the new missionaries there are 11 that came in.  They are so cute it made me want to be a trainer again I loved doing that:) And I saw sister tuna there!! oh and the best news ever is that the Nielsons are staying at the pratts this Wednesday night after a senior couples dinner!!! Literally cannot wait!!!!!!!

Wes came to church yesterday again:) So testimony meeting started and it was great 3 people shared their testimony about Joseph Smith and that is just what Wes needed and our recent convert!! But then things went a little haywire a lady who is recently divorced got up and was crying saying how divorce is bad and not of God and it was really awkward and Wes is divorced.... we were gonna have a panic attack!! But after when we talked with him he didn't say anything about it.... sometimes church is stressful with investigators there haha but wes talked about Alma 32 how we don't need signs to know the truth that's where faith comes in!! Yayyy that is exactly why we wanted him to read that chapter!!! I love the Book of Mormon it is so amazing!! So powerful!!

I hope this email meets all of your needs hahah let me know what else I need to say:)

Love y'all!!! Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells

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