Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It Is Truly Amazing!

Howdy howdy!! It was awesome talking to y'all yesterday!! I hope that you had a great rest of your mothers day mom!! And happy birthday as well!! I'm glad that you got my gift:) I hope syddo and kelso got it too:) I'm so grateful for moms and especially my mom!! You are the best! I love you so much you are the greatest friend, and most faithful writer:) Love you!!!
Two of my favorite people!  Loved seeing the Nielsons!
So I just talked to y'all so I can't think of much to say but that bill, sophie and wes all came to church yesterday!!!! Yay happy mothers day for real!! And I got a rose and chocolate even though I'm not a mom:) That was really exciting that they all came and they liked it and we have appointments to see them this week!!:) We had dinner at the Mays. We had baked potatoes and steak, they have the same truck as us... same color but year 1966 so crazy I was dying when I saw it, it looks almost the exact same but ours is cuter:)

Zone P-Day -- I Won!!
We are very excited to get ipads! It's so amazing that we will have that opportunity! All the members talk about how on their mission they would carry around their little slide show thingy haha we have so many tools to help us hasten the work of salvation!! Yesterday we taught the gospel principles class and we were on the chapter about Jesus Christs church in these days, we teach that like everyday so it worked out nicely haha but I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel as I pondered on all things that led to it such as the reformation and all the things that have come from it, it truly is amazing! We have the Book of Mormon and the priesthood to perform all the saving ordinances, we can do work for those who have passed on, we have the knowledge of the plan of salvation, we can be with our families forever! Its endless!!! I love it!! Love you!!

Sister Wells

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