Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, April 13, 2015

It Is Nice Having Willing Members to do Missionary Work

Hey y'all!!

Hope you have fun in Florida, what all will you be doing there?? Sounds like a blast!!!

I'm having a hard time remembering the whole week so let's see what I can come up with, it was great!!

Monday: We had a pday activity with our zone, it was so fun we played glow in the dark tennis! I'll have to send a picture, the zone leaders really worked hard on this one haha:) it was in the church gym.  The court was laid out with glow sticks and the net as well and we put them on the rackets too and had a glow in the dark ball. You will be pleased to hear that team Wamsey was undefeated in our tournament:) I came up with that name, it was Elder Ramsey and I hahah. It was really fun!! We visited a few members that night and then I can't remember haha.

Tuesday: So we have an allotted amount of miles to use on our car for each month, we gave 125 miles to our zl's because they only had a 100 left for a whole week so we were nice thinking we would have enough but we totally didn't haha but it was ok because we biked!! It was so wonderful outside we talked to so many people it was crazy it definitely is more effective to be outside of our car! Sister Benson likes it too:) We shared Because He Lives with everyone and continue to pray for opportunities to share the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel!!

Wednesday: We had district meeting which was good Sister B and I both gave trainings and led the role play so we just ran the whole thing hahah just kidding it was good. We were asked to talk about establishing our purpose at every lesson so they know why we come over, that it's not just some sisters or elders that come over and talk about God and Jesus with them, but that it is to help them grow closer to Christ through baptism and next to the temple!!:)

Thursday: Planning day. We planned a good week--we are going to be super busy!! I love it!! We saw Wes with Sister Waite and he looooooooves her so it's perfect fellowship, their minds think alike. It's really nice having such willing members to do missionary work and to come on exchanges with us here:) Wes had read all the subheadings to the chapters in the BoM whoa he really had a good outline of it all!! He said now he is going to read the book word for word!! We were so bummed he was going to watch conference but had multiple things come up:( but he said we can still come on Thursday. He said when he knew these things were true that he would be baptized, he doesn't really understand the apostasy and the priesthood so we will go over that again and if he truly reads and prays about the BoM he will come to know:) Also we saw Nate a recent convert, he is such a champ he shares the gospel with everyone and has shared 3 copies of the BoM in 2 weeks I love it!!!

A live bunny ran into the house while they were having and Easter gathering with the people they live with.

Friday: We had a district service project at Janet's planting a garden and cleaning her yard which was fun! We love doing service! And her husband who is not a member was sooooo impressed with everything so that's good :) We also went to the missions easter choir performance and Janet came, it was amaaaaaaaazing!! Just what she needed!! and I saw sister Vaha'i! And talked to Sister Ames and she is the best I loooove her so much!!

Saturday: Watched general conference which was fantastic but all our appointments cancelled haha!! I can't decide what my favorite talk was but I liked Claytons, we watched the first session at the Jacobsons with Delvin which was great!!:)

Sunday: Watched more conference which was wonderful, the stories were amazing I loved Elder Hollands and well all of them!!!! It's so amazing that as we have questions to bring as we listen we truly will get answers!! So the greatest news was that Janet's husband watched every single session with her!!! And she fell asleep a couple times and so would rewind it and he would watch it all over again with her!! We gave her a BoM to give someone for our BoM challenge and she said she was going to give it to him!!!:) So exciting for them:)

What was really neat was that as a mission we were studying the Saviors last week each day from the gospels and it made it feel so real! I love Easter I think its my fav now!!! I'm so grateful for our Savior and for all that he did for each one of us!!

And mom to answer your questions, I am looking forward to tomorrow because we have zone conference in Colleyville which is always amazing!! And Thursday we have 4 super lessons set up which I'm really excited about!! And on Friday we go on exchange with the stl's and I'm going to be in Denton with Sister Vaha'i! haha flashback!!! It's going to be great:)

Love y'all so much!!!

Sister Wells

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