Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hurrah For Israel

Hey y'all!!

Loved reading about the NCAA brackets I crack up every time and dad be careful don't injure yourself from playing ping pong anymore!!!

This week seemed so long but it was good!! We did a lot of service again this week we are allowed to do 10 hours each week which is awesome so we are trying to meet that goal as best we can! But I'll just tell you my 2 favorite parts of the week:)

First, we saw Wes on Thursday and he was doing pretty good, he always has many questions about things like polygamy and other off things but he understands that for him to know for himself he needs to read and pray with a  sincere heart and real intent and he said he would do that! We are having a lesson with him on Wednesday at our ward mission leaders house which will be great. But the 1st ward had a progressive dinner Saturday so we invited him which was wonderful he got to know a lot of the members and he really liked them, he is quite the talker and he is so funny he goes tanning... haha. So all the ward met at the Hoopes house for dessert and so he was getting to know everyone and then when we are getting our desserts he asks so do Mormons not drink? We hadn't talked about the word of wisdom which is bad, we should have but we have been answering all his other questions, but we explained that we don't have alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and harmful drugs and he says, "oh ok understandable, I drink coffee a lot sometimes though, but I can stop that." So awesome we didn't even invite him to live he just said he would:) That was so neat!!!

Second, Lizzy the Pratt's daughter just got home on Saturday from her mission from Boise she is so sweet.  I was so excited for her to come home even though I didn't know her hahah it was just fun because the whole family was in town, well almost all, there are like 10 kids and she's the youngest so you can imagine it was crazy at the house, I loved it though:) But I can't remember if I told you about the Pratt's neighbors the Johnsons. Brother Pratt (he is a councilor in the mission presidency) has been praying and trying to work with them for years and over general conference weekend he took Bill sailing (yes we live right by the lake, so tempting it's beautiful and that pic from last night was from the Birds probably the biggest house I've been to since here in flo mo and THE best backyard!!) and anywho Bill said he was going to read the Book of Mormon so the last 2 weeks we've been getting updates from Bro Pratt about Bill and his BoM reading, because he was texting him the whole time! He said he wanted to finish it before they came to church to hear Lizzy speak, and he did and he looooooooooves it. He said he knows that it is true, no other book talks of Christ more and he asked lots of questions and then read all of the Pearl of Great Price!!!! What?!!! Him and his wife came to church and another one of their neighbors that we love and do service for came and wow it was the best sacrament meeting I've had on my mission. It was so powerful, the ward was so quiet, so reverent, 2 returned missionaries spoke and there was a beautiful musical performance and then the high councilor spoke and they loooooved it! I loved it! They also stayed for the full 3 hours and Sophie, the wife who we met on Saturday when everyone was visiting Lizzy, came and gave us a hug and told us she was now going to start reading the Book of Mormon!! It was so amazing and really made the whole week so amazing! It just strengthens my testimony that the Book of Mormon is true that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, he lives and this is how we can find true joy!!

I hope that y'all have a great week!!! 
Love you
Sisita Wells (that's Tongan haha)

Hurrah for Israel!! (I like to say that because Pres Ames does because of this experience, "At a time when it appeared that the Prophet needed them at home, two of the Apostles, Brigham Young and Heber C. Kimball, were called on foreign missions. The following is Elder Heber C. Kimball’s historic account of the setting at his departure:
“I went to the bed and shook hands with my wife, who was shaking with the ague, having two children lying sick by her side; I embraced her and my children, and bid them farewell; the only child well was little Heber Parley, and it was with difficulty he could carry a two-quart pail full of water from a spring at the bottom of a small hill to assist in quenching their thirst. It was with difficulty we got into the wagon and started down the hill about ten rods; it appeared to me as though my very inmost parts would melt within me; leaving my family in such a condition, as it were, almost in the arms of death; it seemed to me as though I could not endure it. I said to the teamster, ‘Hold up.’ Said I to Brother Brigham, ‘This is pretty tough, ain’t it? Let’s rise up and give them a cheer.’ We arose and swinging our hats three times over our heads, we cried ‘Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah for Israel!’ what amazing missionaries that knew their purpose and that this is such a marvelous work!!!)

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