Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, April 13, 2015

We Cannot Go Amiss When We Are Sharing the Gospel

Good morning!!

Right now it is pouring outside and thundering sooo loud-- I love it!!:) This week was great and super busy!! We were able to do a lot of service!! We helped the Pratts friend organize her quilting room and she even came to our pillowcase service project at the church Thursday and she asked Sis Pratt if we were going to come over again:) yay!! We also helped a family paint their fence, its huge!! And we were able to do service with our zone at a food pantry organizing all the cans and everything it was great!!

We also had zone conference which was sooooo wonderful!!!! We talked a lot about teaching skills, asking inspired questions because that is really how we can help understand and resolve peoples concerns, we also talked about knowing and explaining the scriptures better. I have improved a ton on that since being here in Texas but I pray everyday and study so that I can be better!! Scriptures are really what bring the spirit into lessons for sure!!

The Salvation Hut!

So this week we had some amaaaaazing lessons set up with our investigators and with awesome members to come with us, and all but one cancelled we were like-- really?!! It was so dumb, but it's ok this week we have a wonderful week planned as well!! One of my favorite moments was after we had a lesson with a member family they told us that it was nice to have energetic excited sisters in their ward to make it easy to introduce their friends to. That probably made my whole week, I think about that a lot, if the members truly trust us, I want to be the missionary that if I wanted to introduce my best friend to the gospel I would feel comfortable with a missionary like me! It makes me think a lot on how I act and the things that I do. When we are exactly obedient the spirit is with us and others can see that! I keep trying to be better!!!!

We also had another zone meeting this week which was great too and then I got to go to Denton on exchange with Sister Vaha'i it was so awesome!!!!! And it worked out so wonderfully that I saw all the people that I didn't get to say goodbye to before!! I looooooooooved seeing everyone I just felt like I hadn't left really that I was still in that area hahah!! It was so great:) We did lots of service while I was there too! But sad news, Natasha and the family were supposed to get baptized Saturday but Natasha is pregnant and is on bed rest for the next few weeks I guess:(

Back in Denton with Sister Vahai

But other good news is our investigator Delvin went to the YSA ward for the first time and he seemed to really like it so hopefully that will help him attend church more and be more involved I think it will be good:) And Wes came to church again too!! Yay, and our lesson was about the priesthood which was perfect because he seemed to have questions about it!! Then last night we went to the mission presidents fireside with Nate one of the recent converts which was really good too!!

My fav scripture for the week, this is when Stephen Burnett and Eden Smith are called to be missionaries   3 Wherefore, go ye and preach my gospel, whether to the north or to the south, to the east or to the west, it mattereth not, for ye cannot go amiss.

Love her, we are having so much fun together!
Sister Benson showed me this one, I really like it because we cannot go amiss when we are sharing the gospel, wherever, whenever to whoever it is always the right thing to do!!!! And by the way Sister Benson is hilarious I love her so much!! We laugh so much now I love it!!!! Flower Mound is awesome!!!

Hurrah for Israel!!!

Sister Wells

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