Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 11, 2014

He Is Literally Giving Us People To Teach

Good morning fam!!

So I love you all to death, I really do!! Thanks for the emails:) Sounds like Yuba was fun even though you weren't blessed with my presence:) And thanks tons for the family history stories, can't wait to read all of them!!

So this week I was sick, my allergies started acting up and it turned into a cold so my nose was so runny and my throat was scratchy and itchy eyes, awful!! But the Nielsons my favorite couple in the entire world were too sweet and bought me medicine, like they bought me nyquil, dayquil, mucinex, throat drops, emergen-c and then three boxes of girl scout cookies haha I love them to death they are like my missionary mom and dad they take care of all of us missionaries:) So I'm feeling much better this week though so that's good!! It has gotten hot hot here now, its always over 100 and I'm just hot, sweaty and stinky haha but its awesome and we have been riding our bikes lots so its great haha!

So this week was one of our investigators birthdays so we bought her some twizzlers since those are her fave, and then her sister who is a recent convert we got her a big picture and frame of the Salt Lake City temple because she is OBSESSED with it and with Utah. She wants to go to Utah sooooooooo bad and I just got thinking wow, like I could go to that temple any day I wanted and she just wants to save up her money and plan a trip to go there and do baptisms for the dead there and just see everything in Utah, we are so lucky! I told her she should come when I get home so I can take her everywhere:) she's so cute, and she just found out she is related to Orson Hyde so she's like dying! Family history is sweeeeet!

Ok so it was awesome, I was feeling kind of sad on Saturday, because it feels like we are trying so hard and doing our best, but we just aren't having as much success and stuff but then I get to church on Sunday and we had 3 investigators and so many potential investigators at sacrament and a lady we visit who hasn't come to church in 10 years came and after she texted us and said I'm really glad I came today:) like goodness! God is just so nice always and he is literally just giving us people to teach!! One of the potentials I mentioned is E who the Nielsons just met last week at some store and he came to church and he is adorable and funny he was going around meeting everyone and shaking everyones hand and I was like wait do you know these people?? And he's like oh I just thought that's what everyone did here? haha he is so cool and then after he was saying bye to everyone and was like see ya next week! So exciting!!!!

Sorry I feel like I'm just all over but I also wanted to say y'all are amazing, I just realize it more and more!! Just how we would read from the Book of Mormon together and how we would all set goals and then have interviews with dad to go over them each month, and then we studied preach my gospel too, like you prepared me so much I just wish I wouldn't have taken it for granted as much, but thank you so much for your example!!! Today I was reading in Mosiah and the story of Abinadi is soooooooo sweet! He is so cool. Anyway love you lots!

Sista Wells

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