Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Three Months! -- Has Been Fast/Slow

"Della" and I just being weird
Oh my I can't believe it has been three months since I left,  it has been so fast/slow! But all of it has been super awesome!! Sounds like yall are partying way to much haha!! Sounds like a blast, I love all the pictures! And cool news daddio on your new calling in the Bishopric that is super awesome you'll be fab!!

This week was pretty swell I gave Sista T a nickname and it is Della, and her street warrior name (whenever we are biking or just walking to contact as many people as we can) is Galadriel (however you spell it hehe) and I named everyone else in our district as well:) I love them, and it is gonna change soooooooooooo much though now because of transfers, but it will be exciting!! Did ya get my letter with the family names?? Idk if they're good or not but we did that for district meeting this week which was way fun!

So it was way cool this week, we were riding our bikes and we are trying to talk to everybody and we stop to talk to the this guy Travis, and lo and behold he just moved here from Yorktown not too long ago and he had been meeting with missionaries for two months there and was going to be baptized but had to move right before his date!! I don't know why we didn't get a referral for him from the elders there, but God knew so he made sure we ran into him!! Super cool! He is super awesome and has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith! Exciting! But he wasn't at church yesterday dunno why!!!!! ahhhh we will get a hold of him though! But also one of our investigators B who is the one who is the RC sister and her and her husband are investigating and stuff, quit smoking!!!!!!!!! We love their family to death they are the BEST! They feed us all the time and they just love us:) But anywho we go over and she's like yeah I'm not smoking anymore and her and her husband were in like Alma chapter 40!! They passed me!! She has always been so wishy washy, but she wants this sooo bad now and so she has really been committed. It's so amazing she has changed so much! When we went over on Saturday her husband went out to smoke and she got up and was like I'm gonna go hit him with this Book of Mormon, if he doesn't stop I'll make him!! And she came to church yesterday too and she just looooooves it:) Its so awesome too, because the whole family has Book of Mormons and will come to "bible study" whenever we come over even though they go to different churches, they'll all be baptized and go to the temple someday:)

New Trainers

I'm excited to meet my newbie!

But yeah on Wednesday Sister T and I got a call from President and he called Sister T to be a Sister Training Leader in Weatherford!!! Yay she rocks! And me to be a trainer! I'm like so scared because I just barely finished getting trained!!! But I know that this is what I'm supposed to do and I will learn so much and I'm excited to meet my newbie:) I get to drive now woot woot!! This will be such a learning experience for sure! So those pics you got mom were from the meeting we had in Hurst for the new trainers and leaders and stuff! We left at 6am and got home at 6pm -- so much driving!! And we get to do that again on Wednesday but even earlier yay!!haha

But the last amazing story that happened was, ok so Iz was baptized last month, and her mother is a member and her dad isn't. He came to to the baptism and church for the confirmation, he's been reading the BoM and some church books, but last week he told us this experience. They got home from vacation and he was feeling really sick, he has bad vertigo, so they called Bro Mitchell and Davis to come give him a blessing. When he told the story he got all choked up because he said their house was filled with the Spirit sooooo much and that he hasn't felt better for over two years!!!!! He was like I will definitely be at church on Sunday! So they all come and he told us he wants to be baptized. like ok sure! I'm so excited for their family!!!! Then they can be sealed in the temple!!!!!!! But yeah it was amazing and he told the whole story in priesthood the elders said and it's so great!!! Isn't that cool?!!
Love you all to death!!

Sista Wells
Some of my faves at FHE.

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