Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, September 28, 2015

I "Had" To Share My Testimony

hey y'all!!

Sooooo this week was greattttt!!! J is doing well!! He is still working towards the 10th:) He has his baptism interview this week:) He even cleaned the church Friday night with some of the families in the ward and then we had a little lesson with him at the church right after and it was really good, he is in Ether now and we asked him about the BoM and how he feels about it since he started reading a few months ago, he said that it is exciting and it feels him with emotion at times. We talked about how he's felt the spirit while reading and the spirit was just so strong! He used to always say that he felt it brought him closer to Christ but didn't know if it was all true.. but he said he knew that the Book of Mormon was the word of God. And that's all he said, a simple testimony but it was powerful, and I've realized that with testimonies, you don't have to say a lot or use fancy words, you just have to say what you feel in your heart, the things that the spirit has testified to you that are true. 

Actually speaking of testimonies I had to share mine this week at the end of zone conference, I say "had" because it's not like I don't like to share it, but it was because this was my very last zone conference:(:(:( they always have the missionaries that won't be at the next zone conf. share their testimony. So I still have a long time so it was like you know when you see someone at the grocery store and you're like hi and talk and stuff then you keep shopping and you're just both in the same aisle...its kinda weird*. I felt like that because it makes it seem like I'm leaving soon but nope haha I'll still be here a couple months haha so weird, but done with that and don't have to worry about it for a while!! But the zone conference was amazing!! Seriously!! We really just talked about the doctrine of Christ, all things that we have heard before, but the spirit each taught us new things that we needed to apply into our lives and into our work! Seriously the spirit makes you tired! So the meeting ended at 8 and we had a meeting the next day in Hurst on the Sabbath day observance, it was the training that was recorded that the apostles gave for all the general authorities and they wanted all the missionaries to see it before general conference!! So since we had that the next day the sisters in Stephenville asked pres if they could just stay at our apartment so that they wouldn't have to drive all the way home that night and then drive all the back the next morning.
Sleepover with the Stephenville sisters
Soooo of course I wasn't going to let them sleep on the floor so we gave them our beds but I refused to sleep on the floor because ew the carpet is gross here, I mean elders used to live here... and bed bugs too!!! So I made this little bed out of the chairs and had it just right so my head could lay on my desk and it was good beside that the arm of the chair was hitting my collar bone but I didn't care hahah. This story ends sadly, I woke up at midnight and went to the bed bug floor.. ew I know right! My life is so hard. hahaha just kidding I'm so spoiled!!! Anywho the meeting was wonderful!! I just am loving all this sabbath day training! And thanks for all your thoughts on it as well!! A few notes I had from our discussion: I realized the importance of keeping the chapel quiet and being there early to ponder and pray before the meeting begins.  As a missionary I always struggle with this because I want to talk to the members and the investigators, so my new goal is wait in the foyer and welcome everyone and investigators and talk as much as I need there and then when in the chapel to not talk. Another thought pres ames shared was that when we partake of the bread and of the water, it really becomes a part of us, I guess in a way it kind of dissolves in us and is part of our body. When I think of that symbolically it really makes me think, is Christ and his atonement a part of me? Thank you so much for teaching me and our family to keep the sabbath holy! I may have not always been the best but I am grateful!

Jimmy Johns lunch at the dog park

K and S are doing well!! K is still working on the WoW she said she wants to quit by Nov 17... that's too far away so we are gonna work on that:) butttt the primary program was yesterday!!! and S was so cute up there singing and saying her part!! She told her mom that when she is older she wants to go on a mission! So precious!! Oh and Carrol came to Sunday school again!! Yay!! That is only his second time he will only stay for sacrament, but not class! Now we just need to get him to priesthood!!

Unfortunately I haven't watched all of the womens session because kinda funny story we got a ride to the church (we have no miles) and there weren't very many sisters there but the guy in charge of the projector wasn't  there and we couldn't get the projector to show the picture.... so all the ladies left to their homes... but we had T coming so we didn't wanna leave her.. so she came but then she left because right now she is living at her bf's house and his dad's gf is crazy and doesn't like the church so the family is in chaos so they were having a family meeting she called it a come to Jesus meeting, ha so she had to leave to that!! It was so crazy. So T is the one we were teaching but we passed her off to the elders in the ysa because she's 18 but we still contact her and stuff because her friend M is a LA in our ward and we just love T and she has a baptism date for October 10th!!! She is having a lot of opposition from family and friends but she is so solid and firm she wants this and it's so cool!!! We love her!! So we were at the church and the elders came to do something and they are so nice and got it on in the clerks office for us so we heard Pres Uchtdorfs talk which was sooo good!!!! I'm so excited for general conference this weekend!!!!!

God bless!

Sister Wells

*metaphor credit to Lizzy Pratt

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