Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Savannah got baptized!

Happy birthday papa smurf and happy anniversary to the best parents ever!!! I hope it was great!!!

Monday: So I'm still sad that all the missionaries are spread out in this area because then we don't do fun stuff on pdays but luckily we  got a key to the church to get the basketballs out and I just played by myself for a few hours while sister c wrote letters. But it was fun I made like 10 free throws in a row I was pretty proud:) But that night we visited carol and jerry with a brother from the ward! It went pretty well with the both of them. Carol is reading from the book of mormon but he just doesn't want to stay for all of church.. only sacrament haha he's so funny but he gave me a birthday gift and I can't open it until wednesday:) We now are trying to get him a time to meet with bishop as well and we think that will help him too! Jerry is great! His mom Yvonne has been sitting in all of the lessons lately and she is a devout Southern Baptist (there are a LOT of them here) she is soooo sweet and I always love what she has to say, but I can see it in her face when she doesn't agree with us, she has a real tough time with tithing, she doesn't like that in order for Jerry to be baptized he has to commit to pay tithing, she said Jesus said come and be baptized and that was it, there weren't rules to follow to do it. We tried to explain and read scriptures with her but she's a little stubborn:) But I know that she feels the spirit when we are there, her heart is being softened:) She has cancer in her liver and so she has been getting a lot of treatments lately she tells us all about it and wow the technology they are using is amazing! Like they do radiation on the spot on her liver with a cyber knife or something like that, and its a laser that goes in and covers that area, crazy. Shes is 80yrs old but seems to be doing really well:)
These lil guys come in our apt all the time, maybe they'll eat the bed bugs!
Tuesday: We rode our bikes to Manna to do service! I love going to Manna it is a place kind of like DI I guess people bring all their stuff their and we help organize it and clean it and make sure things work and what not. Then 2x a month they have a big sale and we help with those too and people can come shop there, you can literally find anything you need, clothes, shoes, bags, dinnerware, blowdryers, desks, even wedding dresses haha, toys just everything and they sell it for wayy cheap so lots of people that don't have much come there it's so nice to be able to help them:) And then all the money made at the sales is used to buy food! Because they have like a pantry and help people get food that they need! So it is just a great place! And the ladies that work there (no one gets paid) are adorable and they always ask us questions about the church and what we do! I even got a pair of shoes there a couple weeks ago for a dollar and they are so cute I love them! Later that day we were able to see J, now I told y'all about her maybe a month ago, her best friend is a member of the church and she would go with her all the time growing up, she doesn't attend a church right now, but her husband I guess just doesn't really like going and stuff but we were able to see her again finally and we talked about the Restoration and she had really great questions, she's like my favorite she makes me laugh way hard! Anywho I feel like she's already a member she was trying to think of ways to get her husband involved and be interested, she said he likes sports! So we are figuring out when the ward plays bball and softball and stuff and she said that he would play and then he'll like the guys and then hopefully come to church! She is so prepared so hopefully we will be able to work something out!! Then we had dinner at Sister C this sweet sweet old lady in the ward and no joke in the middle of our lesson my allergy switch flipped on it was so weird like almost instantly my nose started running and my eyes started itching and my throat too! And when we were driving to our next appointment it still wouldn't stop and we had no tissues so I had to use my sticky notes to wipe my nose hahahahah ew. So it kind of turned into a cold but no worries I'm feeling better now but just kind of stuffy and what not! Nothing can stop the work from progressing!!:)

Wednesday: We had zone council which was great, learned a lot and used like my whole box of tissues.. not because I was crying haha but because of my crazy nose haha. We also were able to see T and she is doing great! She was so amazed by the idea of having a prophet on the earth and 12 apostles she was just so blown away and she said she really believes that it is true! And we also saw K and S helping S be prepared for her baptism!!

Thursday: Planning day, it was pretty good I like planning and setting up all our appointments and seeing what we need to teach our investigators and what members we should bring to all our lessons:) We saw J and C again that night but had make them quick.

Friday: I"m forgetting everything we did now haha but we have been trying to meet all of the less active members in our ward and we met 3 new families this weekend and they are soooo sweet One invited us over for dinner on saturday and the others said to come back this week too! I'm super excited about that!!

Saturday! S got baptized!! They may have been late to the baptism haha but it turned out so well we had a good little group who came and really helped her feel loved. I have never seen her smile soo big then while she was walking into the font! Her new favorite song is When I am Baptized she wants to sing it all them time:)
afterwards told us that she wants to get baptized the saturday after her birthday in november so november 21st it is!! Feels so far away but it will be great:) She just needs to quit smoking now!! But I know that she can! Also C her husband came too and he talked to our
bishop a ton and the other brothers which was so good and bishop he's a pilot said that he would take him up flying and stuff so progress for C too! I know that he is ready to hear the gospel too!! I love them!! And that night we had the stake conference! and President Pratt was there yay and he spoke and he even told bill and sophies
story and I was dying because I just love them so much!! It was so great! Our stake president told this amazing story about this little girl who in primary had a lesson about being a missionary. When she got home she told her dad the bishop that she wanted to be a primary missionary, he said ok its a little different here because there aren't very many people who aren't members of the church(they lived in
utah) and she said well who isn't, so he told her and she said that she wanted to go and visit this family. He couldn't say no to his sweet daughter so they took them over some cookies and invited them to family home evening and they couldnt say no to this sweet girl either so they came and it was great and everything went well. A week or two
later the girls mother was making some banana bread and she asked can I have one of those loaves of bread? She wanted to take it to this family. So she took the loaf and said you can have this bread on one
condition, you meet with the missionaries. So the family got some bread and missionaries! And they were baptized and a year later were sealed in the temple, the little girl couldn't be in the temple for the sealing of course, but she was waiting outside for them. That is so precious! We all really can be missionaries:)

Sunday: We had stake conference and talked a lot about the sabbath day and it went really well three of our investigators were able to attend so it was super great! We had a few lessons last night and it was a good day:)

So yesterday I was reading in mosiah 11:3 and it was talking about how king noah had laid a tax of one fifth of all they possessed, on their gold and their silver and their ziff... and I was like what is ziff so since our ipads are so handy dandy I defined it and said it was a beard. hahaha and I was like isn't that interesting they even had to pay a fifth of the their beards hahah I was dying laughing and telling sister c and thought to myself oh my that is like a joke my dad would tell haha. I'm sure ziff is just some type of metal or something but I just thought it was really funny.

Anywho thank you for all the birthday wishes from everyone I have loved all the emails and cards:) I can't believe i'm such and oldie!!!

I love y'all!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells
C after we heart-attacked him! :)

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