Forward - Texas Fort Worth!

Forward - Texas Forth Worth!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Thanks!!! I Am So Blessed!

First two pics:  I look like I'm having a good time right?  Well the last pic is how I really felt! ahhhhhh (you have to click on the pics to see the difference in her face :)

So I was in Azle at this family's home.  They have tons of animals and they are like wanna see our snake? I'm like uh sure.  They said want it around your neck? I'm like nooo, I screamed but they still put it there so I had to get a pic. 
No worries, just have two bearded dragons on me!

Thank you so much for all the emails, cards and packages I'm so blessed!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!!!

I'll first off tell you about our investigators! J is doing amazing, everyday I see him he is more and more filled with light, the gospel has truly changed his countenance and it is amazing to see. Every week now he is in a new white shirt and tie from bishop and looks so nice!! I wasn't at the lesson when he set the date for Oct. 10 since we were on exchange but I was sooooo excited when I found out! He's excited and came to the mission president fireside last night, he looooved it a lot!  Now we just need to help his mom yvonne find that these things are true too:) I know that her heart is being softened each time we visit! We are inviting her to the Primary Program this Friday because she would so love it!!:) p.s. bill and sophie were at the fireside to yayayayayayayayayayay love them, miss them!!
Just tickling the ivory's. lol  Sophie took this pic of me at the fireside last night :)  I was sooooo happy to see them there!!!

S was confirmed yesterday and it was very special, K was so proud of her and felt the spirit very strongly she was crying a lot! We were able to meet with her during S's activity days at the church, we talked about baptism and the why of it with her and it seems to click, we plan to see her Wednesday with our relief society president and we are hoping that she will be good fellowshipper, we really want a solid fellowshipper, one that will be with her the whole way. We always have a member there, but we want one that will go with her all the way to the temple! She's great!

We transitioned T over to the ysa elders and it went great. She attended church yesterday and loved it! We saw her and gave her a hug! She already is loving the members there and the elders! She is soooo elect I love her and am sad we don't get to teach her, but we will for sure be in touch and at her baptism which is going to be so soon because she is ready!!

Sorry I don't have much time today, but things are good! It's still hot but I love it!!

Hurrah for Israel!!

Sister Wells

Some extras she sent:  Sis Smith did our nails and took us to lunch for my bday today:)
Thanks for everything and all the ward knew it was my birthday, so sweet! 

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